Microsoft: Xbox One's Windows 8 Partition Could Be Used For Game Companion Apps

Speaking to OXM as part of today's mammoth feature on Xbox One's operating system design, Microsoft's Boyd Multerer has suggested that the console's Windows-8-based partition could be used to run apps that tie in with games, rather than being used purely for non-gaming features.

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Spoons1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Microsoft has been on fire the past couple weeks!

-Apps used to tie in with games. Good example of this could maybe be a stock market app that ties in with a game world.
-Free Unlimited cloud HDD storage (no need to buy a new hard drive if it runs out of space).
-Every xbox one is a developer kit (no need to buy it), and modding capabilities hinted at.

Am I missing anything?

Godlovesgamers1577d ago

Yeah, you're missing something...

- The Xbox One requires Kinect in order to work, which undoubtedly Microsoft will use to spy on you with and then give the NSA access to all of that information.


But I guess if you're willing to sell out your rights to privacy to just so you can play your favorite games, then no, you aren't missing a thing.

Spoons1577d ago

You're right, Microsoft will "undoubtedly" spy on me playing watchdogs in my living room and give it to the NSA.

Not only is that an unhealthy paranoid/schizophrenic belief but it is completely irrational to think they would want footage of me drinking mountain dew. If you are scared of them seeing you doing something illegal.... Then good, the less criminals the better.

Godlovesgamers1577d ago


I realize you're a little slow and obviously very self important, so let me dumb it down for you so even a small child could understand it...

It's already admitted and widely know that Microsoft gives the NSA access to all of their associated email accounts (live accounts anyone!) and Skype chats and video calls too (hmmm skype is on the 360 and the XB1).

So I realize with those facts laid down that its probably too big of a stretch for you in your deep delusion to think that Microsoft would take that next "huge" step and start spying on you through Kinect outside of your Skype video chats, but that's exactly what's on the table and why this is an anti kinect spying bill in congress. You might of actually know that had you taken the 3 seconds it would've required for you to just read only the headlines of the news stories that I linked in my last message.

Well that's really cool you're willing to just hand over your rights to privacy just because you "don't do anything wrong", but when entities in power take away and violate rights, history shows that they seldom if ever are returned, and I know you think that you're the only person on Earth that matters, but you're not.

If you're so obtuse that you can't even see the greater implications here and youre too much of a spineless sell out to even care, you might want to look into selling your self into slavery, I think it might suit you, Mr. Snark.

Spoons1577d ago

Thank you for your personal attack on me... I didn't realize having a discussion or disagreement made us uncivilized animals. I choose not to engage with you any further as you have disgraced me with your slander.

Godlovesgamers1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )


its a little too late to take the high road and whine about slander with your previous comments veiled insults. But its okay, go on and cry and play the victim here. You choose not to engage in this discussion any further because your argument doesnt have a logical leg to stand on. By the way Emperor, youre new clothes look fantastic.

JokesOnYou1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

You just see the headlines and you assume you know what's going on, YOU preach about rights but your arm chair accusations do nothing, if you were truly a rights advocate you'd be writing your Congressman, marching in Washington DC, and you would dam sure have a better grasp of the scope of this issue which from lack of perspective from your comments doesn't seem to be the case. This is from this is from your first link:

"Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011, but Skype was reportedly cooperating with federal agencies before the acquisition."

"Most disturbingly, one document indicated that the agencies do not need a special request to get information, saying that the relationship with the tech company “means that analysts will no longer have to make a special request to SSO [Special Source Operation] for this – a process step that many analysts may not have known about”.

-Now furthermore it seems that you don't understand that, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Verizon and every large online company has been hit with tons of over-reaching requests from the NSA for private user data, that's not exactly working with them THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT and they usually get what they want because they have subpoena authority. However, Microsoft is one of the leaders in Congress AGAINST these erroneous requests, still the FBI is on record stating they don't need permission if they want to they can spy on your emails, regardless if these companies like it or not. Here read and learn:

-Here this is from an independent site who, tracks these large online companies, evaluate their policies, and analyze their practices to give you an understanding of how treat your online privacy:

"Google and Microsoft have helped advance the public’s understanding of this dangerous and much-abused government power by publishing general information about the numbers of these orders each has received. While these general reports do not provide exact numbers, they provide a small but vital level of public transparency around this secretive legal instrument."

-So I wonder if you really believe in what you say please answer the following intelligently.

1. Unless government produces VALID evidence that the user has or is about to commit a very violent or harmful crime; Is it not in Microsoft's best interest, especially for PR purposes NOT to give private consumer data to the FBI or NSA? In other words what does Microsoft have to gain by giving your data to the NSA?

2. Why would Microsoft testify in Congress against the government overreaching requests for private consumer data, if they are willingly giving it to the government?

3. Do you actually believe Microsoft is going to invest tons of resources ($$$)to monitor millions of users and spy on gamers for countless hours, in the hopes of catching you doing something illegal and why would all these unsuspecting gamers illegal habits be important to a tech company?

4. Where are the results: Victims who have had their lives ruined, lost job, etc.

theWB271576d ago

I'm just waiting on your reply to JokesonYou. Seems his name is quite fitting in this conversation.

drsfinest721576d ago

Give me sources. That state they spying

SITH1576d ago

I hope they spy on me playing Dead Rising 3 while I sit in my comfortable chair in my boxer shorts acting like I give a [email protected]€#.

Evil_Ryu1576d ago

god spies on you you hold that against him

EasilyTheBest1576d ago

Godlovesgamers, are you going to reply to jokes on you or is the joke on you?

CRAIG6671576d ago

@Godlovesgamers - Just to give you the heads up on a couple of points before you deplete the planet of foil hats - xbox one does NOT require an internet connection. Kinect can be paused.

I'll let you figure out the rest.

You know...

Kryptix1576d ago

" June [2011], Microsoft was granted a patent for ‘legal intercept’ technology designed to be used with VOIP services like Skype to ‘silently copy communication transmitted via the communication session."

So why did Microsoft file a patent in 2011 that actually allows them and anyone else to record your conversations? I really don't believe they'll be watching you through Kinect and waste their time but with speech selection, they can record sentences with specific words which can be used for marketing purposes. It's still a breach of privacy. Details in link.

sak5001576d ago


Sounds like you are doing some fapping infront of your console or tv for that matter that's why you are so scared.

Even if it's true MS using kinnect to spy on us then what stops us from putting some cover on the camera when we are not using it in game? Why create such a big deal? Atleast MS shared with some govt agency unlike PSN accounts being disclosed to the whole world.

givemeshelter1576d ago

How's that Tin Foil Hat fitting @Godlovesgamers?

koolaid2511576d ago

Malarkey!!! You people might as well still be living in the stone ages scared of technology lol.

Godlovesgamers1576d ago


First off, you know NOTHING about me, NOTHING.

So where do you get off making assumptions about me not being politically active? No, do please answer...

Oh yeah, that's right, your accusations about me are nothing but baseless assumptions, and my hat is off to you for making such an 'ass' of yourself on this very occasion, Mr Official M$ Spokesperson here on N4G. For your info I've actually written my congressman and senator on a few occasions regarding issues of privacy within just the last year.

Let us now presuppose that I hadn't ever written my congressman and senator, it in no way diminishes the fact that I'm trying to impact change, for the better, and although you seem completely misguided on the subject, one doesn't need to make a trip to Washington and march in a protest to make an impact. And to illustrate just how idiotic that claim by you was, let us turn to the case of Rosa Parks as an example.

Rosa Parks stood up for civil rights by refusing to give up her seat on the bus she was on to a white person (she was a colored person in the white section of the bus). She didn't march to Washington or write/call a congressman or senator, in fact the bus where this occurred wasn't even close to Washington. Rosa Parks made a stand right where she was living at the time, in the state of Alabama.

So go and take your fictitious, self made rules on how to affect change and throw them right out the window, because they mean nothing and they mean nothing because you don't even have a clue as to what you're even talking about.

But your attempt at trying to discredit me and tarnish my person/image in order to prove you're right was decent, but it also reveals the sad and pathetic depths you're willing to sink to just to prove you're right in an argument.

You running for office anytime soon?

Just because "THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT" it doesn't mean that they automatically get whatever they want, businesses like people actually have "RIGHTS" and there are official channels that the Government actually has to go through in order to acquire data from companies who "refuse them access to such information" (it is not the policy of all companies to refuse, in many cases it is the policy of a lot of companies, like verizon, to hand over whatever the government asks of them without a warrant or court order of any kind. You are in fact wrong about Amazon, they actually require a warrant). In such cases they must be granted a warrant from a judge whom they actually have to prove to that they have a legitimate need to acquire said info.

You may not be aware of it but there's thing in place called a "Constitution" and "The Bill of Rights" in place that actually protects the rights and privacy of people in this country, as eroded as they are becoming. So just because you wrote "THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT" in all caps and just because you think it, doesn't mean they have legal 'carte blanche'.

JokesOnYou1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Yeah OK you want me to believe someone who is actually politically involved and given the research data I found in minutes would make such hollow statements, that are unbalanced and worst do it on a gaming site no less. I even examined your link about the politician which links back to his page about the anti-piracy bill, do you know that it was a bill for the law hes proposing NOT specfically targeted at Microsoft that the link you gave editorialized to make it seem as he wrote it simply to go after kinect/microsoft. lol, Yeah, I know you, you're nothing but a fanboy with an agenda.

What Rosa Parks and you are doing is nothing alike, she was a true victim fighting against humiliation and opression; she also did so at great personal risk to her safety, you provided half azz facts and did so anonymously behind a keyboard. You should be ashamed of yourself for even attempting to make such a comparison.

You're terrible I'm not even going to waist my time trying to make sense of your drivel...everyone can judge your motivation for themselves.

JokesOnYou1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Godlovesgamers, Your link from the escapists/warpedzone http://www.escapistmagazine... leads back to this original source, which never even mentioned kinect/microsoft the bill is about new DVR tech the site you link editorialized an created the story to make it about kinect:

"Rep. Mike Capuano (D-MA) and Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) are filing the “We Are Watching You Act” in response to reports that national telecommunications companies are exploring technology for digital video recorders (DVRs) that would record the personal activities of consumers as they watch television from the privacy of their own homes."

This is too easy. Try harder.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141577d ago

Oh wow, another new account.

You guys are popping up like weeds.

Godlovesgamers1576d ago

Says the guy who joined just this past April of 2013.

Im sorry, were you being ironic?

ThatCanadianGuy5141576d ago

I'm talking about Spoons who joined a day ago, and clearly posts with an agenda.

Don't see how one of the numerous day old accounts springing up is at all ironic with my account being months old, but hey, i don't come to N4G expecting rational logic anyways.

B-radical1576d ago

You are like the 9th worst person on this site.........just my opinion tho

1576d ago
tuglu_pati1576d ago


"2 fanboys spinning and trolling so much BS they are getting in each others way."

lol too funny XD

andibandit1576d ago


This from the guy backpatting MariaHelFutura & PopeKazHirai

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SniperControl1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )


Are you trolling for real?

You seem to be missing alot actually. A great couple of weeks?? Its just MS PR BS.

1) Why not just incorperate the app into the game in the first place, freeing up valuble ram and other valuble resources.
2) You will not be able to install games to the "ta cloud", they need to be installed on a local HDD in order to play. "ta cloud" is for saving items such as game saves and documents. Shame on you MS, the X1 only has a non-interchangeable 500gb HDD.
3) 98% of game developement is done on P.C, the X1 will be a debug unit to test unlicensed code. I can see pirates taking advantage of this to run copies.

Fireseed1576d ago

1) Because away from game experiences are becoming increasingly more coveted. (i.e. WoW Auction House, Destiny Companion App, etc)

2) Good Point

3) Sure 98% of it's done on the PC but that's irrelevant because you can absolutely NEVER skip the debug portion of development, and a $2,000 PS4 dev kite is fairly pricey when compared to 500$

KwietStorm1576d ago

lol a stock market app? I think there's a million other apps that I would rather be implemented.

Spoons1576d ago

Exactly, the possibility's are endless. That's the best I can think of however, but I'm just a lowly consumer.

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FlunkinMonkey1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

If you think you're gonna be able to store all your music, films etc that you would on your HDD but on Cloud, you have another thing coming dude..

No chance, they're talking about stuff like saved games.. I think it's a bit ridiculous that you can't change the HDD with the One, but it might be enough space for some people.

Same goes for the AA batteries in the controller, i mean.. What in the actual furrrrk?!!

koolaid2511576d ago

You can plug your external harddrive up to the xbox1 can you do that on ps4?

KwietStorm1576d ago


Of course you can.

NeoTribe1576d ago

The unlimited storage is for save files, which take up hardly any space to begin with. Microsoft is anti modding so you can forget about that. The dev kit won't be useful to you. Do you really think the regular customer is just gonna be able to design and publish games on the xbox one lol. All pretty petty things your trying to hype up.

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Convas1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

If I could run achievement/collectible guides on the side with games, that would be awesome!

Though, my PC and consoles are all on the same desk and I use one screen for gaming and the other for guides as it stands right now.

It's always good to have options though!

Agent_hitman1576d ago

That was MS's last card to revive Windows 8's 50/50 sales in this Post-PC era, embedding Win8 to Xbone..

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