7 Ways To Still Have Fun On Call Of Duty

GameNTrain's Ryan Elliot writes: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 has been out for over several months now. The multiplayer aspect of the game is past stale at this point. Despite the game getting older, there are still plenty of ways to have fun in Call of Duty. Some of these ideas may be obvious while others not so much. Regardless, if you try one of these 7 ways to have fun on Cod, you’ll find yourself raging far less.

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Beastradamus1961d ago

As someone that runs a Youtube channel with a lot of COD I would have to agree with this list 100%

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Insomnia_841961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

This is kind of stupid. If you feel the need to do the things this piece says to have fun in Call Of Duty then it's over, that's it! Move over Let it go! ! Play another game and hope for the franchise to change and try something different, better or atleast make a new engine or something, better graphics, lightning, animations, etc.

Since I got bored from COD about two years ago, I now play many more games from different genres and I found out I was missing out on a lot of fun awesome games! I started playing Battlefield and It's awesome! Specially because the multiplayer games doesn't feel the same in every match like in COD that as soon as you start the match you already know where the first tube granade will hit or where the enemies will be, etc.

In short, I now enjoy GAMING. So many great games to play so if you're not having fun with COD anymore then play Dead Space, Bioshock, NFS, BF3, MGS, Demons/Dark Souls, Batman, etc. Playing a single game religiously just holds you back from many great gaming experiences.

Just my opinion from my own experience.

Master-H1961d ago

I disagree , it's a good list and i do all of these things already and i play buncha other games besides CoD.
If i was to choose between Dark Souls and CoD i would drop all CoDs in a heart beat though lol

sevilha821961d ago

Agreed 100%.

I have friend´s that play cod and only cod nothing else and are always complaning about the game.

To wich i sujest"start playing something else" and they retart
"we only like fps´s".
then go play others fps´s like batllefield.
And they go it´s boring i´m going back to cod, or ghosts is almost out it´s going to be amazing.

And called them self gamers,by playing one game over and over again,they sometimes taunt me for playing Rpg´s like the Witcher or Skyrim or other generes like GTA and Heavy Rain.

Cod was amazing(loved it in 2007) but now it should really die because it´s afeccting an entire genaration of gamers mentality to be adicted to a not so good product and missing out on an entire world of imagination,(the real magic of video games)

There i said it let the hate mail beguin. =)

rcelli091960d ago

Writer here:

While I do agree with most of what you have to say, do know that comparing cod and other games just doesn't work. Outside of MMO's, other strong multiplayer games (BF3, Halo4), or skyrim and minecraft, cod has a lot more playability. Dead space, bioshock, dark souls, batman, can be played for a long time on single player, but lack longevity on multiplayer, which overall is the major point of the article: People play call of duty multiplayer too much and need to mix up what they do.

Literally all the games you mentioned are great games, but that doesn't mean that call of duty is shit because the other games have fun campaigns. By finding new ways to play a game does not mean it is time to give it up. Example: Sex. We all love doggystyle and missionary. But what about trying different positions? You know, spice it up. My article essentially is giving you different erotic positions to bone Call of Duty.

Hope that clears it up! :) Thanks for taking your time to read the article and responding.

iamnsuperman1961d ago

Playing it? I am not the biggest fan of online focused games but COD is quite fun to play now and again. It is just a simple fast paced shooter.

Chidori1961d ago

COD mostly sucks for the horrendous netcode. The lag in which either you or the opposing player is basically few seconds in future has killed this franchise for me. I'm done. The worst part is: your internet connection doesn't even play a part. The even more baffling thing is this lag exists in local co-op also. Seriously? Splitscreen on the same television and can't even get a fair game. I can have fun losing too, but when it isn't even my fault, why would I bother myself with a competitive game like that. It also seems to be getting worse with each release. Black Ops was alright. MW3 and BO2 on the other hand...ridiculous. This old quake engine has been sucked dry. They improve the graphical output each year but ignore everything else. That's why each and every COD is plagued with the same very issues. I won't even get started on hit detection.

If you think you're a top player in Call of Duty (especially BO2): You're not. You just have a good connection either being the host or connecting well with the host. You're entirely out of sync with everyone on the opposing team granting you easy kills. The truth.

sevilha821961d ago

Agreed,the last skill based Cod was mw1 in 2007.

Yes it was easy to play but an intelligent player with fast reflexes and wit would stand out.

Fun times.Not anymore.

Matt6661961d ago

all you need is battlefield 3

ape0071961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

sadly cod is waay more fun

_FantasmA_1961d ago

They are both pretty bad. Sure BF3 is better, but hardly. Counter Strike poops all over them both.

sevilha821961d ago

To me the problem with batllefield is the high number of people that dont the play like it´s supost to plaiy it,(problly Cod players that only know that way).

insted of team work and playing the objective they run in the midlle of the street and go head on tanks with a pistol and cry that they are losing and dont know why.

And sadlly those same people are the ones that will destroy batllefield 4(hopeflly im wrong)because the game looks amazing.

I once started being team killed by douches in my team just becuase i asked for help to conquer flags and we where being raped by the other team.

Sadlly this is the reallity of online this days let´s hope it chances for the better in the next gen for the games look amazing with lot´s of MMo´sgoig are way,and being the new trend on consoles.

Matt6661959d ago

I do agree with you, you can tell when a COD player is on battlefield, because they try to QS and NS and end up getting killed over and over again then you get some players trying to knife everyone

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