Nvidia GeForce 326.41 Beta - Fixes Game Crashes, Improves Metro: Last Light's DLC Performance

DSOGaming writes: "Nvidia has released a new beta driver for its graphics cards. According to its release notes, this new driver addresses the crashes that were spotted in games like Remember Me and Deadlight, improves performance in Metro Last Light Faction DLC, fixes Half-Life 2 framerate drops to single digits when Ambient Occlusion is enabled in SLI mode, and removes the black edges that were found in BF3 when MSAA 4x was enabled."

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Prcko1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

3 drivers from geforce,and not single one from amd
lazy is lazy...

john21760d ago

AMD plans to release one tomorrow ;)

john21760d ago

@Prcko: Catalyst creator Twitter. It will support frame pacing

Einhert1760d ago

Least their drivers don't brick GPUs, bluescreen on youtube full screen and boast false claims about improving game performance.

Prcko1760d ago

so you wanna say amd is actually better with drivers?

despair1760d ago

please don't start the AMD vs NVIDIA arguments here, we already get enough of that with the consoles, its quite tiring.

Somebody1760d ago

Well, get ready then. It has quieted down a bit but once the next gen consoles are out, there will tons of such arguments surging all over again. Then, the exclusive console titles with prettier graphic using AMD exclusive tech would appear and pour oil into the heated debate.

Personally, I'm not sure whether I want to visit any gaming sites during that period.

AndrewLB1759d ago

Drivers don't brick cards, users do. Typically by running high volts while overclocking well past the safe zone. Running cheap power supplies can cause damage, static shock (in 20 years i've never damaged anything by ESD) or by modding the cards bios to increase voltage and fan speed. Of course they blame it on drivers, or the hardware... anything but the true cause, themselves.

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Einhert1760d ago

name one bad AMD driver release in the past 2 years

AndrewLB1759d ago

12.10 & 12.11
12.5 http://www.webhostingtalk.c...

Plus crossfire has been a nightmare for over a year now. Stuttering too.

jeffgoldwin1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Don't think u can name a whole lot because they don't update very often. Also AMD like their cpu's, run hotter