Stupid Console Games You Should Play: Resident Evil 5

"But this is a big budget, A-list game, you say! The highest-selling entry in a series that has moved over 50 million units, you say! I do not care. This game is at once terrible and a work of great genius, in the spirit of the best/worst drive-in sci-fi/horror flicks ever made. RE fans, I hope you are wearing helmets when I say this, because I don’t want to ruin your monitors when I blow your mind: THE RESIDENT EVIL SERIES IS NOT VERY GOOD, AT ALL!" - Brian Acebedo of Str N Gaming

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Gamesgbkiller1757d ago

I spent tons of hours playing this game.

Fun if you play it with friends.

brianace1757d ago

Totally. I enjoyed this game ironically, that is still a kind of enjoyment.

Kratoscar20081757d ago

I enjoyed it a lot but it wasnt the RE experience nor Survival Horror exp. i wanted, luckily Dead Space took care of that.

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myrddincrow1757d ago

I think it's so bad that it's good, like a B-Rated Horror Flick!

SeraphimBlade1757d ago

RE 5 and 6 are the guiltiest of my gaming pleasures

brianace1757d ago

RE5, totally. I am playing RE6 right now. I think you might be some kind of sick masochist.

MWH1757d ago

RE5 was a good game on its own.

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