Hands-on with the PlayStation 4 console out the box

"Greetings PlayStation blog! As anticipation for this year’s PS4 launch bubbles into a froth of frenzied excitement, we know a few of you will be asking stuff like ‘but just how big is the damn thing? Will it fit snugly under my television? Can I stand it up? How many USB ports does it have?"

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TripC501760d ago

Hands-on with the PlayStation 4 console out the box

Because hands-on with the PS4 in the box just isn't quite as fun.

Arai1760d ago

I see what you/they did there :P

egidem1760d ago

I knew it was going to be difficult, but I didn't expect it to be THIS FCUKING HARD.

SolidStoner1760d ago

new analog sticks and camera are awesome... the design and features also are all I wanted to.. now everything that's left to be done is prepare a great spot for it and a new couch and let the time do its work.. :)

abzdine1760d ago

that camera is sexy, compact and small.

Syntax-Error1760d ago

The camera is exactly what it is...a camera. No voice recognition to control my console

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Chaostar1760d ago

You don't have to take the box off
To have a good time
Oh no

pabadamus11760d ago

All of this innuendo is getting me frisky. When I get mine home I might have to take care of business with the box know what I mean. Chafing will know what I mean

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Maddens Raiders1760d ago

I'm sorry, but this is simply a beautiful piece of tech. Another black beauty in homage to the mighty PS2. Good karma abound for Sony.

1760d ago
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BiggCMan1760d ago

Got me a launch day Killzone bundle, can't wait for this BEAST! Also, I did not know where the power and eject buttons were until I saw this video, really sleek location for them.

iBlackyi1760d ago

The console looks so badass.

miyamoto1760d ago

like a futuristic outer space fortress

1760d ago
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