New Far Cry 2 Screenshots

GamerCenterOnline: "Ubisoft has released new Far Cry 2 screenshots, Far Cry 2 is an FPS being published by Ubisoft."

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Blademask3874d ago

worse graphics. Closer and Closer to the Unreal Bland Level of Detail day by day. I really think the UE is the best for multiplatform games. All of them end up looking like its run on the engine anyway.

I love multiplats!

GCO Gamer3874d ago

what are you talking about

green3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Blademask must be high.

Ghoul3874d ago

dude you dont need to smoke a spliff just because your friends do you know

CNIVEK3874d ago

...thumbnail pics. :o

jkhan3874d ago

It will be interesting to see how they implement all the vegetation and other stuff on the console.

power of Green 3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

The only thing thats hurting Multi platform games is the PS3's limitations.

I'm Starting to think I'm no longer going to buy Multi platfrom games due to the devs starting to cater to PS3's hardware I friggin can't stand that *WARM* tint to games I'm sick of three shades of Brown, Green and Red color palette's.

Friggin powdered rusty look has to go!, its a waste of my $3000 HDTV(exclusives here I come).

Every Multi platform game the devs try and match with the PS3 version seems to have some sort of graphcal handi-capp( two colors that are Three shades of overly warm). Orange Tint
or green.

Faded powdered color with strange rusty tints all PS3 games have this and even the multi platform games are starting to have this because of PS3, its a turn off.

CNIVEK3874d ago

...makes purty games. Kameo is still one of the best looking games of this gen, and hands-down the most colorful...with Viva Pinata close behind. :)

LinuxGuru3874d ago

You haven't a goddamned clue what you're talking about, you un-muzzled mental ward escapee.

I'm tired of seeing your bullshit claims about the PS3. It's pure bullshit, and you continue to lose credibility and respect every time you type your nonsensical bullshit rants on n4g.

You need to find another dayjob, and fast.

Just to spite you, I recommend only the PS3 to people asking me which videogame system to buy, while I'm working at the electronics section at Target.

I also love to wax lyrical about the Xbox 360's miserable, disastrous, horribly outrageous hardware failure.

I make sure everyone around me hears me talk about how miserable and horrible the 360 is, and how everyone should avoid it.

And you know what?

They listen.

Ya like that, POG?

I'll continue to do it every day, and I'll think about your stupid ass every time I sell a PS3, PSP, or PS2, or any PlayStation game at my register.

I'll look into that customer's eyes and tell them to enjoy their shiny new playstation, and I'll love every second of it.

What ya gonna do about it, turd-head?

Are you gonna post another bullshit paragraph or two about how the PS3 "slows progress" ?

Stupid monkey's ass.

God I love the open zone.

Thank you n4g!

LinuxGuru3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Get a life, tourettes boy.

*Weeeee look at meeeee I can pick screenshots and say mean things about teh PlayStation!*

*I'm so cool!*

Color depends on the choice of color palette by the GAME DESIGNERS YOU DUMBASS.

Also, Alan Wake will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER look like that on a 360. That picture has what looks like 16X anti-aliasing and 8X anisotropic filtering.

Yeah f|cking RIGHT!


@ splinter cell conviction

LOL at modern assassin's creed ripoff! LOL at the leaves that look like part of the sidewalk texture! LOL @ low-poly characters!

@ project offset

LOL at copious amounts of motion blur to hide framerate issues! LOL!




power of Green 3874d ago

They should have left it cartoony like the first one if they were going to go half assed now its hard on the eyes. Is the sun shining in the building? why is it brown all over with the charators having Orange skin like the Sun itself is in the room?. lol

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