Games to look for August | GRTV video

GR-UK writes: "As we approach the busiest period of the gaming calendar, we take a look at the biggest games coming out in the month of August."

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Excalibur1578d ago

I'll be picking up Splinter Cell and Payday 2.

hatzwontfit1578d ago

Wonderful 101 is the game I'm looking forward to the most

CaptainYesterday1577d ago

Whoa can't believe Splinter Cell Blacklist is coming out so soon! Can't wait to play it hope it's a really good stealth game.

Khajiit861577d ago

Another season of fall gaming is approaching....... I am reminded again, why I am a gamer.

WeAreLegion1577d ago

I already have PayDay 2 pre-ordered, but I'll be getting Saints Row IV and possibly Splinter Cell, also. I'll try out Wonderful 101 when we get a used copy at my work, but I doubt I'll lay down $60 for that.