IGN: Wits & Wagers Hands-On

Wits & Wagers is based on the board game of the same name by North Star Games and was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment to bolster the Xbox 360's stable of casual party games. IGN recently tried their hand at an early version of the gambling/trivia mashup and can happily report that it includes dancing.

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wageslave3905d ago

My friends and family love this kind of stuff.

We need more casual, easy games. When they come over, they want to play puzzle games, Brain Challenge -- they _love_ Scene It?

Catan and Carcasonne are big hits here too.

wow4u3905d ago

Hey a trivia game, thats great news. I'll go for that.

Spydr073905d ago

Scene it is pretty fun. It should be updatable via internet to eliminate getting the same questions, though. I have friends who've memorized so many answers it's unfair.