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Ace Attorney 5 and Dragon’s Crown Dominate Major Japanese Retailer’s Software Sales Charts

The weekly sales charts by the major Japanese retail and rental chain Tsutaya are often seen as a good indicator for the weekly results in nation, considering the size of the retailer and the fact that the charts are released the day before the Media Create software charts.

This week they have been dominated by Ace Attorney 5 and Dragon's Crown. (3DS, Dragon's Crown, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, PS Vita, PS3)

cero55  +   345d ago
Glad these 2 games are selling so well.
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FamilyGuy  +   345d ago
Sometimes it sucks when publishers don't expect games to sell really well (which happens a lot with smaller niche titles) and don't have enough supply to meet demand. It's a great thing that these are available digitally in times like this but I still hope they don't have the same short-sided expectations for the U.S. release.

In Japan it might've sold out at 200 or 300k copies simply because they didn't make enough. We'll see the true number tomorrow. When are we gonna see digital sales numbers though?I know one company has been working with publishers on getting this info but for us that are curious it'd be nice if they could get that ball rolling a little faster.
r21  +   345d ago
A good day for PS and Nintendo owners in Japan then :D
Minato-Namikaze  +   345d ago
No love for MS?
Abriael  +   345d ago
In Japan? lol.
r21  +   345d ago
Sadly, no :C
zerocrossing  +   345d ago
MS aren't very popular in Japan, just seems to be the way it is. But Microsoft is an American company competing against two Japanese companies in their home country so it's not all that surprising.
Toman85  +   345d ago
Since Europe get Dragon's Crown in october so I decided to import it from Canada :)
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DivineAssault  +   345d ago
dragons crown comes out nx week along side tales of xillia.. i have to buy both on day 1
Shinobi100  +   345d ago
You're telling me a game based on a long forgotten gennre and without a trace of modern technology ranks 2nd AND 3rd? That's unbelievable. There are still people who understand what's REALLY important when it comes to gaming...im Japan at least
Tewi-Inaba  +   345d ago
Actually Senran Kagura and Code of Princess are examples of modern iteration of that 'forgotten' genre
both sold fairly on vita and 3ds
Hicken  +   345d ago
What "forgotten" genre would that be?
linkenski  +   345d ago
Ace Attorney is doing good and that's relieving to hear, but I jope it will sell better than usual when it comes to the west... Nothings reassured though.
wingman32x  +   345d ago
Good to see AA 5 doing well. Can't wait to play it this fall.

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