"We are Looking into lack of Headset in Xbox One Box" says Lead Planner

According to Albert Penello , The Lead planner for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Kinect says that they are looking into the lack of headset in the Xbox One box

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Insomnia_841698d ago

Another 180? Keep them coming MS, your fanbase will thank you.
I'm still waiting for that mandatory kinect 180 to lower the price. Come on MS! Give it to me!!

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darthv721698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Kinect can stay, I like it on 360 and it will be better supported on the x1. As far as headsets go, wireless is always an option considering the controller lacks a direct input for wired ones.

on a side note, its like sony and Ms have changed sides. PS3 didnt have a wired headset port on the controller and now the ps4 does. 360 controller had a wired headset port and now the x1 does not.

Or going back to the xbox had a hdd built in and the ps2 did not (optional). then the ps3 came with a hdd built in and the 360 had a model that did not (optional).

Whats next next gen going to be like? What standard this gen (coming up) will be optional next next gen? And what option this gen (coming up) will be standard next next gen?

Black-Helghast1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Most people I know IRL don't care about Kinect. They just want to play games with controllers and most of them are shifting to PS4 because of that. MS think they're doing good with this obligatory Kinect thing.. but they are so wrong. And I haven't seen these many 180's since I played Skate 3, its like the console is BEGGING you to buy it.

andrewsqual1698d ago

They're looking into it. Sweet somebody must have let Microsoft know they left it out and they are now looking into it. I'll admit, I thought it would have been something they are aware of but its great to see them looking into it 3 months after the console reveal.

JohnnyBadfinger1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

The Xbox one does have a direct input for a wired headset... By the looks of things it's a mini USB input not an auxiliary jack. It's located in the same spot as the 360 controller

darthv721698d ago

@johnny...thanks for that. i figured that usb was for charging the controller if you were using the recharge battery pack.

mewhy321698d ago

This should be a no brainer. You have to include a headset with the box. That's just craziness. Put the stupid headset in the box micro$oft.


I wouldn't say they switched places on headsets... Not at all.

Aside from bundling headsets or not, PS3 was pretty open for headsets (any bluetooth or USB would work) while 360 had a more restricted format (2.5mm audio jack, not proprietary, but not exactly common, fortunatelly the adaptors are common). On PS4 not only you can still use USB and Bluetooth headsets, you can also use the highly common 3.5mm jack. On Xbox One now you are completelly bound to a proprietary format (and whatever those allowed to make a headset decide should be the price).

As you can see, although you can argue Sony went for providing a headset while MS isn't anymore (or wasn't previously to this new), Sony had it easy on us to buy our own headsets for cheap even back when PS3 launched, while MS wasn't so easy. Now Sony went even more open, while MS completelly closed the system to their own format.

malokevi1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I'm looking forward to the X1 as well, Kinect included. Its a whole new playing field with guaranteed support and majorly improved hardware.

I wouldn't complain if they threw in a headset and dropped the price by 50 bucks... but at this point it doesn't make much of a difference to me.

I guarantee you will never see an SKU sans Kinect.

JokesOnYou1697d ago

No X1 as designed NOW will not work without Kinect v2 if you think they are going to make a change that would require them to delay the console and go back and redesign the X1 at the OS/hardware level this late in the launch process then you are not paying attention.

"Xbox One Will Not Function Without Kinect Attached"

Personally Iam glad it was designed that way, it shows commitment to their vision and ensures real support in core games over the lifecycle of the X1 instead of "peripheral" support we've seen in the past across many other console platforms. 

The inclusion of Kinect is why the headset is not included however at least a cheap headset would be appreciated in every box or better for me would be that adapter so you can connect old 360 headsets and I will be able to use my Turtle Beaches.

abzdine1697d ago

now xbox fanboys must be so happy!
the fun thing is that they won't admit X1 is following PS4 footsteps.

PS4 is definitely the way to go and everything has been well thought from the beginning, no change in plans everything is as it has always been.

H0RSE1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )


The input on the new X1 controller, is proprietary dataport, meaning no input currently on the market, will fit into it. This has caused a lot of discussion in the realm of third party headsets, since this port effectively makes them all obsolete and useless - Astro, Razer, Turtle Beach, etc. all current headsets are not useable on the X1, for voice chat. However, there are talks going on about how to resolve this issue. The Xbox support team tweeted: (June 26, 2013)

"We are working to develop an adapter for current wired headsets to connect. More details as we approach launch."

As for wireless headsets: (June 27 2013)

"I'm afraid due to the new architecture in Xbox One, current wireless accessories will not be compatible."

I use an Astro mixamp with a Sennheiser headset, so I have been checking in on what Astro is saying, and here is a recent Mod post on their forums:

"We are working closely with Xbox to create the best ASTRO Audio System for that console. We are still going through our design process and other feedback behind closed doors so we have nothing to announce at the moment and we are taking our time to ensure it gives the best user experience to both home users and professional gamers. Because of this, I don't have anything to share regarding a date either.

Xbox Support on Twitter have announced they are working on an adapter which will allow you to connect Xbox 360 Headsets to the Xbox One controller. This should allow anyone with an A50 Wireless Headset, A40 Audio System or A30 Audio System to connect their equipment to the Xbox One Controller for voice chat. We're keeping an eye on their progress and will announce anything in the future regarding this.

- Mitchell"

fossilfern1697d ago

I have an XB1 pre ordered but honestly I wouldnt stop them from making the kinect optional. Im hoping they announce it at gamecom but I dont thnink they will :/

Death1697d ago


I don't remember the PS1, PS2 or PS3 including a headset in the box. The Xbox and Xbox360 did. I'm pretty sure what you are saying is the XboxOne is following the PS4 following the Xbox360. The ability to use voice chat is still included with Kinect2. Some may prefer the optional headset. It's hard to tell until people actually use it.

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fermcr1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Microsoft need to release a cheaper X1 (without Kinect, but with a headset) if they want to compete. A lot of Xbox fanboys aren't interested in Kinect.

andrewsqual1698d ago

@koolaid251 Well not a one single person gave a crap when they left the purple seal of death "Better with Kinect" off such Microsoft published titles like Halo 4 and Gears of War Judgement. Microsoft are terrified of their own device but it was okay to force people like Bioware to use it months before that. I'd say you are absolutely gutted you can't get Kinect Sports Rivals with your console in November too, oh wait, nobody on the planet is.

kreate1698d ago

Don't underestimate the xbox fanboys.

Xbox one will do fine in usa due to the xbox fanboys while it'll pretty much die in the rest of the world since Microsoft already gave up on the asian continent.

Kurt Russell1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I sense all the comments above referring to "xbox fanboys" are actually nerdy fanboys themselves... Especially as they're not even in response to a pro xbox comment :P

Darrius Cole1697d ago


We may not all be fanboys or fangirls, but I'm pretty sure anybody posting on N4G qualifies as "nerd". That's you, me, and all the others.


I don't think we are getting a headset in the X180 box. To go back and add a headset now would add cost to a box that is already $100 more expensive than its more powerful competition. Adding a headset would take the price up over $500, which is something I am sure that MS wants to avoid like plague, because that would be plague. If they add the headset and the rechargeable battery pack like people are asking for then the price might end up being $550. No way Microsoft does that.

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MWong1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Adding a headset or an adapter will help justify the $499 price tag. I don't think M$ is looking to reduce the price of the XBone. They should've went bluetooth.

PS4 doesn't have to include a headset since you can still use your headset from the PS3, but they do give you your standard earbud mic headset.

dj3boud1697d ago

you guys want them to include a $25 peripheral with the already expensive $500 console? they will lose $25 for each console sold and MS do not want that i guess.

JunioRS1011697d ago

If they pull yet another 180 after this headset thing, that would make it 4 x 180...

Or in other words, Xbox 720.

Virus2011697d ago

How is it another 180? I don't get some of you people. The console is even out yet, and nothing is set it stone. If they decide to actually put in a headset (which I think they'll announce at GamesCom), some people will see that as a bad thing.

I don't understand some of you guys.

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jizzyjones1698d ago

Whatever next, putting rechargeable batteries in controllers? maybe thats too much to ask

Heartnet1698d ago

especially since there is no need for it...

some people prefer built in lithium (or w.e) batteries but those battereies get less and less charge each tiem and then when its so low its eitehr a wired controler or u get a new one...

since ps4 people are all about choice i thought this would be a pro in x1 favour... use normal batteries and technially never run out of power or use rechargeable ones...

MRMagoo1231697d ago

I still use my original ps3 controllers with my original fat ps3 and the controllers still hold charge for about 4 to 5 hours minimum non stop play, so i dont get your point.

FlunkinMonkey1697d ago

haha! what? people prefer buying batteries?? seriously clutching at straws..
I've had my DS3 since launch and it works perfectly fine...

what are you on about..

Major_Glitch1697d ago

Wait what?! Are you serious?! "Some people prefer built in lithium"?! Who the f*** are these people?! People that WANT the pleasure of stopping their game session so they can drive to the store to buy batteries? Cell phones, laptops, toothbrushes, etc. all come with rechargeable batteri...oh nevermind. I'm obviously wasting my time with you.

OT: Jeez obviously have a fanbase. Take good care of them will ya? Don't limit what headsets they can use with their X1s!

1Victor1697d ago

Theheartnet You're Right And Have Your Batteries Die On You In The Middle Of A Heated Online Game Weeee Loooovveeee It Don't We Sarcasm

MizTv1697d ago

Never had a problem with mr ps3 controllers
I have has them for years and they still charge great

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H0RSE1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

If you want rechargeable batteries in the controller, you can easily put them in yourself. The controller currently uses standard AA batteries, meaning you could just use AA rechargeable ones - I have a couple charging in my wall as we speak. You don't need a battery pack for them to be rechargeable.

And as mentioned, some do prefer batteries? Why? Because they are simple and easily accessible. If your batteries die, you can buy them virtually anywhere, be it a grocery store or a gas station, and lots of people tend to have spare batteries laying around regardless, due to so many other household devices using them.

If a proprietary battery pack dies, or stops keeping charge, (I heard the PS4 controllers battery pack isn't even removable/replaceable)how easy will it be to replace that? Of course much of this irrelevant anyway, since MS is releasing a play and charge kit, which comes with a rechargeable battery pack, so I don't see where PS fans have any argument.

(and in case you were wondering, PS4 will charge $60 for their controller as well)

Perosnally, I have no use for a wireless controller - I actually do not like wireless anything - keyboard, mice, headsets, etc. I will choose wired every time. Currently, my main controller is a wireless xbox 360 controller. It hasn't had any batteries (pack or standard) in it for years, and instead I just plug the play n charge wire in and use it as a wired controller. I do all my gaming on my monitor, so I don't need the "freedom" that comes with a wireless controller.

eezo1698d ago

i think Microsoft should go for a re-reveal of Xbox One....

Heisenburger1698d ago

Xbox One: JK Edition?

I'm just playing around.

I hope, for the fans of xbox, that they give their customers what I feel they deserve for their money.

I'm a playstation guy personally, but idc about brands when people that love my hobby too are getting the shaft.

I'm not trying some underhanded insult to an inanimate object either. Just fyi.

The more they change the more I feel happy for the xbox gamers out there.

TomShoe1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Adding a headset this late in the game? I believe it might be a bit too risky at this point, because now they'd probably start selling consoles at a loss, and we all remember what happened to the PS3.

Probably not a good idea, IMO.

Insomnia_841698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Think about what hardware each console had 6/7 years ago and compare them.

7 years later, 2013, Microsoft is using hardware that the PS3 started with in 2006 when the components where more expensive like BluRay, Touch-sensitive buttons, wifi, no disc tray. Xbox 360 still doesn't use Bluetooth and not even for the Xbox One.

Everything in the Xbox One now is cheapet than it was 7 years ago, Xbox One's memory DDR3 is cheaper than the PS4 GDDR5. They can definitely put a headset in the box with no problem but this is Micro$oft we're talking about so don't expect cosumer friendly from them.

dethpuck1698d ago

Not everything. Microsoft is using proprietary tech for audio and their wireless controllers. Both machines are pretty awesome. It is definitely more expensive to game on Xbox. I'm ok with that because the online experience will be much better. Which is the most important thing for me. I wil still use my ps4 for the great exclusives

Virus2011697d ago

Xbox One uses WiFi Direct which has faster Bandwidth than Bluetooth.

>> "The Xbox One uses a technology called Wi-Fi Direct to connect its controller, while the PlayStation 4 relies on Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. On paper, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR's theoretical 3Mbps maximum speed is clearly outclassed by Wi-Fi Direct's 250Mbps theoretical throughput. However, whether this difference will result in any tangible difference remains to be seen. In the Xbox One's case, this could end up being important if Microsoft chooses to release add-ons, like a microphone for voice chat, and an updated version of its keyboard pad."

lastofgen1698d ago

these consoles are in it for the long term. Make a loss or break even the first few years and then start to make a profit. That's normally how it works and for a company as big as microsoft, I'm assuming they can take the hit.

kneon1698d ago

Adding a wired headset would only cost them a few dollars, it's not like they will actually ship a really good headset with either console.

But if you want a decent headset you're better off buying it separately.

jessupj1697d ago

Normally that would be correct, but unfortunately MS and their typical wanting to control everything to squeeze more money out of their customers has created a proprietary port that only their specific customer built, expensive as hell headset is compatible with.

So if they wanted to include a cheap headset inbox they couldn't just buy in bulk from a 3rd party, they would have to design, build and test a device themselves.

I'm no tech expert, but I don't think 4 months is enough time.

kneon1697d ago

I wasn't aware of that, I expected that it was just going to be a standard headset port. In that case it will be more than just a few dollars and will take more time and effort.

strifeblade1698d ago

According to patcher ps4 costs 275$ to produce while xbox one costs 325$ in terms of parts- how does a headset cost to make? well it retails 25$ so its probably dirt cheap (10$?).

The question is not if they would lose money but they will have lower profit margins

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