GameSpot: Ninja Gaiden II Hands-On

Everything Gamespot have seen so far of Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox 360--Tecmo's sequel to the extremely well-received Xbox reimagining of its action franchise--has been pointing to a Spinal Tap-like jacking up to 11 of everything that made the first game great.

Their recent hands-on time with the game has only strengthened that impression--Ninja Gaiden II at first pass is more action-packed, more difficult, and more stylish than its predecessor, and it looks set to be the blood-soaked sequel dedicated fans of the original have been fervently hoping for.

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Breakfast3901d ago

You mean your most anticipated game of the year.
Give other games a chance.

wageslave3901d ago

I agree, GotY may turn out to be Fable 2, Alan Wake, MGS4 or Gears of War 2...

There are other very big games on the way.

From everything we've seen, I think Ninja Gaiden II has a very good chance too.

wageslave3901d ago

The way the fighting is being described sounds great. I usually take a pass on button mashers, but the epic and varied battles and environments look really great here.

And, as the previews are reporting, the fighting isnt just "press x for 10 mintues", but very subtle and purpose-driven.

Sounds and looks like a great title. Im probably going to put in a pre-order.

Breakfast3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Remembering your combos, and knowing how to block and roll, are the keys to the game. Its not a 'button masher' to me.

If you havent played the first one, i recommend you do. Take time to learn what your doing, and you'll have one hell of a time.

Becoming good at this game gives you a sense of accomplishment, as does beating it.

PS: I beat the last two bosses with only half got good at the game. :)

kevoncox3901d ago

I remember the frist time I played hru the game and spent my extra lives too early. I got to the giant staute and had half a bar left. I could not defeat the boss after about 100 tries. I replayed it and found it so much easier. Glad I did, i never would have beaten it.
This game would be more hyped if it was on ps3 too.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Hes right combos, rolls, and blocks. It's not like God of War (great game) it's not hit one button over and over and once in a while hit another for a different effect. You realy need to learn the moves and weapons. Don't be afraid to use the environment to help with your kills. You can block most things but some things get through. Just remember bullets can be blocked and take less damage, but rockets you need to roll not jump. Hopefully NG2 will be like NG and have a few spots where the enemys respawn over and over so I can practice the combos.

GUNS N SWORDS3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

I am very certain that itagaki put a lot of work and finishing touches in to it's new successor, after hearing about it's new features i am ever so eager to purchasing this game (it's inevitable).

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PS360PCROCKS3901d ago

Harder? :( my god like it needs to be any I'm still so frustrated with the first game that I to this day STILL haven't beaten it. I have had it for only a year though, lmao like that makes it any better.

no_more_heroes3901d ago

when I got the first one, I played until I reached Murai and then put it down for almost a year because I was pissed that I couldn't beat him. I decided to pick it back up after one of my friends from school asked about it. Reached the part in chapter 5 right before Rachel gets sucked into the @$$ of that tentacle demon and put it down again, though for a shorter time. Picked it up again and save for a hitch in the last part of Chapter 6 the challenge toned down a bit, for me at least. It took me 40 hours to beat it the first time around.I played through it a second time and finished it in less than 12 hours.

This game will either maintain the skills that you already have or, like me, teach you those skills.

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