Intelligence is Being Disrespected By Nintendo

Simplistic, easy to pick up and play games have helped the Wii go on to sell 20+ million consoles so far worlwide. Nintendo's strategy of family friendly fun, and simple control scheme looks brilliant. BG21 questions whether or not Nintendo are viewing gamers intelligence as not capable enough to tackle complex, deep, immersive gameplay.

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wiizy3900d ago

plenty of nintendo games have deep gameplay... this must be coming from a sony fanboy or microsoft fanboys... just because a game is not a first person shooter doesnt mean its not involving

Massacre3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

So am I correct when say that you must be a "wii-fanboy" by your logic ? Why is it that whenever someone points out the truth, he gets labled as an "Xbot" or a "Sonydroid". This is silly people.

desolationstorm3900d ago

He was saying that it had to be written by a fanboy because plenty of Nintendo games have deep gameplay. Pikmin, advance wars, zelda and metroid to name a few. Nintendo has always tried to have interestinfg gameplay that is accesiable by a larger market. Its a bit differnt this generation witht he huge casual push, but Nintendo will still put out some games that have deeper gameplay besides in the first year Im ok with Metroid, zelda and mario. Though I would honestly like to see Nintendo create a new ip for this gen that they can have the freedom to really just create a new world.

BeaArthur3900d ago

What an idiotic article. Nintendo did the same thing with the Game Cube. They thought outside the box and tried to market the GC to children. The difference this time around is that this time the Wii has worked in capturing alternative markets. They are not disrespecting gamer's intelligence they are just marketing their product to a different base.

kingme713900d ago

Nintendo is appealing to a different genre of consumers. Ones that don't need 14 buttons and 2 sticks to play games. I'm not sure what the point of this article was, Nintendo is purposely not competing directly with Sony/MS for the hardcore gamer dollar and going after the casual full bore... looks like their strategy is working to me.

bootsielon3900d ago

It's more that people are idiots than Nintendo is disrespecting intelligence. If people keep buying the Wii, they're just proving Nintendo was right: people are morons. But then again, Nintendo wasn't the first to figure that out.

Kemicalbeliefs3900d ago

You know, I'd not bought a game for my Wii since Galaxy came out,
so I decided to treat myself. I went out and bought Barbie Island Princess for my girls, the smiles on their faces for that half an hour was great until they got bored of swinging the pad in the same way for every mini-game.

Nintendo have hit the market with a successful approach but it wasnt really intended for the hardcore gamer so those of us have to get over it.

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