GameTap: Deadly Creatures Preview - A scorpion, a tarantula, a gas station, and one night in the desert

GameTap writes: "Pity the poor scorpion and tarantula. They are among the most reviled--and misunderstood--creatures around. Animal Planet fans will tell you that they're man's best friend, while the first impulse by most normal people is to either scream or stomp on sight. But has anyone ever really stopped to consider how the world looks from their perspective? Maybe they're getting a bum rap...and it's humans who are the bums.

THQ is giving these two arachnid cousins a chance to tell a tale from their point of view as the protagonists of Deadly Creatures for the Wii. Deadly Creatures is no Ratatouille or Finding Nemo. The game zooms in for a spider's eye view of a naturalistic world of creepy crawlies, where you eat bugs for breakfast and try to avoid becoming another predator's lunch. It's in development at Rainbow Studios, which is located in Phoenix, Arizona, where they know a thing or two about desert creatures. The Rainbow crew also knows a little something about the mechanics of moving objects, having created several THQ vehicle games including Cars and MX vs. ATV and ATV Offroad for Sony."

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