PS4 Will Be Playable at EB Expo

EB Games just announced via Twitter that the PS4 will be playable at EB Expo.

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nitrogav1759d ago

It`s to hope so , PS4 should be released within a few weeks of the Expo !! .

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xYLeinen1759d ago

Don't worry folks. The PS4 HAS to be released for competitive reasons before this x-mas holidays in America and Europe. The best call would probably to have it released before Xbox One..

slimeybrainboy1759d ago

Of course, missing out on a christmas is like a car waiting a lap to start in a race.

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_FantasmA_1759d ago

Who cares about XBox 1 release date? I have a feeling it will be rushed so they can compete with Sony. I think Sony is ready to go, they are just waiting for the Xboner to release prematurely.

mark134uk1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

i think the the chance of rrod is 2/3 out of every 10 consoles for the xb1

they rushed the 360 and rrod was high and that has 1 os now they have rushed the xb1 and its got 3 os = disaster

pedrof931759d ago

Xbox One will work as heater in the Winter. And you can place sodas inside.

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