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Both the PS4 and the Xbox One seem more than capable of meeting our gaming and entertainment needs for the next-generation, yet Sony’s objective feature list of the PS4 continues to reveal more value and bells and whistles at a more affordable price point making it simply too hard for gamers to ignore.

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xHeavYx1725d ago

Can't wait to get mine, there are many amazing games coming out already, and I'm sure a few more will be announced at Gamescom

Need4Game1725d ago

PS4 Advantages: Great Value for Playing Games.

NewMonday1725d ago

"Great Value with Clear Cut Edge Over The Competition"

this sums it up.

the power gap the PS4 has over the XB1 is the biggest in a new console launch. Sony has cornered MS on specs, system architecture, box design, 1st party studios, Indy games content and price.

it will take years for the Xbox to recover from this.

Omegasyde1725d ago


Especially the free to play ones. Alot of people are going to be surprised by Planet Side 2 especially now that the kinks have been worked out.

I am wondering what the player count will be on the PS4 during a battle.

" features territory control in an open-world, large battles featuring up to 2000 players per continent on foot or in land/air vehicles."

HammadTheBeast1725d ago

I can't wait to see what Guerilla Games Team 2, Naughty Dog Team 1, Media Molecule Team 1, Quantic Dream Team 2, and Sony Santa Monica Team 1 are up to.

And the rest of the devs of course.

Hopefully we can see something about Deep Down as well at Gamescom, most people have forgotten it.

JunioRS1011725d ago

I wouldn't quite say a "few"

I think they'll announce 1 big game and show gameplay from The Order 1886.

That much would satisfy me for now.

Chaostar1725d ago

With the perception of the consoles being pretty much the same in the eyes of the general public, price is more of an important factor than ever.

slimeybrainboy1725d ago

I bet they'll be a suprising amount of people who think that because multiplayer was free on PS3, that it is on PS4. Those people will see not just $100/£80, they're going to see hundreds in savings throughout the lifecycle.

sincitysir11725d ago

I can't wait for Sony Santa Monica!!! I'm so stoked. I'm saving like crazy. I haven't fed my kids in 2 weeks. One kid is all bones but he signed a contract saying it'll be worth it. It'll be worth it.

Shadowolf1725d ago

Lol! Hilarious, I love it! Now that is some serious sacrifice.

Heisenburger1725d ago

I imagined a skeleton and it gave me a good belly laugh.




Bigkurz851725d ago

Look, I'm primarily a Sony gamer (have every system since the original ps including handhelds) and already have my PS4 pre-ordered. But I've seen way too many "X is the year of the Ps3!" articles this generation to think that Sony somehow has this locked up.

I feel strongly that the ps3 was better than the 360. But worldwide, that didn't quite pan out (essentially equal) and 360 won the USA. So although it seems clear that the PS4 > XB1, you just never know. 360 has a large user base eager to upgrade.

Then again, so did the PS2. And look how that didn't work out.

You just never know.

slimeybrainboy1725d ago

I agree, the only difference is the fact that players now have an online account that they can't convert, they have built up friends lists that they will want to convince to switch too before they make any switch. No-one knows how much weight any of this is going to have.

Also this is the first generation consoles have gone head to head in the same year, and most likely the same month. There is no way to know if people are looking at The Last of Us and thinking I don't want to miss out again. This generation is a complete unknown which I fin really fascinating.

Bigkurz851725d ago

I think you're definitely right about the online-account issue. People might be underestimating the "loyalty" generated by not wanting to lose trophies or achievements.

thechosenone1725d ago

"But worldwide, that didn't quite pan out (essentially equal)."

The fack are you talking about? PS3 outsold 360 WW, check your stats, buddy.

Jaqen_Hghar1725d ago

Well he's saying they're basically equal now but a man would point out PS3 has consistently outsold 360 and that gap will only grow now that PS3 finally surpassed 360. Also 360 had a one year headstart and was cheaper the whole gen sometimes by $200. Now PS has the advantage and those same awesome studios and better hardware (read developer friendly) than they did last gen. Xbox won't have those online advantages because Sony has added the missing features and now has a paywall to keep up. A man is excited to see what Sony can do with a paywall after keeping up with XBL for the most part without one.

Bigkurz851725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

Yes the PS3 has outsold the 360 worldwide, but not by some huge margin. Obviously the 360 had a year head start so the PS3 lead will only grow...but let's not act like it's some HUGE gap.

Also, if we went purely by sold systems, wii dominated. So PS3/360 users would do well to not just go by systems sold.


Also, I just "checked my stats" buddy. There seems to be some disagreement about when the ps3 overtook 360 WW.
-->Says January (based on Games Industry International)
-->Says May (based on VG Chartz)

So by either measurement, Ps3 JUST overtook 360 WW this year sometime. And they're both right around 77M. So "thechosenone," stop acting like you know more than anyone else.

Bigkurz851725d ago

Love the disagrees from the illiterates who don't understand statistics!

Goes to show just how Sony-biased N4G is...when an admitted Sony-only gamer still gets criticized for trying to be fair and bring up facts.

You're just lying to yourself if you don't think it's a let down for PS3 to be essentially tied with 360 sales-wise after last generation. PS2 was the most popular console in history, and the original xbox was a dud. And this generation is STILL so close.

Hicken1725d ago

Stop trying to make it sound like it's about the fanboys.

If you're going to mention that the two systems are nearly equal, you also HAVE to mention that the PS3 is a year younger and has been more expensive the whole time. It's folly to say, "Oh, they sold about the same," because it's not as simple as that.

It also bears mentioning that there are still at least a few years left in the PS3's shelf life, meaning that small lead it now has over 360 is likely to grow.

With all that said, NO ONE literally expects things to be the same from generation to generation. The PS2 being super popular doesn't help the PS3 as much as you think. ESPECIALLY when they things mentioned above- price, being late compared to the competition- are factored in. Add in Microsoft's huge marketing push and the mass market appeal of the Wii, and while it may not have hit whatever their targets were at generation's start, I think Sony would be happy, overall, with what they've done with the PS3.

It's not so much the facts you state that people are disagreeing with. But moreso how you've drawn your conclusions based on only some of them, and not taken into consideration how those facts- and others you didn't mention- also had an effect.

Bigkurz851725d ago

Actually they ARE essentially the same. And consoles have always been compared against the consoles in their generation. And history doesn't tend to care which was first.

n64 came out well after Playstation. Does anyone care? No, because the PS outsold it by a large margin.

Speaking of not using facts, where do you get "there are still at least a few years left in the PS3s shelf life?" Where is this coming from? Why is it any different than the 360?


Let me reiterate. I'm a sony gamer. I have a ps3 and a vita. No 360. No Wii U. I've had a PSX, PS2, and a PSP. I think the ps3 was a better system than the 360 and want Sony to dominate next generation.

But anyone who thinks the ps3 and 360 aren't essentially equal sales wise is just nuts. Obviously you guys posting in this thread ARE a bit crazy / Sony-biased. It's fine.


Also, hicken, i DID mention the 360's year head start in my earlier posts. So whatever.

I'm done arguing with you guys. This all started when "thechosenone" said: "The fack are you talking about? PS3 outsold 360 WW, check your stats, buddy."

They're both around 77M. That's a fact.

JunioRS1011725d ago

Literally the only thing that I could possibly fathom complaining about is the DS4 touchpad, and thumbsticks. The touchpad is neato burrito and all, but I would honestly just NOT have one on the controller. All these new types of inputs for controlling a game just haven't seemed natural to me.

And for the thumbsticks, while they ARE a huge improvement over the DS3 sticks, they aren't truly conCAVE. They are still conVEX, they just have a ridge around the convex part, which just doesn't seem quite as sensible as the 360's sticks. I just wish they were truly CONCAVE.

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