Sessler Something Xbox One's Indie Surprise, and is the PS4 RAM Allocation Cause of Concern?

Adam talks about the Xbox One's new look on indie gaming and self-publishing.

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XboxFun1698d ago


So awesome to be a gamer. RAM has become the new Cell.

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Fergusonxplainsall1698d ago


You've hit the nail through the coffin on this. Still people will deny it. (Xbox 1 vs PS4)..(DDR3 vs GDDR5)..

I'm going all out on high numbers today.

I do notice PS fans bring out facts as fast as they can while Xbox fans try to cover up or all out LIE about hard facts. A form of denial.

Silly I guess eh?

MRMagoo1231698d ago

Thats the thing the xboners have not facts to bring up, MS dont even know whats going on how could the fans lol.

HammadTheBeast1698d ago

That's why Maria gets so much hate, he brings out the facts, and they sting so much.

rela82me1697d ago

He doesn't really bring out facts, in fact his largest argument seems to be all graphics based. I can argue the fact that Borderlands 2 has terrible graphics but still better than 70% of the trash that is launching on BOTH systems.

If games were just about graphics than CryEngine would be much more successful. What I can argue is that the Xbox brand has, in two iterations, swept up an entire fanbase from Sony. With seemingly inferior hardware each console. I am not saying that the Xbox One will be the most powerful. Strength is only HALF the battle.

If you focus all your power in one area such a strength you lack in other areas as well. I am not defending the titles on the One, but for the sake of argument, lets look at the ps4 launch lineup. Killzone for instance is a BEAUTIFUL looking game. As far as anything that is groundbreaking in gameplay, I am particularly let down. It in all essence is simply a new story, and a boost in graphics. For some that may be okay, why fix what isn't broken. I'll hand it to Infamous, that is the one game I look forward to when I get my PS4. The game overcomes a lot of technical feats but it lacks in my eyes, at least as of now, some creativity.

That leads me to Microsoft and their strategy. They came out of the gate trying to do something different. Albeit it was probably their worst mistake in since their debut in gaming; but they tried. DRM in it's conception is necessary direction for the industry, but their are less restrictive ways to handle this IMO, than the way that MS handled it.

Anyway to make a long rant short; graphics and RAM do not sell systems, it is their support and features. If MS has all the hardware they need to implement the features they believe that people want, than that very well may be enough for most people. I know that some people just want the hardware with higher numbers. Even though Goliath had all the strength, David had the innovation, cunning, willpower,and intelligence to win the battle.

Skizelli1697d ago

I care about games, not specs. But that's just me.

DatNJDom811697d ago

Adam sessler is such a bot...... He is so biased for xbox that its kinda disgraceful.

ohiostatesman1697d ago

Right on Sessler. Glad someone is able to speak the truth.

morganfell1697d ago

The date something was recorded is no excuse for promoting rumors as fact. Particularly so when you are aware of the truth before your story goes to air. His actions are inexcusable. Shame on you dirtbag Sessler. Another journalistic disservice to the gaming community.

A story passed on as gospel without basis in fact is deceptive seven days a week. Date disclaimers do not excuse what was by the time he published the story a known lie.

A professional journalist would have pulled the story entirely for the sake of integrity and proper reporting to the gaming public. But Sessler's ego had to have it's 15 minutes and he let the incorrect information ride. That isn't reporting but rather publicly urinating on gamers seeking facts.

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dedicatedtogamers1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

No, "the infinite power of the Cloud" has become the new "The powah of the Cell".

RAM has well-documented and easily-understandable benefits.

The delicious irony is that many months ago Digital Foundry (you know, the same folks who ran with the now-disproven 4.5 Gigs for gaming rumor) wrote an article "proving" that Playstation Orbis was a more powerful system with 4 Gigs of GDDR5 than Durango was with 8 Gigs of DDR3+eSRAM. You can find the article here:

So, even though certainly people were eager to latch onto DF's latest RAM rumor, DF was the same source who "proved" a 4 Gig PS4 would be more powerful than an 8 Gig XBox One. And now that we know PS4 has 8 Gigs of RAM...

Like I said, delicious irony. And for the record, my opinion is that DF's original comparison between Orbis and Durango was garbage, but if you're gonna use someone as your source for "proof" in the CoNsOlE WaRzZ then you have to consider everything else they said, too.

RememberThe3571698d ago

Well said. But we all have to admit this is getting out of hand. Most people who are bringing up all these numbers with RAM and the cloud don't actually know anything about what they're talking about. They have no clue how cloud commuting works or how to use memory. They have no clue how basic coding effects all of this. All i see on these posts are a munch of kids with way too much time on their hands, pretending to know things they clearly don't.

dedicatedtogamers1698d ago

@ Remember

Indeed. What's worse is when people don't even check their sources. Digital Foundry "proved" that a 4 Gig PS4 was more powerful than an 8 Gig Xbox One. I think if fanboys knew that, they wouldn't be so quick to rush to Digital Foundry's defense now that the RAM rumor has been debunked.

ohiostatesman1697d ago

It hasn't been disproven. People keep saying this but nothing has been disproven. Sony only states that there is 1gb flexible ram on top of 4.5 gb. Which doesn't mean a thing.

MRMagoo1231697d ago


But it has been dis-proven actual ps4 devs have said they are using 6gb of ram which proves they arent held back to 4 or 5.5 or whatever the next rumor will be.

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Spoons1698d ago


You put on a convincing facade to some, but it's laughable in my eyes. Even your false sense of confidence can't save you as others, even ps4 fanboys on this website, start to see you as the troll you are... And yes Maria, people prove you wrong all day. You are simply so deluded you cannot see past what you want to see. You are outdone in almost every debate I have ever seen yet, for obvious reasons, you fervently denounce it.

NeoTribe1698d ago

Actually no. While people may be annoyed by him, he has the closest to facts you can get really. Much more so than your typical xbot. He surely is a fanboy, but a very well informed factual one. Your true weakness against him is that your trying to defend an inferior product. Xbots can't seem to post any proof of there consoles superiority because there really isn't anything.

sAVAge_bEaST1697d ago

"every great story needs a superhero",, you joined yesterday,. but like all your accounts,. spin the same web.

why don[t you focus on system updates, games, and other things this site is to be used for, and stop focusing on the people that post.

(you are replaceable.)

BABY-JEDI1697d ago

Though Maria trolls, Maria is good at bringing out the trolls. LoL, something akin to a Troll Magnet
; D

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bligmerk1697d ago

Sessler has become a has-been and really needs to go find some other kind of work than just a video game commentator. His palsy is getting worse over time and he might want to look at being just a writer or some other role behind the screen.

Machiavellian1697d ago

Actually Ram is the new battlefront for fanboys to use as weapons against the heathens. You only have to visit this site enough to have read the battle list. After E3 the Sony Fanboys would jump into a thread and list all the advantages that the PS4 had over the X1. First it was that MS spent 3GB and 2 cores for their OS. Next thing you know, we find out that Sony is using 2 to 3GB for their OS and 2 cores for the OS.

Just like any war vet, you hate when you have a reduction in ammunition. This is why we see the lines getting drawn on something that really isn't a big deal to consumers and probably not be a big deal to developers for quite a while.

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GribbleGrunger1698d ago

I don't know what it is about Sessler but I sometimes don't trust him. Yeah, we get it, Sessler, you recorded this on Friday (you went to great pains to nail that home) but you still put this out on the 29th ... Too difficult to edit that section out? And the FUD continues, by a complete accident of circumstance of course

DragonKnight1698d ago

I think he does it so that people can't call him out on mistakes. So if someone were to say to him "Sony clarified it, you're an idiot" he can say "hey, when I filmed this, nothing was clarified." And that way he technically avoids a clusterf*ck of hate like he received for his B.S. about the God of War Ascension trophy.

Madam Sessler is definitely a slick one though. He was one of those people who said Sony didn't clarify their used games policy before E3 when they clearly did.

GribbleGrunger1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Believe it or not, I love Sessler. He's articulate and intelligent and digs deeper into gaming than any other journalist out there, but sometimes, just sometimes, a little incident like this crops up to make me doubt him. This was put up on the 29th. Are you telling me that he couldn't delay the video or edit that section out? Someone desperately wants this out there before the facts are presented.

RememberThe3571698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Sess seems to bite too early some times. The God of War thing you mention, that frankly other people blew way out of proportion (ones guys opinion should not set off a fire storm, kids these days, so sensitive), and now this. He should have known better than to just follow this rumor.

But Digital Foundry have been really credible before now. Eurogamer were the ones who leaked the info on Xbone and PS4.

With this one, however, they blew it. Developers have said over and over again that even their updates are wrong. If anything this entire saga has to be blamed on Digital Foundry; they know how much people trust them and they need to be more careful about the information they relay to their readers.

The editing issue the Gribble bring up is valid though, he should have known better. But maybe he knew it would bring a little more attention pissing off overly sensitive fanboys (they're never misinformed /s).

dedicatedtogamers1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I think Sessler is just getting accustomed to the new "status quo" in gaming journalism (i.e. Xbox One bad, Ps4 good). He spent nearly a decade playing his games predominantly on Xbox 360 (something he openly admits) and he spent the two months from the Xbox One reveal up until the policy reversal taking a very "let's wait and see" attitude for Microsoft yet jumping the gun on any and every negative Sony rumor. This was the guy who said PS4 was "pretty much the same price as Xbox One due to the camera and PS+", making no effort to a) mention the cost of Xbox Live Gold and b) mention that PS+ and the camera in particular are optional, not mandatory.

Not that I agree with the "status quo". I don't think there should be a status quo in journalism. It was dumb when 360 got a free pass while PS3 was constantly berated, and it's going to be stupid when Xbox One gets mocked for dumb reasons while PS4 gets endlessly praised. But as I've said months ago, Xbox One is the new media whipping boy. Some journalists (Sessler) are simply taking a bit longer than others to get the memo.

(and for one final time, I'm not saying that attitude is right. I'm just pointing out that attitude exists).

TheStorm1698d ago

See I love the hell out of Sessler and have since Gamespot TV. But I'm not going to lie, since February with the PS4 reveal it's been pretty clear he's being biased. He said he was not that impressed at the February event for the PS4. Then did the as you said "wait and see". Then when the X1 showed off it stuff at a terrible event, he defended it saying "It's not that bad people are over reacting!"

Then he would jump on any negative of the PS4 but glide over the X1 facts. Then he jumps on "fanboys" saying they are biased yadda yadda. Also ya when he said they were basically the same price, and yet he lambasted the hell out of the PS3 for all these flaws the X1 did.

I think it's pretty clear he's upset MS has fallen from the grace it was once at last generation, and just does not want to face facts. I thought he was above all this crap, but now he just seems to be digging himself into a deeper hole. I've tried calling him out on it as along time fan, but he just ignores it.

RememberThe3571697d ago

Can't really argue that. I try to defend Sess more than most because I feel like his analytical way of talking about games changes whole conversations sometimes. His voice is needed.

But he cannot deny his bias (he does), not when presented with his own history. He wants people to give the Xbone a chance but he doesn't really care about the PS4. If your going to support one support the other, Xbone owners and PS4 owners alike are going to look to him for guidance on what they should buy. If he's more likely, by bias, to recommend the Xbone his viewers need to know that.

He needs to either face the reality of his bias or he's going to be torn apart by fanboys who feel his not giving their system a fair shake. That, or he can just not be bias. You know, like a professional.

TheStorm1697d ago

Ya, also I found it funny during the worst of the X1's coming out party, he made a video just saying "Don't buy any next gen." It's almost like he was saying buy the X1 or none of them.

I've just been very disappointed with what he has been saying. He's almost trying to be "hipster" like and defend the console that is being more attacked by the media, but he was one of the ones attacking the hell out of Sony with the PS3 for the same things. I remember earlier last year he said something like if Sony does a high price again they are screwed. So they don't....and MS does and he now acts like it's not a big deal.

I mean he's such a smart guy, but his emotions are running deep with this, he clearly is letting his ego/bias get in the way of this one. He needs to wake up to that fact. I'm not saying he should bash one or the other, just stay objective then. But he always seems to backhand the PS4 when ever he can, or downplay it, and tell people to give the X1 a chance. And him making up lies like "The PS4 is pretty much the same price with the camera/Plus" When I was thinking the same thing dedicated was...was "Ummm you don't need the stupid camera have to pay for Xbox Live too...and it still costs more." To me he could not be that daft, so I just see it is bias.

Come on Adam if you are reading this, knock it off, it's clear what you are doing.

Crystallis1697d ago

I've noticed that as well with Sessler. I still think hes one of the best but hes clearly shows favor for MS and the xbox.

dendenmooshi1697d ago

Like people have been saying Sessler just has some clear bias.

"The policy must've been worked on for a while; it's not something you can just flip the switch on."

yeah, okay.

I don't mind it that much though. The worst part are just the shills jumping on these topics to push more towards their favor. *Looks at the top of these comments*

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BABY-JEDI1697d ago

Don't be surprised if a lot more media presenters start adding their own version of events to the XBone & Ps4 fan wars for hits & sensationalism.

Funky Town_TX1698d ago

What's all the talk about Indie games. Name one great game made by an Indie dev? I'm serious maybe I played one. It's also funny how 5 gigs is okay now instead of 7 gigs.

mattdillahunty1698d ago

Journey, Braid, Limbo, Super Meat Boy, Flower, Trine 1&2, Amnesia, Super Stardust, Faster Than Light, The Binding of Isaac, Fez, Bastion, VVVVVV, Orcs Must Die....

hell, even Day Z and Minecraft started out indie.

there have been so many unique and phenomenal indie games this gen that it's hard to keep track of them all. indie developers have a lot more freedom (and thus more creativity) to make whatever they want, so there are a lot of gems out there.

and on top of all that, they're usually $5-20 in price.

Fireseed1698d ago

Skulls of the Shogun
Joe Danger
Zeno Clash
Don't Starve

Just to name a few...

Funky Town_TX1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I played the LIMBO demo and it was cool. I still need to get that game. I like how all xbox live arcade games had a demo for the game. I hope xbox one and PS4 both do this.

I loved Trials. I purchased both games HD and Evolution.

specialguest1698d ago

PixelJunk Monsters. Love that game and wishes there was a sequel.

XboxFun1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

You wanna play some great indie games go play Hotline Miami, Gun Monkeys, Night of the Rabbit!

And yes 5 gigs is ok! I mean why wouldn't 5 gigs be okay? It's not like 5 gigs is too small right?

GribbleGrunger1698d ago

Something tells me your reply alert is going to very active.

MysticStrummer1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

"What's all the talk about Indie games. Name one great game made by an Indie dev? I'm serious maybe I played one. It's also funny how 5 gigs is okay now instead of 7 gigs."

Two indie games were legitimate Game of the Year candidates last year, and both won that award from at least a few places, so indies should get more attention next gen. I can't wait to see what devs can come up with on the new hardware.

Even 4GB of GDDR5 is better for games than 8GB DDR3+32MB ESRAM, so yeah 5GB is ok too.

badkolo1698d ago

your delusional , gddr5 is not meant for gaming, i think you will all get a rude wake up call when you realise the ps4 is not going to produce better gfx then the x1

MysticStrummer1698d ago

@badkolo - Google "GDDR5 vs DDR3 for gaming" and do some reading.

JP13691698d ago

I guess Nvidia and AMD are just as clueless, since their graphics cards all use GDDR5. Your level of ignorance is astonishing.

MRMagoo1231698d ago

just ignore badkolo he is like foxgod and a few others ...completely clueless but like to pretend they know what they are talking about, but the ppl that do know what they are talking about can see how stupid they really are within seconds of reading there nonsensical comments.

For you badkolo, gddr ram is made for gaming it is made with high bandwidth to be able to push big textures as fast as possible.

Sevir1698d ago

Lmaooo.... You think they Run Crysis 3 or Battlefield 4 off DDR3 on the PC... The Graphics cards running Battlefield 4 when it was unveiled was a AMD 7990 HD, which sport 6GB of GDDR5... Have a seat F***in you air head ----> _/ ... You haven't the slightest clue of which you speak..

Reverent1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

@badkolo, are you kidding me? GDDR5 is not for gaming? It's literally designed for gaming. God, there really needs to be an "ignorant" debubble option.

This may be cliche of me to say... But never go full retard.

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ALLWRONG1697d ago

@Funky Town_TX stop playing COD once in a while and look at the indie section.

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mrmarx1698d ago

seesler looks like the elves on skyrim lol..