Do You Want Your PS4 to Have a Better Operating System, or Better Games?

Bad Gamers is back, again. This time the increasingly unstable Seb and Dan discuss the PS4′s RAM and how much is thought to be put aside for the OS and why. - PSLS

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Need4Game1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

PhyreEngine 4.0 which help Game making Faster & Better thus making Better Games.

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Cupid_Viper_31541d ago


Lol, buddy you're drunk....Go home!

fr0sty1541d ago

That depends. I know gaming was held back a bit by PS3's OS not supporting cross game chat. Having to use text messages to set up games was a real pain in the ass.

kreate1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

'Sorry guys, MS is investing 1 bil in exclusives this gen. Game over.'

This gen is still ps3/x360.
And ps3 won.
And yes game is over cuz Microsoft gave up.

Next gen is ps4/xone. And the game didn't start yet.

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NewMonday1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

this time Sony are using a full feldged OS based on Unix and shares origins with MAC OS, it has a deep history of development, it's no proprietary XMB

FreeBSD is also lighter on the the system than Windows.

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PSVita1541d ago

@catchmeonthat: get your "facts" straight please

Army_of_Darkness1541d ago

What was that fr0sty?? Gaming was held back because of the ps3's os?!?! Lmao!! Wow bro! That's just retarded talk right there considering cross game chat was never a game changer in the previous gens, nor even this gen?! Yeah, the last of us and god of war 3, uncharted 2 and killzone 2 were all held back because of ps3's os.... this is clearly why ms killed sony this gen right?? :-\

T21541d ago

Lol at the desperation here .. Frosty " using text messages to set up games was a pain" ... Wow u never heard of game invites ? Apparently you never learned to actually use a ps3 ... Did you also know u can turn it on by pushing the big button on your controller?

Elimin81540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Better Operating Games?

madpuppy1540d ago

"Well right now Xbox has a better operating system AND better games. So what does that say about MS? "

MS makes poorly coded, bug riddled software, Their policy of "ship it broken and we will fix it with updates when we get the time" is a well known company policy. MS sells low quality commodity operating systems and software.

This Bill Gates Hero worship just go's a little too far around here. remember, Bill G. is a business genius, not a software one.

gaffyh1540d ago

@Catchmeonthat - How many alternative accounts do you need to create??? Also, how can you talk about exclusives, when neither console is out, and neither of them have confirmed which games are coming out when?

Firstly, the facts are that Sony has consitently proven that they support their systems with exclusives, right from PS1, PS2, and PS3. PS4 will be no exception, there will continue to be loads of exclusives for the PlayStation. If MS can keep up with them, then hats off to them, but I seriously doubt they can put out as much games as Sony can.

Secondly, $1 Billion means nothing when you consider that this is for the ENTIRE generation. That's right, the entire generation, and it probably include marketing costs, exclusive DLC from third parties. It won't last long.

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pedrof931541d ago

Does PSLS knows that the rumour was false ?

ThatCanadianGuy5141541d ago

Page clicks man, it's all about the page clicks.Integrity, honesty, investigative journalism? None of that applies to PSLS

pedrof931541d ago

I'm sorry but I think that PSLS is a very informative website for the PS world.

Or you are maybe refering to whole video-game journalism in general ?

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Heartnet1541d ago

Sony have shown time and time againt here not software developers and the OS for ps3 and vita have been shockingly bad...

the ps3 one is so simple in its design yet so clunky to get around... There hardware manufactures and designers at the heart and thats what theyll be forever...

MS is the exact other way around which is why the 360 even with ads was a lot better fluent experience to use... i didnt feel like killing myself when i wanted to check my achievements as i had to stop playing for 10 mins for to load up...

pivotplease1541d ago

Nah the XMB blew the 360 dashboard out of the water in terms of cohesiveness and aesthetics. So much so that MS had to update their interface into more of an XMB style interface (just with a ridiculous amount of ads and a marketplace for every single medium. Why not merge them?). Cannot speak for the Vita but it reminds me vaguely of iOS with bubbles. As for X1 and PS4, only time will tell, but both look like evolutions of the XMB (with inspiration from social media apps). I expect both to control a little better (or differently?) thanks to kinecton X1 and move/the touchpad on PS4.

T21540d ago

Ten minutes .... Riiight ... With all the ads on xbl u would be lucky to find what you were looking for in ten min.

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Megaton1540d ago

Both is what they have. These aren't mutually exclusive things. Beginning to understand why PSLS is banned from NeoGAF.

bigfish1540d ago

Sack the operating system, give me the games!!! Imagine a metroid prime style fps with ps4 graphics!!! ..... makes me faint just at the thought,,,some things are just too good to ever come true,.

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HammadTheBeast1541d ago

Well, this is Killzone Shadowfall using less than 5 GB.


So.... I don't know. The best of both worlds.

PSVita1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

So you reply to my comment with "eh" and then write the exact same thing....

trancefreak1541d ago

Dang that first pic blew me away thanks for the link.

pedrof931541d ago

Well the others are amazing too.

trancefreak1541d ago

Yeah they are this will be my first PS4 title played when released..

PablitoPaperito1541d ago

Graphix r nice n all but the enviroment is very verry empty in the first screenshot.

Very few polygons being pushed.

High-res textures and cool lighting fx dont make a game impressive.

M-M1541d ago

"Graphix r nice n all but the enviroment is very verry empty in the first screenshot."

Until the player turns around.

Kietz1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Those could easily pass for a 2142 mod of BF3. Not even at its finest, truthfully.
To me, it is not the graphical powerhouse people make it out to be.

Funantic11541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Killzone Shadowfall still looks current gen. And the AI still sucks. You can be right behind your enemy and he still doesn't notice. Compare your images to Crysis 3.

LordNikon1541d ago

It actually looks better than Crysis 3, well... from those screenshots in that link anyway.

And how do you know the AI is bad? Have you played the game yet?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1541d ago

Im sorry, no offense but that was a fail. Im sure C3 looks good on pc max settings but those screens certainly dont show it.

In fact Id be so bold as to say that Crysis doesnt do the cryengine justice.

Funantic11541d ago

@Seathe I did see the gameplay. The AI sucks. The enemy won't notice you unless you're in the direct line of fire or shooting at them. You could walk behind the enemy, lay down, and take a nap. I want next gen AI not artificial stupidity.

LordNikon1541d ago


Could you show me in a link? You made it sounds like a stealth situation, which would justify the AI not taking note of you.

Anyway, what you saw wasn't a representitive of the final product. Only then will i give fair judgements... unlike your overreactions...

edgeofsins1541d ago

The AI is realistic. They have to see, hear, or hear from other AI that you are behind them. You must think Call of Duty AI is good because they are so static they always know where the player is.

That is how it works in real life. You don't just magically know someone is behind you and in the heat of battle not everyone will realize someone is flanking them on there own.

KillZone has some of the best AI this gen. Artificial Intelligence is not about being smart and knowing where the player is. It is about emulating a humans senses and reactions, artificially, in the virtual world and this does that great. They act like real players do. Of course if you don't play on higher settings their reaction time and reactions themselves aren't going to be as smart.

cannon88001540d ago

crysis 3 was held back by current gen consoles and to tell you the truth; it doesn't even look that good. And neither do the characters. Oh and by the way, say hi to The Dark Sorcerer.

This tech demo was still using the engine from beyond two souls and it ran between 30 to 90 frames per second because it wasn't optimized. This stuff is totally doable on next gen consoles, especially the ps4. And before you say that this comparison is not fair because the dark sorcerer is a "small" tech demo and crysis 3 is a game with huge open levels; the xbox 36o and ps3 were able to run it. Both extremely outdated.

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Heartnet1541d ago

Ah those still screens -_-

srsly though i wudnt trust gurelia games just look what they did with kz2... looked amazing at e3 or w.e then at release it was half of what they shown in terms of graphical fidelity

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1541d ago

False. KZ2 wasnt everything they were aiming for but it exceeded the target render in some ways. People should understand what a target renders purpose is.

LordNikon1541d ago

So... you think GG would do that again? Really? You're really reaching there. Anything to make the competetion look bad right?

joeorc1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )


"srsly though i wudnt trust gurelia games just look what they did with kz2... looked amazing at e3 or w.e then at release it was half of what they shown in terms of graphical fidelity"

im my opinion you are talking out your @ss.

An in my opinion, They were the one of the only development studios aside from , ND and just a few other's to reach [email protected] near their target render.

when you state that

"release it was half of what they shown in terms of graphical fidelity"

It maybe your opinion, but it is one i do not even think is a very realistic opinion @ that.

pivotplease1541d ago

Shadowfall looks amazing. I kind of wish those guys at guerilla weren't always under so much stress. First delivering upon E3 2005 and now delivering a system seller in time for launch. Then again... KZ2 was a bit better than 3 so maybe they work better under pressure?

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GribbleGrunger1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Why compromise on either when it's a hypothetical question? Weird.

I want both to be better.

bub161541d ago

seeing as its classed as a games console. GAMES!!!!!

Heartnet1541d ago

Not alright in this generation... why would you get a games console that only plays games when there is a decent enough other console that plays great games and has other multi-media features?

they have to have both... if 1 has they all have to.. and in the recession people want things to have everything as its cheaper that way

Hicken1540d ago

So the PS4 doesn't play music or movies, or surf the web? It doesn't do Blu Ray, DVD, or CDs? It ONLY plays games, right? Not any of that stuff I've listed that Sony's confirmed it does.

Sure glad you cleared that up.

objectivePSfan1541d ago

Simple, both should be better.