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Should Microsoft’s Grand Strategy Center On Gaming?

Justin Hebert:"Microsoft has certainly been taking its lumps these days. Between their failures in the tablet market and the Xbox One debacle, it is tempting to count them out. Yet there are a few recent events that make me hesitant to label them a dinosaur. If these seemingly random events are indeed part of a pattern or grand strategy, Microsoft’s legion of haters may soon be eating their own words." (Culture, Microsoft, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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showtimefolks  +   760d ago
also to answer the question of article yes they should be focusing on gaming but they won't because they want Kinect 2 to be a main thing for casuals

also MS can do/say all the right things right now, what i am more worried about is how will they support us in 3-4 years? when in their minds the core market will be maxed out will we be left out again like we were with xbox360 for past 3 years?

it wasn't that long ago they were almost totally against gamers but they had to take many things back not that they actually wanted too
MasterCornholio  +   760d ago
At this point they cant afford to concentrate on TV TV TV SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS.

Which is why i believe that if Julie (i think thats what she is called) is smart she will focus the XBOX brand on gaming more than multimedia features.

But meh since gamers are a minority i doubt that our opinions will matter.
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   760d ago
YES. We, the core gamers, are the ones who line up to buy a console on day one. We don't do it for sh*ts and giggles! We do it to play some games! Extra social or TV TV SPORTS features and all are great, but gamers game first and foremost (well most do). Not many people (if any) are going to buy a console day one just for Netflix or to watch TV (when, you can, I don't know, watch TV like before).

The good thing is, they seem to be starting off right. They announced a lot of games. But I still think they should've taken Sony's route; they could've shown a few games at this convention, leave some more for later. But it seems they decided to go the blitz route. They're not going to have to much more to show. While Sony has like, 15 or so games left to show, 12 (11 if The Order is included) of which are new IPs? (Side note: I find it funny how just because MS showed a lot of games, some people think they have more exclusives overall. They just announced more.)

Anyway, MS just needs to keep up the momentum and keep making me want to buy that system next year. They can focus on the gamers, or try and aim for everyone, and we will respond accordingly.
The_Sneauxman  +   760d ago
I think they shouldn't avoid the "elephant" in the room and focus primarily on games while making a genuine experience.

With this new Xbox their new direction is now the entertainment system. I understand opening up and appealing to a broader spectrum but the truth is, is that what people buy an Xbox for is GAMING. We have Cable, Tv, etc. so why even shift focus and try to tackle this giant out of their range. In my opinion this just doesn't seem right.

*Edit: It's as if they're grasping for straws and hoping the cow can jump over the moon
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Hicken  +   760d ago
Well, that all depends on whether or not they're fielding a video game console this generation.

If they are, then gaming needs to be the center of their strategy for it.

If, however, they're releasing something else, then they can focus on TV and sports and dog and fish.. whatever they want.
SaveFerris  +   760d ago
Does anyone think that Microsoft could eventually move away from gaming to concentrate on TV and multimedia?
MS are launching the Xbox One with some very big games like Titanfall and Dead Rising 3, but how long will this last even with the large investment?
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Agent_hitman  +   760d ago
lol MS strategy is nothing but bullcrap, investing in 3rd party exclusive rather than investing in internal studios and makes original titles..

Sony is a lot more convincing when it comes to this matter.
Wintersun616  +   760d ago
Games should be the first priority but not the only thing to focus on. The best thing they could do is to get more first party studios and have a majority of them concentrate on hardcore games and a few for smaller digital only and Kinect games.
B1uBurneR  +   760d ago
I like the all in one idea, Sony fans bash it, but Sony has been doing the same thing since ps2 could be used a DVD player and a gaming system. besides I think its the natural step most company try to take with electronic device look at your mobile phone for example it went from just dialing numbers, to texting, music, internet, video and gaming. to be fair Sony did reserve more RAM to future proof the ps4 but that's after they grasped what MS intends to do with the X1
Wintersun616  +   760d ago
Correction. Sony fanboys bash it. I'm a Sony fan and I think that it's good for a console to be able to do a lot more than just gaming, as long as gaming doesn't become an afterthought.
No_Limit  +   760d ago
I am sorry but at this point in time, I want my console to do more than just having the ability to play games and watch Blu Ray/DVD movies. Consoles, just like cell phones, are ever evolving into the swift army knife concept and I do not want to be stuck in the stone age for the next 6-8 years on a console that only does gaming function. It needs to do everything well so I can get rid of my old Blu-Ray player, mt DVR, and other devices. As long as MS is putting money into gaming and also adding features and other services, there is nothing for me to complain about.

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