Why the Wii U Is Already Dead

James writes, "The problem I find is that the same old experiences just aren’t that fun anymore, and I am absolutely not going to pay $399 to buy a Wii U when they haven’t even proven that they’re going to provide us something new and exciting to enjoy on it."

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Godlovesgamers1760d ago

"Why the Wii U Is Already Dead"

Why just because you think something doesn't make it factual.

The Wii U isn't dead. Just because it's not selling like the Wii did doesn't mean anything. The Ps3 had a slow start with software and console sales and look where it is now.

Just quit writing these stupid articles, please.

TomShoe1760d ago

The Wii U isn't dead. It's just in a boat similar to the PSVita's. It needs more support and first party big name AAA titles to come out for it.

Just think about some titles that haven't released yet. Smash Bros? Mario Kart? Paper Mario? Just wait until the big names come out, they'll start moving.

LOL_WUT1760d ago

Not if the Wii U keeps selling the way it is. ;)

BattleAxe1760d ago

Even in the WiiU's darkest hour, fans of the system continue their fight against reality, all while pure darkness tightens its grip of despair.

tracyllrkn1760d ago

The difference is that the Vita will continue to fail, and I have one myself.

DragonPs41760d ago

"The problem I find is that the same old experiences just aren’t that fun anymore

you just listed the same old nintendo games.

kreate1760d ago

Gamecube had paper mario, mario kart, zelda. Etc.

It still died.

The wii being such a big success was somewhat of a fluke. The motion controls and the grandmas and the soccer moms buying it for the kids.

Personally I do like the wii-u especially cuz it has free online play. I'm just waiting for a price drop.

Masterman2801759d ago

The Wii U is cheap enough... are you guys really that broke?

truechainz1759d ago


Gamecube brought profit for Nintendo. Just cuz a console doesn't sell the best in the generation or more than its predecessor, doesn't mean it is dead. Only drama queen gamers would think that.

kreate1759d ago


my comment wasnt meant to be taken literally.
gamecube didnt actually 'die'

regardless, i agree with your comment.


my point is that mario and his friends may or maynot save a console if that particular console is dying (or not selling well) regardless of profitability

again, i support the wii-u due to the console not charging for online play, i wish the console sold more.

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dark-hollow1760d ago

Pikmin 3, NSMBU and zombie u.

That's literally my whole Wii u library of games since launch. (And nintendoland which came free with the black Wii u)

Neonridr1759d ago

You should play Trine 2 (if you haven't played it for the other systems already - it's better on Wii U anyways), Lego City Undercover is awesome, and there are tons of awesome VC games to relive again.

LOL_WUT1759d ago

Yea definitely pick up trine 2 it was like around $10 if I remember correctly. ;)

Shnazzyone1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Awwww... Wii U is dead just in time for pikmen 3, What will wonderful 101 and the new mario game be played on when they come out? Oh no!

To reiterate. Dumb article is dumb.

In the end MS is looking most likely to pull out next gen. Considering the bad hype from One's announcement and how is vastly similar (if not damn identical) to what Sony is offering for 100 bucks less.

Meanwhile in all that drama wii U has a nice lil head start at 4 million sold and will have a better catalogue by the time either ps4 or xbone finally get past their launch slumps. All for even less than ps4. If history is any indicator... actually wii U is positioned well for 2nd place next gen if not first place if nintendo gets its shit together.

larrym1760d ago

At the rate the WII U is selling, it's not likely to catch up to the PS4 or XB1 when they both come out. The PS3 was 200 bucks more than the 360, and guess what? People still bought it. Not at the rapid pace Sony thought people would, but it still sold. And Sony got plenty of bad press too.

Remember Ridge Racer? How about $599? How about Sony claiming people would take on an extra job or work extra hours to own one? How about them mocking Microsoft for making 2 SKUS at launch, and then they turn around and do the same damn thing? Or course not, people on this website have very selective memories.

IAmSovereign1760d ago

Yeah... because they havent spent millions of dollars on the thing already, they're just gonna "pull out."

Some of the things you people say on here lol.

N4g_null1760d ago

Bubble up for that comment shnazzyone!

Some how with out having any 3rd party support they sold 4 million. I think the xbox 360 had more time and got to 5 million before the ps3 came out.

I know lots of fans here dont care for nintendo games yet there sales make it possible to support niche projects from treasure, platinum games and help prop up sega and square.

Yet we are not seeing them do this with western developers, which is where the backlash may actually be coming from, third party wise.

Ms is pumping some major money into studios and every one wants that exotic car paycheck.

Yet Nintendo has fixed most of their flaws in their 3d game engines. Now they are getting up to industry par with HD content creation. Unlike Ms Nintendo does not pay crazy amounts for exclusive or timed content, they make it..... they make the mosr potent content in gaming and its addictive game play.

Suddenly their problems are very fixable but the media doesn't want you to not worry about Nintendo, they cant make money off that.yet they all try and claim the smash bro players, mario2d gamers, etc are not even gamers... if this is really true then this means they actually do have a greater up swing. This is proven by how they did everyone games and finished with truely niche titles.

that is a dangerous pattern for competition to keep up with. There are plenty of gaming graduates yet few understand arcade gaming play. Yet the movie industry is flooded with story, script, screenplay writes, and vfx artist that can easily exceed uncharted artistry. I thinking that once Nintendo finally tackles that and masters it sony might not have a leg to stand on unless they can get addictive game play down.

Ms is a nonfactor since their corporate ecosystem kills creativity for business plans strong arming.unless they want to pump multiple billions into 3rd party studios which would cause a failure in the west for the gaming industry job market if they pulled out of the market.

this gen will be interesting but yes the wiiu is far from dead. Wishful thinking can only hope that Nintendo drops the ball or people will get tired of their games but we are talking over 10 franchises that sell like cod and play better... with out no real network proping them up, just pure replay value.

these games are coming.... which is why some want the, to die before the storm comes. There is a lot of eye candy fatigue in the industry right now and a true hunger for game play... its called video games and not comic books after all.

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s45gr321760d ago

It was a good article coming from a Nintendo fan not some corporate sellout journalist looking for hits. Just think about it why is Mario kart 8, bayoneta 2, X2, and smash brothers being released next year as opposed to during the launch of PS4 and Xbox One. It pretty much is allowing Sony and Microsoft to stack up their libraries as opposed to finish them off right there and then during launch. What would you rather buy on Christmas wii party u or infamous second son. No marketing or hype, tell us about the great billboard, tv commercial , Internet ad, etcétera for the wii u. No major press conference at E3 eliminating spike tv, G4, MTV, pretty much tv and media coverage. Only those that use youtube or own a wii u watch Nintendo E3 2013 direct. We are supposed to believe Nintendo is doing well or that Nintendo exclusives are going to save wii u well not without marketing/hype, third party support, price drop, perky online gaming.

AWBrawler1760d ago

i have no interest in infamous at all, and the last Wii Party outsold both Infamous games combined. i don't even like wii party, but you're daft if you think infamous can hold a candle to that game sellswise.

N4g_null1760d ago

With no marketting hype ads mtv, etc etc smash bro, wii fit, nsmb, etc etc sold better than or like cod which is propping up hd console replay value. Now we are suppose to believe all those gamers dont want more of what they like.... then we get our niche titles and old school games while other gamers are ghinny pigs for sand box and movie gaming.

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BullyMangler1760d ago

Is that what this person really said? that the wiiU saLes will determine its gLory? lol . . exclusives will determine who is king regarding gamepLay and art etc etc . LMAO sales

not gonna even read this thing then ha!

herbs1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Honestly F#%k all these constant negative Bull$hit flamebait articles they were played out months ago... That is all.

SonyPS41760d ago

Hey we just do what we usually do on N4G, ignore the article and just post a comment based on the title.

9 times out of 10 the method actually works. Why give crappy sites like this the traffic they wanted so these "journalists" can collect ad money?

AbortMission1760d ago

I'm pretty sure when they say "Wii u is dead", they mean the Wii u will be the console in last place with the least sales and least support. And I believe that's going to be the case with the Wii u.

The only recent success Nintendo had in the console market the last decade was Wii. It was way cheaper than the competitors and had the casual craze games like Wii Sports and Wii Fit. If it weren't for the quirky Wiimote and the novelty of "motion controls", the Wii would have ended up like the Gamecube, even with all the 1st party Nintendo games.

The Wii U is nothing like the Wii. It is barely $50 cheaper than *arguably* the best next gen console - PS4 (I say this because I'm confident that Sony has learned from their mistakes and the giant fk-up that MS did with the Xbox One but again, I can be wrong). Nintendo Land is not Wii Sports and consumers/ casuals out there still don't know about the Wii u - whether they don't know it exists or they think it's an addon for the Wii.

Pikmin 3 sales are kind of a future look at Nintendo 1st party sales on the Wii U. Even with no games for the month and it being the only notable release, Pikmin 3 did average numbers in Japan. Mario Kart 8 and 3D World will obviously increase Wii u sales but not to an extreme. And they don't release until 2014 which is after the next gen consoles launch.

I didn't even mention the fact that developers are avoiding the Wii u like the plague. No GTA V, no Battlefield 4, no good 3rd party support. I'm betting the Wii u will sell 30 million by the end of its lifetime

Neonridr1759d ago

"Mario Kart 8 and 3D World will obviously increase Wii U sales but not to an extreme".

You do realize that Mario Kart on the Wii sold over 30 million copies right? I guarantee you that game wasn't bought by grandmas and novelty players alike. Can you name a Sony or Microsoft game that sold even close to 30 million units?

Not to mention that Galaxy 1 & 2 sold approximately 11 million and 7 million respectively.

It's games like these that will move the biggest numbers of hardware not games like Battlefield 4.

AbortMission1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

You're talking about a game (Mario Kart Wii) that was heavily bundled with Wiis for a good 3-4 years. And yes, I can guarantee that game was bought for the kids and casuals.

Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3 sold 10 million copies to date. Halo 3 sold 11.5 million copies, half of which were from launch. And both of those games are from consoles that had less hardware sales than the Wii. You're delusional if you think Sony or MS don't have heavy hitter titles

N4g_null1759d ago

what part of over 10-30 million do you not understand? bundled or not no ps3 first party game did those numbers. the closest would be halo or gears of war. people are buying systems to get those games.

then mario was only one of ten games that did that.

it all brings yohi back to the 3ds situation. Nintendo obviously has games that sells system. sony has the games that get a lot of awards and ms will pay any thing to be in that conversation.

FullMetalNerdcast1759d ago

I agree. It's just silly, outlandish, click-bait titles to drive page views.

>I dont like thing
>thing must be hopeless

quantae061759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Yeah, it's far too early to say something is dead, especially when so many games are supposed to come out for it. Too early! The Last Story 2, Monolith's X, Smash Bros, Metroid, 3D Mario, Bayonetta 2, New Zelda U, Fire Emblem x Shin Megami, Call of Duty Ghosts, Dreamfall Chapters, Watch Dogs, Batman Origins, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Wonderful 101, Miyamoto's new ip, and Mario Kart will all be on the Wii U. We might even see a Monster Hunter 4 and Pandora's Tower 2. Like what I said it's far too early!

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NYC_Gamer1760d ago

Wii U isn't dead the console just needs more quality software to move units

ritsuka6661760d ago

Pikmim 3 ,New Super Luigi U,The Wonderful 101,Nano Assault NEO all this game say hi!

chadboban1760d ago

I agree that those are great games, however 1 is DLC, 1 is an eshop exclusive, and Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 despite looking spectacular are not really system movers. But Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 should help get the ball rolling so Nintendo better hope they can keep up momentum into the holidays when PS4 and XB1 hit and into the future. A price cut could help as well.

j-blaze1760d ago

here's more, Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, Fatal Frame, Zelda, MonolithSoft RPG and many other yet to be announced games...also, keep in mind that the Wii U launched just last year, and it didn't complete a whole freaking year, why those idiots so quick to judge it? this lame article should not get approved

ziratul1760d ago

Do you really think that everyone loves Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 kids? I want Gears of War - like, Skyrim - like games on my Wii U ffs

boybato1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


Never knew fatal frame would get a wiiu outing. Anyway although i do not have a wiiu as a fellow gamer i still hope to see the system with games that optimizes its raison de'etre.(the pad) Just imaging playing Falal F with it, pure awesomesauce. :-)

s45gr321760d ago

Plus marketing, price drop, online gaming on par to STEAM or PC gaming online features, third party support, wii virtual console should of been transferred to wii u not restart the virtual console from square one. That wad dumb is like oh sorry let's start PS Plus from square one or xbox live from square one. See how dumb it is.

deafdani1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Ok, a couple things to note:

1. You will MAYBE be able to play PS1 Classics on your PS4... and that's it. All those other downloadable games available on PSN for PS3? They won't run on your PS4, it's not backwards compatible at all. Sony has already confirmed this.

2. On Wii U, you can access EVERYTHING that was available for Wii, Virtual Console and Wiiware games. You just need to access them in Wii mode. It's just a pretty small inconvenience to bear in exchange for full backwards compatibility.

Now, would it have been even better if all that Virtual Console and Wiiware content was directly available on the Wii U's eShop? Sure. But it's still leagues better than what Sony is offering on the PS4... because Sony is offering exactly NOTHING, as far as backwards compatibility is concerned. And if I'm not mistaken, it's the same story for the Xbox One, isn't it? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Basically: Nintendo didn't start Virtual Console from square one, not really. Sony and Microsoft, however, are doing exactly that with the PS4 and Xbox One. So... care to reconsider calling Nintendo "dumb" in that area? Because they have many, many things actually worthy of criticism, yet you chose to call them out on one of the few things they're actually besting their competitors at. :P

ritsuka6661760d ago

I know that N4G will post anything to get hits but sometimes its just ridiculous.

1760d ago
hollabox1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

I wouldn't say the Wii U is dead yet, the system has only been out for 9 months for crying out loud. The problem being the Wii U launched with no hype to non fanboys, the largest controller since the jaguar, a much weaker console than their competitors, dismal third party sales on top of a limited software selection. To make matters worst the Wii U is only $50 cheaper than the all hype PS4, and poorly marketed so far. Nintendo needs to work some 3DS magic and re impulse consumers otherwise in another 2 years the title of this article might come true.

To me it seem like the Wii U was rushed to market to beat everyone else. Employing the same strategy MS did with the X360 launch. Like MS they were not completely prepared for this launch with most of their gold mine software coming out later. I mean Nintendo had their top brass coming out saying we didn't know HD graphics required more man power. That's Don Mattrick bad with HD graphics being over an decade old.

s45gr321760d ago

True, but Microsoft released Gears of War during the launch of the PS3 and wii. Nintendo this Christmas Mario 3D land with cat suits, Wii Party U, and wii fit u. Come on are those games megablockbusters or games that will sway gamers to buy a wii u instead of a PS4 or xbox one. No, Mario Kart 8, Xenoblade 2, Bayoneta 2 and Super smash brothers would of been perfect for this Christmas. Those were the games Nintendo needed this year especially during the launch of its rivals.

AWBrawler1760d ago

those game will sway the hell out of the general public tho. we gamers are and will always be the minority

hollabox1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Mario Kart 8, Xenoblade 2, and SMB will help sell systems but if Sony and MS come out guns blazing, I don't think the maturing gaming audience is going to care. Based on software sales, advertisement, and word of mouth, allot of people are just not that excited about what Nintendo is offering besides Nintendo's hardcore fans.

I go in my local Gamestop and I see nobody standing over by the Wii U, half the time the system is not even on. I never seen my local Gamestop, Best Buy, or even WalMart not have Wii Us in stock. So I get why so many articles come out saying the Wii U is dead, or in trouble. There's just not a whole lot of excitement from the general public about the system.

chadboban1760d ago

Last time I checked the Wii U was $349 and $299 for the premium and deluxe respectively, not $399 like the article states. I do think it needs a price drop though, it's price is way too close to the PS4 right now.