Out This Week: PixelJunk, Superfrog and PS+ Update

TheSixthAxis takes a quick look at this week's gaming releases. There may not be anything hitting shelves this week, but gamers are in for a digital downpour of goodness.

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1596d ago
Craigatorian1596d ago

Is this for Europe or North America?

Kryptix1596d ago


Spec Ops: The Line, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and Mafia II are the big games announced in the article and that was already revealed before to be for Europe. Can't wait for to see what North America is getting especially with Gamescom closing in. We got Uncharted 3 in June when E3 was happening so expecting a really great title in there.

Lazyeye791596d ago

I hope they release a Pixel Junk Monsters 2 for the PS4.