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Things you’ll be able to do with the new PS4 Camera

PS4Home: "Things you’ll be able to do with the new PS4 Camera" (PS4)

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Need4Game  +   801d ago | Funny
You’ll be able to Turn it Off.
pedrof93  +   801d ago

Games with Ps4 camera and Kinect features are interesting. But please don't make a whole library of games that can only be played with motion controls.
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gaffyh  +   801d ago
Honestly, I wouldn't even be slightly surprised if Sony come out at Gamescom, and say "PlayStation On" and the console switches on. They could so easily add this feature into their OS, and they did a similar thing when the Wii U was announced, they came out at their next conference with loads of Vita/PS3 cross play features e.g. LBP2 cross play.
justastranger10  +   801d ago
Too bad no developers are gonna put much use to it. It will have the same fate as eyetoy and PS move. Just another product in Sony's graveyard. MS was smart to include it with Xb1. All developers can take advantage of it. Can't wait to see what the indie developers can do with the Kinect 2.
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ZeroX9876  +   801d ago
Knowing the pulse of the player could be used in horror games to trigger sudden apparition of example, zombies!
when you're the most stressed out, that's when the game pops something out! but just saying. I though that nintendo would use their vitality sensor that way with a game like fatal frame, but they never released the adaptor.
scott182  +   801d ago

I always try to spot your comments on these boards, you say the darndest things...
MRMagoo123  +   801d ago

By "I always try to spot your comments on these boards, you say the darndest things..." you meant dumbest right ? i then agree.

OT i am glad the new ps4 camera isnt packed with the console i dont want there to be forced crappy gimmicks in games just because the camera is there to be used, if a dev has some really good ideas to add with a camera they can add them if they wish ...........but with a mandatory camera like kinect they may feel forced to add crap just because its there.
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N8  +   800d ago
Sometimes I think if I didn't start gaming in the Sega master system and Nintendo era I would like motion control. I just feel like don't ruin a good concept or story on a stupid motion control game.
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DigitalRaptor  +   800d ago
@ Ghost_of_Kuturagi

That's the problem I find with the Xbox loyalists, particularly on here. I don't feel they've really been ones to look at the long term implications of anything. Whilst PlayStation fans were saying and fronting things that ended up being true years later, they just didn't listen and they still don't.

And years down the line is when they find out and flip flop their arguments or pretend that stuff didn't happen. I guess there have been instances that can be called upon alternatively and call me a hypocrite (such as the Cell being an architecture where the cons outweigh the pros - Cell still is fantastic tech, but it wasn't the right choice to make despite the fruits of the Sony's talented studios), but never to the same degree. I can deal with being called a fanboy now if vindication proves itself, which it will. The phrase, "the proof is in the pudding", is and always has been paramount.
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darthv72  +   801d ago
You'll be able to buy it separately. That is both a pro and a con.

The 'pro' is that it keeps the initial cost of the system lower.

The 'con" is devs will know not everyone will have one. So support will be an afterthought like the eyetoy and pseye are now.

I'd rather them make it part of the package. The controller and camera were meant to be together from the beginning.
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Sevir  +   801d ago
That still didn't stop Developers from putting it in there's games across both 3rd party and first... Sure it's a niche market with a niche peripheral but there is and will continue to be support and that's all that matters...

It'll be an after thought for those who would rather spend resources on something else. But that's hardly a con...

if Sony wanted to go totally that way, we would have simply gotten a PS4 with Move controls instead. Thankful for choice...
T2  +   801d ago
This is ridiculous and a popular lie by xbots, you are better than that.
If most 3rd party developers want to put motion control in , why t f would they remove it for ps4 and not integrate with pseye?! That literally makes zero sense
PablitoPaperito  +   801d ago

They removed it so they could cut down price on the console.

They coudve just cut the price, but Sony hasn't got the means to subsidize another 1,000,000,0000 $ (A BILLION BUCKS) for launch alone (assuming 10 million PS4 sold @ full price int he first few months).
Jeff257  +   801d ago
Well Sony can either come out with a great 1st party title that you have to have an eye camera or the Move controllers to use. Make it something people will want and they will buy it. Same goes for 3rd parties. make a game where you have to have it and if it is good enough people will buy the camera for it. Having it included where most of the games either don't work as intended or have some gimmicky add in just isn't reason enough to include it with every system.
Thomper  +   800d ago
It is a shame that Sony didn't include it in the box. As you said, it is unlikely that Devs will spend much time utilising it..... Then again, if it's a multi-platform game, and kinect integration has been built into the game, then they could include ps-eye functionality, albeit scaled back (depending on the level of integration)
r2oB  +   800d ago
Why should the responsibility be forced upon the consumer to pay for a peripheral just so that developers have an incentive to utilize it?

I understand third party developers don't want to waste time and money utilizing a peripheral that people may or may not have. But that doesn't equate to the consumer (that genuinely wants an Xbox One) being forced paying extra for a peripheral that developers may or may not utilize (for anything more than just tacked on features).

The onus should be on Microsoft to first create compelling software and features that makes gamers want to purchase the Kinect 2.0, so that the install base gets to a point that developers want to utilize it. Making it mandatory just shows me that they are passing the responsibility of it's success to the gamer, or it's potential failure to the developers... while taking little to none of the responsibility themselves.

This is just my opinion of course.
UnholyLight  +   801d ago
Who's to say Sony isn't watching either. Both companies can say what they want, who knows what really to believe.
_QQ_  +   800d ago
Fanboys say so because fanboys know everything.
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JunioRS101  +   801d ago
Wow. What an incredibly comedic comment. I actually laughed out loud, and was taken a bit by surprise.

Not only is your comment funny, but it's true, which makes it so much more perfect.

Another perk: Not buy it.

That'll probably be my strategy.
LogicStomper  +   801d ago
Comment of the year! Bravo!
Kydawg  +   800d ago
I can take a picture of my wiener and send it to Carlos Danger!
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corvusmd  +   800d ago
I have feeling this is supposed to be a dig at the Kinect. My spider senses are tingling...however, you can also turn off the Kinect if you so choose..just putting that out there...true it has to be plugged in, but can be turned off. Just making sure that is out there, not sure if you are just pushing a false rumor or don't know this
galest  +   800d ago
or you can secretly tape yourself and your girlfriend having sex like I did
insomnium2  +   800d ago
I've recorded douzens of times when me and my wife are at it. Usually when she really wants something I can have her doing some neat tricks to me on camera.
skept3k  +   800d ago
A lot of the article was just speculation of what "might" be possible.
Relientk77  +   800d ago
Lol nice
Godz Kastro  +   800d ago
That big florescent bulb on the front of control is useless with out it. Devs will have to ask themselves is it worth implementing features for something they are not sure the gamer has. Its hard to get traction on a peripheral that way. MS did the right thing and im backing them 100%.

Not trolling on PS4, im just stating fact.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   800d ago
My PS3 Eye is on every time I turn my system on. I have still yet to have the NSA knock on my door. If people are that paranoid just face the camera toward a wall and be done with it.

Having a guaranteed camera on every system makes me think developers will use it more. Not a lot of third parties add Move or Kinect support when it's optional.
insomnium2  +   800d ago
You sir are the epitomy of x360 fanboys on this site back in 2006-2009. The very few first comments you have made with this account draws a clear picture of said times. Pure gold!
Godz Kastro  +   800d ago
Preach it brother Crab!
THC CELL  +   801d ago
Not my lead hype for ps4 but I will support the cam for chat and games for myself and kids
Abash  +   801d ago
I'll get it later on, I love having the option of getting it a while after I buy my PS4.
SignifiedSix91  +   801d ago
And that's why there will be little to no support for it.
MRMagoo123  +   801d ago

Who cares how much support a camera gets for games??? i would rather no game support for the camera than have crappy gimmicks added to games cos the camera is forced on you. If you cant see that then maybe stop posting.
JamieL  +   800d ago
@ MRMagoo123
LOL, your one of those "Man will never fly", "electricity will never work", "Let's keep everything the exact same so I can be comfortable" type people huh? Let's not try anything new that may move the industry forward, I want everything just how it is, so I can have my familiarity. I'm glad people like you don't really get your way or we would still be playing Pong.
SignifiedSix91  +   800d ago

But then that's just money wasted for Sony on R&D for the controllers light bar and the camera as well.
Godz Kastro  +   800d ago
If it was up to N4g, we'd be using controllers all the way into the year 2050. Sometime boundaries have to be pushed otherwise the industry would die. PS4/X1 are contending with more than just each other. We have to make advances for the better of console gaming period.
dboyc310  +   801d ago
Before the attacking begins lets just say that both the PS4 camera and Kinect will offer similar experiences. Hopefully developers get creative and use it in cool ways. I honestly can't wait to see if oculus drift becomes compatible with the devices. Imagine playing Outlast with the ps3 pulse headset on the PS4!! This upcoming game should be interesting
Jeff257  +   801d ago
I am loving the Pulse elite. I really wish more games besides The Last Of Us and Bioshock Infinite got downloadable settings for it. Both bring out so much in the game that I would miss even with regular surround sound.
TheUndertaker85  +   800d ago
GTA V is getting custom audio settings. Hopefully GT6 does also.

JamieL  +   800d ago
Well anything cool the PS4 camera gets will be thanks to MS making it standard. You know, I think Sony did play this one right. They don't include it with the PS4, yet all the new stuff they make for Kinect that works, they can take and use on their camera, so Sony takes no risk (or has no balls if you ask me), and get to reap any rewards that may come about from having a camera system. Smart, but if MS did this it would be a "shady business practice", and everyone would post how much they hate MS and how bad they suck for being so shifty, but this is Sony so by not including it, Sony is the best for giving me less, with people are claiming that this gives them “more options”, and is not ripping the customer off, like MS.
Godz Kastro  +   800d ago
I'm sorry but they are two different animals so experience will be completely different.

The playstation eye watches light on control.

The kinect detects entire body and hand gestures.

Not saying one is better than the other just stating the differences.
Jeff257  +   800d ago
The PSeye can also do facial recognition and body and hand gestures as well. I don't know about body tracking but it will do head tracking like the Eye for PS3 did. A couple of the lightroom demos for PS4 show hand gestures being tracked. One to swipe at the bots and another to bat at a flying orb thing.

Anyway Sony doesn't really need to copy anything MS does with Kinect. They have been developing the camera functionality for gaming long before MS decided to buy the company that developed Kinect. They had the eyetoy on PS2 with some very simple hand and body movements to control games. Then realized that for some games you need controls. So they developed the eye and Move for PS3. Now the new Eye camera can use Move, the light bar in the PS4 controllers, and even more functionailty than in previous gens. I can't even begin to imagine how much money they have spent just on R&D since the eyetoy though to being us to what they offer now. Final step will be to develop games that do require the Eye and be good enough for people to want it enough to buy it.
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supraking951  +   801d ago
You'll have the ability to not purchase it unlike some other company...
corvusmd  +   800d ago
which is why it will never get support, never advance, and Sony will always fail to innovate. They will always be a gen behind relying on tired exclusive and paper specs. The smartest thing that Sony does is put out JUST enough specs to make people that know nothing about how gaming systems work THINK that they are getting the best system...then sit back and say nothing and let fanboys do all their marketing for them...that way PS fanboys can bash/lie/spread false rumors/troll away and try to destroy the competition while Sony can sit back quietly with clean hands...then once Sony fanboys have staked their entire reputation on supporting the PS4...slowly release the real specs and details so that now PS fanboys don't want to switch stance because they are too committed...which is what we are seeing now...PS fanboys lashing out on anyone that doesn't bash XB1 every chance they get or praise the PS4 like the second coming...it's all defense mode now. Time will fix it.
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arkard  +   800d ago

Funny how last generation was all about paper specs. People going on and on and on about the ps3 being to difficult and xbox having better ram. Go ahead and throw everything you have into unproven tech. OMG the cloudz will work miracles and turn my xbox1 into a super computer!! How about the kinect2 OMG it will read my pulse and blood flow! Trust me it will not do so accurately. They have medical equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars that can not do this accurately, yet a 100$ camera can? That's the funniest thing I have ever heard!

And specs? Sony has been very forthcoming with specs. We got caught up in a rumor and ran with it, it wasn't Sony's fault. Its not only Sony fanboys that run with the rumors. Lets not forget the millisecond the ram rumor came out Xbots went crazy with it. How about the 7 minutes of recording for Xbox1 that was proven false as well. Both rumors were ran with by xbots.

We can agree on one thing, time will fix it. Time will show that Kinect is still a gimmick, and the cloud isn't everthing it was supposed to be.
JamieL  +   800d ago
Which only means it would be completely useless, but because of that "other company" it may actually get some uses.
classic19  +   801d ago
forget the cameras for both systems , games plz
LOGICWINS  +   801d ago
LOL, then why are you here?
Jaqen_Hghar  +   801d ago
to tell people that of course. Now get away from this article.
NeoTribe  +   801d ago
To express his dislike for the peripherals at hand... why are you here?
Darkfist  +   801d ago
i dont care about the camera, i want remote play with all ps3/ps4 games, REMOTE PLAY.
RobbyGrob  +   801d ago
playhouseent  +   801d ago
We're using the PS4 Eye for accurate head-tracking. Combined with the PlayStation Move for two handed motion controls, the experience is quite enjoyable. Check out an early tech demo we put together to showcase these PS4 features:


Related video
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PSVita  +   801d ago
Wow they need to make The Fight 2
Lboogieskells  +   801d ago
Good job
edonus   801d ago | Spam
guitarded77  +   801d ago
Take pictures of your stuffs.
Bigpappy  +   801d ago
You are assuming it has that level of magnification.
Exiled_Samurai   801d ago | Spam
guitarded77  +   801d ago
:( Yeah... I have small stuffs.

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iceman06  +   801d ago
You didn't know...the PS4 Eye is also and electron microscope as well!!!
Bigpappy  +   801d ago
You are a good sport.
avengers1978  +   801d ago
I will pick up a camera a little after launch it seems interesting, but I want to see more of its abilites before purchasing it. Got to love the option
badkolo  +   801d ago
its not a option, its the death of the camera, no one uses that crap when its a option, some buy it, some dont and then it dies, thats why the x1 and kinect will kill the ps4 dead.
greenlantern2814  +   801d ago
Don't think so. Kinect is not some great game changer it is in fact hurting ms as much as helping them. The only reason they are making it mandatory is because they spent a lot of money developing it and are afraid if it was optional hardly anybody would buy it.
That's why you see just as many people saying they want it takin out as you see people who think it is going to be great.
NeoTribe  +   801d ago
There both lame for gaming for the most part. Only diff is xbox pumps all there resources into it. Sony knows its not what most want so theh spend there money on first party games. Thats why we have super titles like tloa and uncharted, while you have kinectamals and tons of broken unplayable games. Sonic freerider anyone? Geg a life man, quit acting like you use that thing.
Tatsuya  +   801d ago
lol wtf are you smoking? If anything, your pos xbone will be killed by the PS4. Mark my words :)
We have already seen the little signs of it, you keep on trolling and I'll keep on laughing. To think that'd you learn that Microsoft is doing a 180 because SONY is doing all the right thing. But you're just a funny troll. I guess you're not smart enough to understand.
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rezzah  +   801d ago
Seems cool, but I'll wait for some more interesting stuff before considering to get it.
ElementX  +   801d ago
Interesting stuff won't come because people like you waiting to buy it so it has no user base. Why would developers waste their time?
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rezzah  +   801d ago
If I had some money to bleed I'd get it day one with the PS4, but I don't.

What you say is true, but it also works vice versa. Looks like my decision will seemingly be 1 extra loss for both sides.
JamieL  +   800d ago
See man I think you're wrong about this. I think all Sony has to do is sit and watch what Kinect's breakthroughs are then apply them to their camera if they catch on. They can reap the benifits without any of the risk. They are playing so safe this gen and taking no risk of their own, but get praised on N4G for their innovation for not including a camera it in the console. I also feel Sony only removed it solely to be the cheaper console. I’m not sure how that is an innovative strategy, but Sony has to scramble to be successful this gen. They can’t afford another PS3 (financially not game wise).
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HugoDrax  +   800d ago

Sony's camera is not the same as Microsofts camera. So I doubt Sony can just sit and watch what KINECT breakthroughs are and apply them to the eye. The eye doesn't even have a 720p lens, while KINECT 2.0 has a 1080p lens. We are talking about two different pieces of hardware.

Microsoft's camera is way more advanced than Sonys offering, because that is apart of Microsoft's focus. While Sony decided not to invest heavily into developing Eye more than it is. Eye is just a web cam in the grand sense of things. While KINECT 2.0 is pushing the envelop of what a camera for motion gaming can be.

JamieL  +   800d ago
@ AuricGoldfinger
I realize that I guess I should have said "if it's possible with their tech they will use it in their games as well". I am not one of those clowns that think they are the same things, but if the Kinect inspires a developer to do something amazing with it, and comes up with a concept that really takes off and Sony can emulate that feature with their hardware they will. They take NO RISK, but position themselves to be able to counter and emulate MS, maybe.
Bigpappy  +   801d ago
Aah the camera. Almost forgot about these things. It is almost like the only conversation about the camera is how to disconnect it.

But alas, the camera is sooo very important. Sony has something up its sleeve that they are sure will help them compete in 'the camera war'. I think they should both get started already. I think we are about to see some really cool stuff from both camps.

The fact that Sony will not have theirs with every PS4 though say that they are not going to implement there to the level M$ intends to go. They are not prepared to match M$ blow for blow, and give developers the kind of tools that would make this camera enhance all PS4 games. But I suspect that they will again go the way of the MOVE and have developers, who want to, just add move support.

I also believe, that along with MOVE support, they will have some camera only games and navigation support. I think if the camera has these choices I just listed, the PS crowd will buy them like hot cakes just not to be left out of what X1ers are toying with.
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T2  +   801d ago
I agree with all that except the end... I bet less than 50 percent of gamers regularly use any motion control this gen ... And its still a niche market
edonus   801d ago | Spam
PablitoPaperito  +   801d ago
PS4 camera > Kinect
Exiled_Samurai   801d ago | Spam
Izzy408  +   801d ago
Maybe at spying. The PS-Eye has two cameras and a mic. Which is the NSA's wet dream...... Well, at least according to PS fanboys.
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leogets  +   801d ago
I'm sure u know about the government spying on people through laptop cameras,which is why people tape them up,also they can listen in on people through a turned off mobile phone,only way to stop it is removing the battery as well.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   801d ago
stero scopic camera and sound,,. is different than a

heart rate monitor , mood detector, super night vision, logo's detector, how many watching a movie.

Major point,,,,, O/P/T'I'O'N'A/ L
Izzy408  +   801d ago

Good point. I guess the Kinect is a lot better.
thebudgetgamer  +   801d ago
PSEye = Kinnect in crappiness.
Rhinoceros  +   801d ago
MultiConsoleGamer  +   801d ago
I have no interest in the ps4 camera and I do not want another camera in my home.
Bigpappy  +   801d ago
Not even an ipad, laptop or phones for the kids? Are you from Pennsylvania or Texas?
MultiConsoleGamer  +   801d ago
Those cameras are not positioned on the top of my TV in the center of my living room.

Posted from my iPhone.
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ThisIsSolidSnake  +   801d ago
Pros and Cons of PS4 and Xbox One.


Con-Xbox One
shibster88  +   801d ago
I will never buy the ps4 camera that sorta gaming reminds me of the wii u.........I hate the wii u and the moving limbs to control stuff is naff, thats my opinion as a free person.
I sit on my sofa and lean forward elbows on knees with a beer and pringels,that's how I game and proper 70% of people aswel......But with whisky or vodka or some other edible snack or sandwiches so on so fourth.
T2  +   801d ago
Haha so true but you can lean back for the slower games ... Also you forgot cookies they rule
iiwii  +   801d ago
And my favorite: peanuts or cashews... It's quick to pop a handful in your mouth between rounds.
Maldread  +   801d ago
I still havn`t seen anything yet that makes me want to buy the Eye or an Xbox with Kinect, so i think both have to show more why we need cameras.

With that said, i like Sony`s approach better becuase i can still pick it up at a later time if something truly great comes along.

For multiplatform games i think developers will add similar featchures for the Eye if they`re also doing them for Kinect. So i don`t think Sony will suffer too much for not bundling the Eye with every PS4. Even though they`ll do some PS4+Eye bundles.

It would make sense to use the same or similar tech for both consoles with the machines and the cameras being a lot more alike than PS3 and 360.

Perhaps Xbox One will have an advantage with exclusives using more of the camera in the future since it`s with every console, but i`ve seen nothing impressive so far. Which is strange when they want you to pay 100 dollars extra for it. They need to show something to justify the extra price asap if you ask me.
#18 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Funky Town_TX  +   801d ago
M$ really does need to show something. As soon as they do everyone will complain that M$ does not care about hardcore gamers. Before this gen people said the first xbox was too hardcore, and now people complain about the casual games. It would be better if the M$ haters and the Sony haters would only focus on what they love. As of now I may get a PS4 first because of the $500 xbox one price tag.
iiwii  +   801d ago
I think people say that about the casual gamer because a lot of us have a Wii sitting collecting dust for years. It gets dusted off when you have company come over (you know the people who don't care about playing shooters for hours on end).

I like that Sony gave us the choice, but I kind of wish they would find a way to include the camera. And let me clarify that. In no way do I like motion gaming as it has existed in the past. There were some "oh that's cool" moments, but it fizzled out fast for me. What I do think is that if developers all have it as a common ground, they MIGHT just be able to get creative with its uses, so that it becomes so subtle that you don't realize how it is actually influencing your game.

In no way to I want to wave my hands or feet around to make things happen on screen, but there are some things it could do that would be kinda cool like snapshot of your face to put onto your in game character or something. I don't know. Overall, it is just a bit gimmicky to me, and more aimed at kids, but that doesn't mean some dev couldn't really revolutionize the way it is used.

Sony will include The Playroom demo with all PS4's so some people may get intrigued enough to buy the camera. Plus the demo is set to be expanded before launch. Here was the demo shown at E3:

Maldread  +   800d ago
nky Town_TX, yeah i`m sure some people will complain if Microsoft shows off Kinect games, because it`s not exactly what they want to see. I was expecing them to show off some Kinect games at E3 to be honest to jusify why we do need the camera for games and not TV, TV, TV, TV.

I guess with the backlash they got after the first presentation, they didn`t want to risk E3 by showing Kinect games. But that means they still havn`t shown why we should pay 100 dallars extra for it. Something they have to do pretty soon if you ask me.

Agree with you too iiwii. I`m not ruleing out an PS Eye yet, but still a bit to gimicky for me too ;)
gamertk421  +   801d ago
$60 afterthought or $200-300 beast? I'll go for the latter, thanks.
#19 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Maldread  +   801d ago
And what mindblowing experiences has this beast shown so far?
Jaqen_Hghar  +   801d ago
$60 afterthought that will do everything the 200-300 beast will do with easy porting. Seriously the camera will have a little less resolution so what? Is a dev going to use heart rate and blood flow in a game? A man doesn't think so what a waste from MS.
G20WLY  +   800d ago
As an XBoner you won't have a choice to "go for" it or not... ;P
xActionBasturdx  +   801d ago
PS eye is ok, but it will fall into the same boat with all other playstation peripherals...dusty and unwanted therefore devs arent going to waste resources on a product that a lot of people wont have. The last peripheral that playstation came out with that was worth a damn was the mulitap for ps2...just saying

I do want to see it do good though so can feel compelled to get it somewhere down the line. I just hate seeing good hardware go to waste
#20 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
badkolo  +   801d ago
yes but if they included it like the planned it would succeed, now they removed it and we are stuck wioth glow sticks that cant be turned off .
xActionBasturdx  +   801d ago
Agreed...i can respect m$ for making it mandatory to have the kinect. And whether people like it or not it will benefit all X1 users in the long term
G20WLY  +   800d ago
"wioth glow STICKS"? wtf are you talking about...? :/

Hey, did you know the lights on the controllers are used for players to differentiate who is who? Cool feature!

And camera NOT required...choice is a good thing ;)
shibster88  +   801d ago
200/300 beast sorry your wrong the ps4 is 399 ish tut you wolly
killcole  +   801d ago
Gather dust on your shop floor. You know, because it will never make it to the consumer home...
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   801d ago
at least there's an option not to have it.
killcole  +   797d ago
I want it. I'm not afraid of new tech.
badkolo  +   801d ago
ps4 wont have a cam included and it will die a painful death like every optional camera on the playstation, but at least theyu got a glowstick on their controller, this is why ms was smart to include a real camera with every system, its why we will be doing things that you guys wont be doing, day 1 we can all skype and play games at same time, but you guys wont, we will be controlling our system with it, you wont, we will have features for kinect in any game they want because every one has the cam, not so on ps4, so troll away kiddies but the ps4 is looking worse and worse when reality sinks in, all you guys had was drm and daily checkin and now that ms reversed that we have the better system, better games and kinect included which will add to more things to do with our system, this winter will be a blast for us x1 owners while you guys realise you guys cant do much with the ps4
Mrgolden79  +   801d ago
This is what I call blind devotion...just play games no need to compare dick sizes.
Funky Town_TX  +   801d ago
Same can be said about the SDF.
Grindlefly  +   800d ago
I like to play a game and do just that. I don't want to Skype at the same time. My game time is precious these days with family/kids. Why would I wanna waste that time not gaming?
kingPoS  +   801d ago
Take 3D pictures and video?
naiyo  +   801d ago
People that like to buy the camera later = Developers won't support it. Might as well say, I'm never buying it because Developers won't put it in any of my favorite games, like the Move.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   801d ago
devs will be supporting Kinect because it's included. A man would think camera and microphone features will be easily ported to PS4camera
BattleTorn  +   801d ago
To be completely honest, I won't get the PS Eye immediately simply because I'm getting both consoles - and I already have one peripheral being forced on me, that I likely would've have bought at launch.

I may end up getting it if they focus on the Sharpshooter - I enjoyed the Move mostly because of that.
Also, (now that I think of it) another HUGE motivator will be because the existing devices are compatible!!
#26 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
RavageX  +   801d ago
I just want a proper boxing game. No kiddie silliness, no gimmicks. Just plain ol' boxing.

I also would like a better version of EA Sports Active. Those two things alone would have me as a customer.
YodaCracker  +   801d ago
Whatever it will do, it will be less than the Kinect. Even putting hardware differences aside, considering these are very different devices, the mere fact that the camera will not be included with every PS4 unit means that most developers will not take advantage of it. They may as well drop support entirely if they are not going to bundle it with every console. At least have a $449 bundle that comes with the camera.
#28 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Blackcanary  +   800d ago
I bought PS EYE when it first came out for the ps3 and i still use it to this day and i bought ps move which i still use. now i know that ps move works with the PSEYE4 and that the PS4 comes with Playroom i want the camera.
NextGenGamer85   800d ago | Spam
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