Doodle Jump For Kinect | GamerHub TV Review

The latest app to make the cross over is Doodle Jump for Kinect. Will this game have the same cross over appeal as other successful apps?

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Insomnia_841599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

When the ANDROID MOBILE version of a game gets better review scores than the CONSOLE version, there's a problem!

Hey Microsoft! You're supposed to attract mobile gamers to your console, not scare them away!!

Better with KINECT? lol

Kryptix1599d ago

lol This supports how the Kinect can make a good game worse if motion controls are used. Imagine all the Kinect games that could of been much better if controller buttons were used instead. Right now who knows if the Kinect 2.0 is any better since Microsoft were too scared to show any Kinect gameplay on stage at E3. I bet it was still a prototype when Microsoft first revealed it.

memots1599d ago

The power of kinect ladies and gentlemen

HammadTheBeast1599d ago

And yet another Kinect classic.