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EDGE: "While we’ll accept that Deadpool the character is an acquired taste, this is an indisputably poor game, one whose knowing winks and quips come off not as metacommentary but as tacit apologia for its litany of specific failings."

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batbatz1540d ago

Deadpool the Xbone of the gaming world

NVIDIAGeek1540d ago

The game's definitely better than that.

Bartemaus4151540d ago

i agree - this is a complete personal opinion on the game and not a just review at all - yes some points i agree with as the character is a bit of a shody attempt at the comic hero we all love but even still this game is good for what it is - a hack and slash ramage - poor review altogether in my opinion

Lord_Sloth1540d ago

I'm sorry to be the 1 to point this out but all reviews are personal opinion from the reviewer. Only if the review is written by a team can this be avoided.

I have no opinion of the Deadpool game though since I've never played it so I can't say if I agree or disagree with this score.

skydragoonity1540d ago

3 out of 10 is too low for this game.

Picnic1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

If a game is given 3 out of 10 it's not necessarily bad, least of all by hard scoring (though not necessarily right scoring) Edge.

The self awareness of it will arguably make it worth seeing for some at some price level along the line.

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