How Capcom's Rejection Made Dragon's Crown More Valuable

CCC says: A recent piece from Dualshockers detailing an interview between Vanillaware President George Kamitani and 4Gamer revealed that the studio's current headliner, Dragon’s Crown, was rejected by publisher Capcom before landing a foothold at UTV Ignition Entertainment, and later bouncing to the game’s final publisher, Atlus. At first glance, the game’s initial rejection may appear a bit off-putting. Capcom is a respectable player in the games industry, so its dismissal of the project does, to some degree, speak to the merit of Dragon’s Crown.

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Abriael1600d ago

Good point. I'm really glad Kamitani decided to stick to his guns.

Fishermenofwar1600d ago

I see what you did there.... :)

MWH1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

it became his habit ;-)

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TongkatAli1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Capcom are traitors to what made their company big in the first place which was 2D Sprites. Atlus won big time. You're getting two purchases from me, cheers.

miyamoto1600d ago

Atlus is probably one of the best, talented, No-BS 3rd publisher today.

They are the hope of Japan in the west.

Their most finest work for me is getting Demon's Souls
and publishing it in the west. And millions of people specially Sony have to thank them for picking that game up. Now millions of gamers get to taste hardcore old school JRPG at its finest- the Souls franchise from the amazingly talented people of FromSoftware.

Dragon's Crown is next in line to get this great western treatment along that line.

I should have completed TLOU by the time Drago's Crown comes out. After that its Beyond Two Souls, Puppeteer, Toukiden, Tearaway, & Kingdom Hearts Remix.

wishingW3L1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

"amazingly talented people of FromSoftware."

Talent and luck are not the same thing.

Inception1600d ago


Need to remind you, that you should gave credit to SCE Japan Studio too. Because they also developing Demon's Souls, together with From Soft of course. If Japan Studio doesn't involved, than i don't think From Soft alone can make Demon's Souls as great as we knew.

Jag-T10001600d ago

This game is only popular because the women have big Boobs. Hardly anybody plays beat-em-ups these days. The only way to stand out is to add sex appeal.

Inception1600d ago

Wrong, i still (sometimes) play classic beat-em-up like Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, or Final Fight. And if 'hardly anybody plays beat-em-ups these days' than why Dragon's Crown are sold out in japanese retail?

Besides, Dragon's Crown isn't a simple beat-em-up. You should try to play this game before you gave your judgement because it had women with big boobs.

Auron1600d ago

This game is straight up beautiful. I'd get it if it didn't have sex appeal.

Inception1600d ago

Too bad, you're missing out great game only because of boobs.

Auron1599d ago

lol I meant I'd get this game EVEN IF IT didn't have sex appeal. so yeah I had this baby preordered for awhile now.