Things you’ll be able to do with the new PS4 Camera

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Need4Game1759d ago

You’ll be able to Turn it Off.

pedrof931759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )


Games with Ps4 camera and Kinect features are interesting. But please don't make a whole library of games that can only be played with motion controls.

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gaffyh1759d ago

Honestly, I wouldn't even be slightly surprised if Sony come out at Gamescom, and say "PlayStation On" and the console switches on. They could so easily add this feature into their OS, and they did a similar thing when the Wii U was announced, they came out at their next conference with loads of Vita/PS3 cross play features e.g. LBP2 cross play.

justastranger101759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Too bad no developers are gonna put much use to it. It will have the same fate as eyetoy and PS move. Just another product in Sony's graveyard. MS was smart to include it with Xb1. All developers can take advantage of it. Can't wait to see what the indie developers can do with the Kinect 2.

ZeroX98761759d ago

Knowing the pulse of the player could be used in horror games to trigger sudden apparition of example, zombies!
when you're the most stressed out, that's when the game pops something out! but just saying. I though that nintendo would use their vitality sensor that way with a game like fatal frame, but they never released the adaptor.

scott1821759d ago


I always try to spot your comments on these boards, you say the darndest things...

MRMagoo1231759d ago


By "I always try to spot your comments on these boards, you say the darndest things..." you meant dumbest right ? i then agree.

OT i am glad the new ps4 camera isnt packed with the console i dont want there to be forced crappy gimmicks in games just because the camera is there to be used, if a dev has some really good ideas to add with a camera they can add them if they wish ...........but with a mandatory camera like kinect they may feel forced to add crap just because its there.

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N81758d ago

Sometimes I think if I didn't start gaming in the Sega master system and Nintendo era I would like motion control. I just feel like don't ruin a good concept or story on a stupid motion control game.

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DigitalRaptor1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

@ Ghost_of_Kuturagi

That's the problem I find with the Xbox loyalists, particularly on here. I don't feel they've really been ones to look at the long term implications of anything. Whilst PlayStation fans were saying and fronting things that ended up being true years later, they just didn't listen and they still don't.

And years down the line is when they find out and flip flop their arguments or pretend that stuff didn't happen. I guess there have been instances that can be called upon alternatively and call me a hypocrite (such as the Cell being an architecture where the cons outweigh the pros - Cell still is fantastic tech, but it wasn't the right choice to make despite the fruits of the Sony's talented studios), but never to the same degree. I can deal with being called a fanboy now if vindication proves itself, which it will. The phrase, "the proof is in the pudding", is and always has been paramount.

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darthv721759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

You'll be able to buy it separately. That is both a pro and a con.

The 'pro' is that it keeps the initial cost of the system lower.

The 'con" is devs will know not everyone will have one. So support will be an afterthought like the eyetoy and pseye are now.

I'd rather them make it part of the package. The controller and camera were meant to be together from the beginning.

Sevir1759d ago

That still didn't stop Developers from putting it in there's games across both 3rd party and first... Sure it's a niche market with a niche peripheral but there is and will continue to be support and that's all that matters...

It'll be an after thought for those who would rather spend resources on something else. But that's hardly a con...

if Sony wanted to go totally that way, we would have simply gotten a PS4 with Move controls instead. Thankful for choice...

T21759d ago

This is ridiculous and a popular lie by xbots, you are better than that.
If most 3rd party developers want to put motion control in , why t f would they remove it for ps4 and not integrate with pseye?! That literally makes zero sense

PablitoPaperito1759d ago


They removed it so they could cut down price on the console.

They coudve just cut the price, but Sony hasn't got the means to subsidize another 1,000,000,0000 $ (A BILLION BUCKS) for launch alone (assuming 10 million PS4 sold @ full price int he first few months).

Jeff2571759d ago

Well Sony can either come out with a great 1st party title that you have to have an eye camera or the Move controllers to use. Make it something people will want and they will buy it. Same goes for 3rd parties. make a game where you have to have it and if it is good enough people will buy the camera for it. Having it included where most of the games either don't work as intended or have some gimmicky add in just isn't reason enough to include it with every system.

Thomper1758d ago

It is a shame that Sony didn't include it in the box. As you said, it is unlikely that Devs will spend much time utilising it..... Then again, if it's a multi-platform game, and kinect integration has been built into the game, then they could include ps-eye functionality, albeit scaled back (depending on the level of integration)

r2oB1758d ago

Why should the responsibility be forced upon the consumer to pay for a peripheral just so that developers have an incentive to utilize it?

I understand third party developers don't want to waste time and money utilizing a peripheral that people may or may not have. But that doesn't equate to the consumer (that genuinely wants an Xbox One) being forced paying extra for a peripheral that developers may or may not utilize (for anything more than just tacked on features).

The onus should be on Microsoft to first create compelling software and features that makes gamers want to purchase the Kinect 2.0, so that the install base gets to a point that developers want to utilize it. Making it mandatory just shows me that they are passing the responsibility of it's success to the gamer, or it's potential failure to the developers... while taking little to none of the responsibility themselves.

This is just my opinion of course.

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UnholyLight1759d ago

Who's to say Sony isn't watching either. Both companies can say what they want, who knows what really to believe.

_QQ_1758d ago

Fanboys say so because fanboys know everything.

1759d ago
JunioRS1011759d ago

Wow. What an incredibly comedic comment. I actually laughed out loud, and was taken a bit by surprise.

Not only is your comment funny, but it's true, which makes it so much more perfect.

Another perk: Not buy it.

That'll probably be my strategy.

LogicStomper1759d ago

Comment of the year! Bravo!

Kydawg1758d ago

I can take a picture of my wiener and send it to Carlos Danger!

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corvusmd1758d ago

I have feeling this is supposed to be a dig at the Kinect. My spider senses are tingling...however, you can also turn off the Kinect if you so choose..just putting that out there...true it has to be plugged in, but can be turned off. Just making sure that is out there, not sure if you are just pushing a false rumor or don't know this

galest1758d ago

or you can secretly tape yourself and your girlfriend having sex like I did

insomnium21758d ago

I've recorded douzens of times when me and my wife are at it. Usually when she really wants something I can have her doing some neat tricks to me on camera.

skept3k1758d ago

A lot of the article was just speculation of what "might" be possible.

Godz Kastro1758d ago

That big florescent bulb on the front of control is useless with out it. Devs will have to ask themselves is it worth implementing features for something they are not sure the gamer has. Its hard to get traction on a peripheral that way. MS did the right thing and im backing them 100%.

Not trolling on PS4, im just stating fact.

GiantEnemyCrab1758d ago

My PS3 Eye is on every time I turn my system on. I have still yet to have the NSA knock on my door. If people are that paranoid just face the camera toward a wall and be done with it.

Having a guaranteed camera on every system makes me think developers will use it more. Not a lot of third parties add Move or Kinect support when it's optional.

insomnium21758d ago

You sir are the epitomy of x360 fanboys on this site back in 2006-2009. The very few first comments you have made with this account draws a clear picture of said times. Pure gold!

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THC CELL1759d ago

Not my lead hype for ps4 but I will support the cam for chat and games for myself and kids

Abash1759d ago

I'll get it later on, I love having the option of getting it a while after I buy my PS4.

SignifiedSix911759d ago

And that's why there will be little to no support for it.

MRMagoo1231759d ago


Who cares how much support a camera gets for games??? i would rather no game support for the camera than have crappy gimmicks added to games cos the camera is forced on you. If you cant see that then maybe stop posting.

JamieL1758d ago

@ MRMagoo123
LOL, your one of those "Man will never fly", "electricity will never work", "Let's keep everything the exact same so I can be comfortable" type people huh? Let's not try anything new that may move the industry forward, I want everything just how it is, so I can have my familiarity. I'm glad people like you don't really get your way or we would still be playing Pong.

SignifiedSix911758d ago


But then that's just money wasted for Sony on R&D for the controllers light bar and the camera as well.

Godz Kastro1758d ago

If it was up to N4g, we'd be using controllers all the way into the year 2050. Sometime boundaries have to be pushed otherwise the industry would die. PS4/X1 are contending with more than just each other. We have to make advances for the better of console gaming period.

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Thatguy-3101759d ago

Before the attacking begins lets just say that both the PS4 camera and Kinect will offer similar experiences. Hopefully developers get creative and use it in cool ways. I honestly can't wait to see if oculus drift becomes compatible with the devices. Imagine playing Outlast with the ps3 pulse headset on the PS4!! This upcoming game should be interesting

Jeff2571759d ago

I am loving the Pulse elite. I really wish more games besides The Last Of Us and Bioshock Infinite got downloadable settings for it. Both bring out so much in the game that I would miss even with regular surround sound.

TheUndertaker851758d ago

GTA V is getting custom audio settings. Hopefully GT6 does also.

JamieL1758d ago

Well anything cool the PS4 camera gets will be thanks to MS making it standard. You know, I think Sony did play this one right. They don't include it with the PS4, yet all the new stuff they make for Kinect that works, they can take and use on their camera, so Sony takes no risk (or has no balls if you ask me), and get to reap any rewards that may come about from having a camera system. Smart, but if MS did this it would be a "shady business practice", and everyone would post how much they hate MS and how bad they suck for being so shifty, but this is Sony so by not including it, Sony is the best for giving me less, with people are claiming that this gives them “more options”, and is not ripping the customer off, like MS.

Godz Kastro1758d ago

I'm sorry but they are two different animals so experience will be completely different.

The playstation eye watches light on control.

The kinect detects entire body and hand gestures.

Not saying one is better than the other just stating the differences.

Jeff2571758d ago

The PSeye can also do facial recognition and body and hand gestures as well. I don't know about body tracking but it will do head tracking like the Eye for PS3 did. A couple of the lightroom demos for PS4 show hand gestures being tracked. One to swipe at the bots and another to bat at a flying orb thing.

Anyway Sony doesn't really need to copy anything MS does with Kinect. They have been developing the camera functionality for gaming long before MS decided to buy the company that developed Kinect. They had the eyetoy on PS2 with some very simple hand and body movements to control games. Then realized that for some games you need controls. So they developed the eye and Move for PS3. Now the new Eye camera can use Move, the light bar in the PS4 controllers, and even more functionailty than in previous gens. I can't even begin to imagine how much money they have spent just on R&D since the eyetoy though to being us to what they offer now. Final step will be to develop games that do require the Eye and be good enough for people to want it enough to buy it.

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supraking9511759d ago

You'll have the ability to not purchase it unlike some other company...

corvusmd1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

which is why it will never get support, never advance, and Sony will always fail to innovate. They will always be a gen behind relying on tired exclusive and paper specs. The smartest thing that Sony does is put out JUST enough specs to make people that know nothing about how gaming systems work THINK that they are getting the best system...then sit back and say nothing and let fanboys do all their marketing for them...that way PS fanboys can bash/lie/spread false rumors/troll away and try to destroy the competition while Sony can sit back quietly with clean hands...then once Sony fanboys have staked their entire reputation on supporting the PS4...slowly release the real specs and details so that now PS fanboys don't want to switch stance because they are too committed...which is what we are seeing now...PS fanboys lashing out on anyone that doesn't bash XB1 every chance they get or praise the PS4 like the second's all defense mode now. Time will fix it.

arkard1758d ago


Funny how last generation was all about paper specs. People going on and on and on about the ps3 being to difficult and xbox having better ram. Go ahead and throw everything you have into unproven tech. OMG the cloudz will work miracles and turn my xbox1 into a super computer!! How about the kinect2 OMG it will read my pulse and blood flow! Trust me it will not do so accurately. They have medical equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars that can not do this accurately, yet a 100$ camera can? That's the funniest thing I have ever heard!

And specs? Sony has been very forthcoming with specs. We got caught up in a rumor and ran with it, it wasn't Sony's fault. Its not only Sony fanboys that run with the rumors. Lets not forget the millisecond the ram rumor came out Xbots went crazy with it. How about the 7 minutes of recording for Xbox1 that was proven false as well. Both rumors were ran with by xbots.

We can agree on one thing, time will fix it. Time will show that Kinect is still a gimmick, and the cloud isn't everthing it was supposed to be.

JamieL1758d ago

Which only means it would be completely useless, but because of that "other company" it may actually get some uses.