PSP Firmware 3.95 Now Available

PSP firmware 3.95 is now available on Network Update. Direct US link is available below in case you wish to download the update manually.

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kingxtreme813900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Very cool. Downloading now!

EDIT: I fail to see why my comment warranted a disagree mark....

Oom3900d ago

Because some people are just asses.

I gave an agree.

SL1M DADDY3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Agreed. There are a few idiots here that run around just hitting the dissagree button. It's a shame they don't have a way to show the users who dissagrees. I'm sure we would all find that it's the same idiots over and over again and leaving no comments behind to justify their dissagree.

My guess is that before the days up, the same douche bag that dissagreed with you guys will do the same to me and thus prove once more that he/she/it is a silly little douche. lol

clevernickname3900d ago

The next iteration of N4G should get rid of this "agree", "disagree" nonsense, or at the very least list those users that disagreed with you. It's like Karma on other boards where it just becomes a giant wankfest.

We've got the bubble system; that's enough.

Bleucrunch3900d ago

Yea dont worry about it bro idiocy knows no bounds with some user in here.

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Amanosenpai3900d ago

Great, another nice feature for the already incredibly multifuntional PSP.

dhammalama3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

I'm pretty sure remote play already has that functionality.

Edit - Ok, I'm on 3.90 m33 and I already can do this. (quit remote play without turning off the PS3)


ZeroXMD3900d ago

This update is mostly needless. You can already turn off your ps3 with your psp (which will automatically quit remote play) or just quit remote play normally. The ps1 features might be alright, but this is mostly a needless update. I have 3.90 m33 too but I used to have 3.93 and could already do what this update does -the ps1 stuff.

Mystery_Person3900d ago

I thought this would come out tommorow. I agree with skerj, that was quick!

ChefDejon3900d ago

the ps3 got features as frequently as the psp

Skerj3900d ago

They probably would have if people wouldn't shut up about frequent firmware updates on PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.