Call of Duty, Watch Dogs lead holiday preorders - Analyst

Cowen and Company report based on Amazon data suggests Activision, Ubisoft franchises well-positioned for holiday success.

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1756d ago
M-M1756d ago

How many Xbox One Watch Dogs and COD: Ghost preorders do you see on Amazon?

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lastofgen1756d ago

I'm definitely interested in Watch Dogs, but I'll most likely just skip it and get GTA 5 for the fall.

1755d ago
MiasmaDodo1756d ago

im getting FIFA 14 for sure

in between Watch Dogs or Black Flag

xReDeMpTiOnx1756d ago

I wish cod would just go away! At least for a few years.......

It's ruined so much potential in other games :(

MWong1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

@ xReDeMpTiOnx
I wouldn't say COD ruined other games potential because, all game devs make their own game. If the game lacked potential I wouldn't blame COD, blame the dev. Look at BF, COD hasn't ruined it's potential they make their own success and beat their own drum. It's going to pay off for them too.

On topic, Watch Dogs and BF4 will be my primary focus this holiday season. With some KillZone SF, WarFrame AC4: Black Flag DCUO and maybe COD Ghost single player.

Pre-Ordered list (PS4):
Watch Dogs
KillZone SF
AC4: Black Flag
COD Ghost
The Crew
The Order: 1886

The Division
inFamous Second Son
Witcher 3

Deividas1756d ago

You pretty much just named the entire lineup of the PS4 there, well for the ones we know. Not a bad thing but just an observation

MWong1756d ago

Well I don't plan on getting an XBone until later in it's life cycle. I'm a little weary of them reversing their policies again shortly down the line. Probably after a price drop also.

But I really like TitanFall, Dead Rising 3 and of course Forza. Though I still have a feeling TitanFall and DR3 are timed exclusives.

JunioRS1011755d ago

This guy must have a job or something crazy

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