Phil Fish, Gamer Fury, and the awful price of progress

How last week's nastiness is the byproduct of one of the industry's most positive trends.

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yeahokchief1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

My beard of 1-2 weeks puts his to shame. Look at my beard then look at your beard and kill yourself. No but seriously i feel bad for this guy getting shit on by microsoft and then attacked by some idiot.

My beard is pretty awesome.

The best part is when you get some good food on it and then later on it's tasty when you're licking your beard. I particularly like fruit smoothies or frozen yogurt getting all over my beard. I go out of my way to eat as messy as possible. You can also stroke it like a wise man. And it feels awesome getting a nice breeze through it. If you let it grow out enough, you can also hide stuff in it.

Everyone should pretty much grow a beard.

SnakeCQC1594d ago

I've never had the patients to grow a beard :(

cyguration1594d ago

Rick Lopez in that comment section sums it up perfectly: If Fish wanted to say critical, nasty, mean things but didn't want feedback, TURN OFF THE SHARING OPTIONS!

You're bound to piss people off with strong opinions and forcing people to see that and make it public and yourself public just opens things up for public abuse.

I don't blame anyone in this awful situation other than Fish. He had just not engaged troll mentality by acting like a troll to the public and then whining about trolls and then trolling the trolls, none of this would have happened.

And no, this is not "blame the victim" this is "blame the troll for playing the victim".

Kevlar0091594d ago

The whole event is vety childish. Fish responded to an uncalled for attack with an equally nasty one of his own. Beer knew he could get an enraged response from Fish and Fish fell for the trap. While you could say Fish had it coming the fact Beer felt he had nothing better to do than to elicit a blood-boiled response ilustrates how far media will go for attention. Beer comes out the hero while we see Fish for what he truly is: An Indie developer with his own strong beliefs that could only take it for so long before the prison he created closed around him.

EXVirtual1594d ago

This is being blown waay out of proportion