PALGN: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm Review - Battle Fatigue

PALGN writes: "You have to feel sorry for the general public in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. No public holidays, trips to the beach or vegging out on the sofa with a brand new box set for them. Instead, they have a never-ending onslaught of tetchy aliens, crazed robot armies and the mucus splattered forces of Chaos kicking their door down at three in the morning. Talk about stressed. A typical Monday morning on the grim, battle-scarred front line with the titanic forces of galaxy-hopping species colliding in desperate battle for survival can't be much fun, now can it? Unfortunately, things aren't going to be settling down any time soon. Dawn of War - Soulstorm brings the sprawling slug-fest of W40K to the Kaurava system, traps nine increasingly shirty races in a Warp Storm and sees who's left standing at the end of it all.

Soulstorm is, of course, the standalone fourth installment of the Dawn of War series of real-time strategy games, following on from the original Dawn of War and its two subsequent expansions, Winter Assault and Dark Crusade. Two new factions, the Sisters of Battle and the Dark Eldar, are introduced, along with a new flying unit for every pre-existing faction. There's a campaign mode, featuring a non-linear, Risk-like map for you to scuffle over, more than a hundred skirmish maps, online multiplayer and a few other bits and pieces as well. There's no doubt that Soulstorm is a very full package, but the question remains: is there life left in the old dog yet?"

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