Why The Gaming Industry Needs More FPS

The contribution of FPS games to the gaming industry is unappreciated by some of the hardcore gamers.

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loganbdh1575d ago

No no no no no no no no no we do not need anymore fps on top of the shitty ones that already come out if any thing this article should be called "the rise and eventual fall of first person shooters" the continuation of annual shooters has had a double edge effect to where the popularity of games has gotten more mainstream than before (in which is good) but the lack of real innovation has hindered the genre as bland soulless pieces of code and don't get me wrong I loved halo and mw when it first came out but when I see the predecessors of the franchise looking and playing a lot the first games...that's when we have to huddle up and call an audible. i have a friend that buys COD each year plays them for 2 weeks tops and ends up calling the game trash... Why do u buy them bro? why within 48 hrs u sware by the blood of Christ that this is the greatest thing u ever touch? Why on earth would u continue 2 feed the hand that bites u constantly ? Lunacy would be my answer but some would just say he's being American /endrant (sorry for the punctuation laying on my back typin on a smartphone half sleep) also didn't read the article but who does that anywayz

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loganbdh1574d ago

Body damage would actually be nice imagine getting shot in the stomach only to slow down your movement speed or your arm to where you can't carry your primary proper nemore .... I remember hideo kojima wanted to use this feature in mgs 2 but he said that the tech wasn't there at the time... Maybe in fps they could actually have a cover system to the point where it's easy to use and not a chore...leaning is cool but I've never seen that done on a console tbh I think it's too late... A blind firing system would be killer just stick your gun out and blast away ... Or perhaps adding a body to the charactor when you look down u see everything gun clothes shoes ...I'm just saying some of the big IPs could really use a touch of realism just to spruce up there stale games.