Game of Thrones (Civ V) Mod Showcase

Nick plays the Game of Thrones and does his share of winning and dying, in a fantastic set of Civilization V mods!


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Pintheshadows1690d ago

It looks fairly accurate when compared to the mapbook approved by George.

karlowma1690d ago

Wow that looks really good. Might finally have to pick up Gods & Kings. And probably become hopelessly addicted to this game again...

Lord_Sloth1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Do we know if these can be used in conjunction with the normal rulers as well or does the mod override them? AKA Can I have Robb as my ruler and do battle with Cleopatra?

Wonder if Tywin has a "Red Wedding" strategy move...

PressPlayTV1690d ago

To access the Game of Thrones mod, you have to go through a special mods menu, where it then locks off the standard civs. If you load a save outside the mod however, the game will reinterpret the GoT Houses as the classic civs again (our Robb save was interpreted as Germany!)