The real story of Ubisoft Montpellier’s Rayman Legends ‘protest’

EDGE: "Once a Wii U exclusive, Rayman Legends will now be released on 360, PS3, Vita and PC too – a move which might make business sense, but it still caused consternation among owners of Ninendo’s home console earlier this year."

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lilbroRx1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Is there a way to vote down articles for misreporting facts?

Since the moment it happened it has been restated by every Nintendo fan everywhere that they did not care in the slightest about it going multi-platform. They were angry solely because of the "7 month delay", yet he we are again with someone trying to push that nonexistent occurrence forward to stir up hits.

No one who owns are Wii U cares that its going to the PS3, Vita or anything. Please stop trying impose your wishful thinking of butthurt from Nintendo fans onto the actual reality of the matter.

PopRocks3591600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

This. I didn't mind the multi-platform. I expected it since the prequel was the same. Ubisoft's cowardice and stupidity have led to a horrid decision that has burned Wii U owners and has doomed this game to a sub par performance.

It's going up against Wonderful 101 and Zelda Wind Waker HD on Wii U. And it's going up against GTAV on PS3/360. If this game underperforms then Ubisoft is fully to blame.

But naturally there are those who are ignorant enough to make this about multiplatform. This delay is what pissed people off; anyone upset about it going multiplatform is just a fanboy.

Neonridr1600d ago

Agree with that completely. I am happy that more people will be able to play this game, it looks fantastic. I didn't expect many people to go out and buy a Wii U just for this game, so Nintendo losing it as an exclusive hurts, but it's not the be-all-end-all.

The delay is what is bothering me the most. A game that was supposed to be a launch or near launch title that got pushed back to February for some polish and Miiverse integration was supposed to be a good thing, then suddenly it's moved to September because it's going to other platforms. The game was ready to release on the Wii U, why not just go ahead and release it there first, and then allow it to go Multi-platform when the other versions are ready to ship?

If the game was originally announced as a Wii U exclusive but was always set to release this September, then the sting wouldn't be as bad. It's just the having to wait around so the other systems can catch up that bothers me the most.

Regardless, the Wii U version should look to be the best of them all, and I will be buying it day one on that platform.

dark-hollow1600d ago

Damn straight.

Delaying the game when it is READY for release on Wii u is really stupid. Why not release the Wii u version as it was intended then release the other version later?

Well at least I've heard they are putting extra content.

aPerson1600d ago

There is a lot of extra content.

- New levels and ememies.
- "Invasion" levels (one for each main level).
- The inclusion of Dark Rayman as one of the main antagonists.
- 40 remastered (a few remade) levels from Rayman Origins, some with Murphy functionality.
- New 3D bosses.
- Kung Foot mini-game.

thomasmiller1600d ago

As I have said, bad move Ubisoft, Multi platform? could care less, moved from original release date? very bad.. there may be a few buyers but When the game comes out it will be going up against 3D MARIO WORLD, DK TROPICAL FREEZE AND SONIC LOST WORLDS... MILLIONS OF NINTENDO FANS ARE GOING TO CHOOSE THESE GAMES OVER RAY MAN!!! How many nintendo loyalists do you think are going to pick, A cult game like ray man over, a great Mario and Donkey Kong game?? Not many!! I played all 3 games at best buy, on the e3 week demo, and let me tell you, Mario and DK blew ray man out of the water!!! no one said at the best buy I was at that they were gonna buy ray man over mario or dk!!! so see you in the 19.99 bin Rayman!! you blew it ubisoft, wait until you see the sales, you WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTED!!

RFornillos41600d ago

what's done is done. whatever happens when it's finally released, and how good/bad the sales go, will be Ubisoft's doing.

what's sad though is that when sales for the Wii U ends up below than expected, people will tend to blame Nintendo. oh well.