Man Beat Girl into Coma With Video Game Controller

In York, Pennsylvania, a 2-year-old girl was in a coma Monday after her mother's boyfriend reportedly beat her with a video game controller.

The girl, whose name was not released, suffered severe injuries to her head and body and was treated at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, Lt. Ron Camacho of the York Police Department told The Associated Press.

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sunnygrg3817d ago

The man is neither is a good human being nor a true gamer.

Bleucrunch3816d ago

Their are some people in this world who dont know how to properly channel their anger. But why is it a big deal because he hit her with a video game controller??

Lord Anubis3816d ago

the bastard needs to rot in prison.

Breakfast3817d ago

Thats a pretty random picture.

Oh... and that dude is retarded.

decapitator3817d ago

Yeah man, wtf was he thinking ? Now watch the media jump all over this bull.

Breakfast3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

"Now watch the media jump all over this bull."

They should. A bad rep for a person will likely sway minds of the jury and make people more aware of him.

I doubt itll be anything about games.

Edit: Oh...the picture changed.

jadenkorri3817d ago

the kid was abused before, so games shouldn't get blamed, the controller was prob and unfortunately the closest weapon...guy is a sick bastard thou...hope he gets butt raped by Bubba and bes his b1tch for life...

TriggerHappy3817d ago

Hope this ass is jailed for life. What the freaking hell ? What is going through the heads of people now adays ?

GiantEnemyCrab3817d ago

He must of used a 360 controller because if he would of used the CRAPSTATION (tm) Suxaxis it would of broken into a million cheap pieces!

3817d ago
Ali_The_Brit3817d ago

pfft your no one to speak about that stuff silly fanboy, the 360 is the most plasticy bit of hardware iv ever come accross! honestly what does it take to get a good hard sterdy GOOD looking case around here...or one that doesnt blink 3 red rings of irony every time you turn it on

Snukadaman3817d ago went over the line man...if it was your family or sister Im sure you would have different feelings on the subject...not everything is microsoft vs sony man...get some class.

Play B3yond3816d ago

Obviously he didnt use a 360 controller because if he did he wouldve killed her with 1 hit because that fukn thing is so dam big, I dont know how you xbots dont have broken hands from that thing, guess you people adapted to that Sh1t, so that explains y xbots have huge hands

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boodybandit3817d ago

I live in York Pa and just saw this report on the local news. The little girl passed away from her injuries. This sick S.O.B. appears to have a history of abusing the girl and the mother knew. I hope they both get life in prison.

They are trash!

Megaton3817d ago

That's the worst, when the mother knows it's going on but doesn't stop it because "she loves him".

They both deserve life in prison.

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The story is too old to be commented.