Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come - 27 New Screens

Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come is an RTS that chronicles the trials and tribulations of the first crusaders and recreates its most important battles. From Constantinople to Jerusalem, you will become a part of the First Crusades in this historical recreation.

Features :

-Hundreds of soldiers in real-time epic battles
-Concentrated management between missions
-Unique heroes as main characters
-Supporting heroes with unique abilities
-Single player campaign with 15 heroic battles from Constantinople to Jerusalem
-Fight a battle with a friend or another player via the internet or LAN.
-Diverse terrain and dynamic weather conditions influence the tactics and affects the outcome of the battles

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LeonSKennedy4Life3905d ago

Can we just stop with the boring games that nobody cares about? Seriously...this is just embarassing...

ps360s3905d ago

boring to you but not to others...

yesah3904d ago

that actually looks pretty good, is this only for PC or is it coming to consoles?