You Can Now Dress up Your PS Vita, 3DS or Wii U GamePad Like Famicom Controllers

If you feel that your favorite portable console (or the gamepad of your Wii U) looks too modern, Datel Japan just released something that could help you out.

The company just released three adorable “Retro Cases" that make your portables/gamepad look like Famicom controllers.

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jon12341939d ago

this is just my opinion but... ewww

Abriael1939d ago

eh, it's not for everyone :D some love the retro look :D

Thehyph1939d ago

Who actually loves the retro feel though? :P

1939d ago
Fireseed1939d ago

The day I get one of these systems, I am ABSOLUTELY doing this.

savaroth1939d ago

Uhm how about no? My vita looks fine the way it is. If you want the Famicom look, just buy a Famicom.

Blank1939d ago

Not going to lie if the Famicom was a sony product I would get this for my Vita but my OCD dont let me cross these things even if the color scheme of the things are awesome like these. So for Wii U it is!

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The story is too old to be commented.