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Submitted by KaptainJ 929d ago | podcast

Episode 26: RPG Time

"What time is it? It's RPG time! We talk about RPGs this week because I DON'T KNOW! After we so courageously discuss what games we've been playing lately, we realize our destinies and talk all about RPGs, from how we feel about the genre, how we feel about the sub-genres, and what our first RPG was to our favorite RPGs, our favorite/least favorite character types, and what kind of RPG we would make if given the opportunity. There are a few questions related to RPGs as well, by the way. RPGs are cool."

- The Game Podunkast (3DS, Culture, Kingdom Hearts 3, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, PC, Project X Zone, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, Retro, RPG Maker VX Ace, Shin Megami Tensei 4, Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles)

strangelove  +   929d ago
Episode 26. You've reached a full season.
KaptainJ  +   929d ago
Now we just need to find a new opening and ending for season 2.
starkfrankie   928d ago | Spam

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