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Submitted by get2sammyb 927d ago | opinion piece

Should All PSN Games Include a Platinum Trophy?

Push Square: "'Does it have a Platinum Trophy?' is probably the most asked question on the PlayStation Blog. Studios taking to the official publication to promote their wares are frequently forced to field the asinine query, which perhaps detracts from the content in question. We’re sure that developers would rather discuss the mechanics behind their titles rather than platform-wide meta-games, but the popular achievements system is an imperative part of the PlayStation experience, so it’s hardly surprising that the topic keeps cropping up. But should it?" (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

ziggurcat  +   927d ago
despair  +   927d ago
lmao you beat me to it.
MariaBatiste   927d ago | Spam
GameSpawn  +   927d ago

There are PSN games that are not big enough in scale to justify putting a Platinum in there. There are a few PSN games that are as big as retail games in terms of game-play length, re-playability and overall longevity and PSN titles like these are more than worthy of having their own Platinum, but a vast majority of PSN titles just don't deserve it.
ziggurcat  +   927d ago
and i believe those that are long enough do actually have platinum trophies.

case in point:

dead nation

if the game warrants it, certainly, but not *all* PSN games need to have the platinum.
Vitalogy  +   926d ago
"and i believe those that are long enough do actually have platinum trophies."

Trine 2 is short and have platinum. If you play with a friend that have already platinuned and knows the game well you can plat the game in about 45min.
reef1017  +   927d ago
despair  +   927d ago
TheGOODKyle  +   927d ago
Lovable  +   927d ago
lmao you beat me to it.
MizTv  +   927d ago
YES! YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!
Lovable  +   927d ago
TheEvilWithin  +   927d ago
I would like it if they did but would not be upset if it never happens.
Megaton  +   927d ago
Considering the purpose of a plat is to show you got all the trophies, yes, all games should.
XboxFun  +   927d ago
Sure, why not..
_QQ_  +   927d ago
lmao you beat me to it.
carlingtat  +   927d ago
Depends on the amount of trophies and difficulty to get those trophies. For example games like the Walking Dead only have story trophies and all you have to do complete the story to get a platnium. Its too easy whereas games like Ni No Kuni make you earn those trophies through sweat and blood!
toxic-inferno  +   927d ago
Yes, but equally, I think giving The Walking Dead a Platinum Trophy is a little cheeky for a different reason. I really believe that platinum trophies should be earnable with a single purchase.

(Okay, I admit that the Walking Dead can be bought with just a single purchase, but that wasn't how the game was originally marketed)
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Soldierone  +   927d ago
The "single purchase" thing should be a rule. You should be able to EARN a plat with one copy of a game. This INCLUDES YOUR FRIENDS.

Advertising trophies are so annoying. "Play the game with 10 friends!!!" What exactly are you earning? Nothing, but you just added 10 strangers since none of your real friends want to buy the game.
Minato-Namikaze  +   927d ago
Dont forget tears.
Heisenburger  +   927d ago
Ollie-boy provided the tears. ;)
ABeastNamedTariq  +   927d ago
I think so. I've never earned one yet (woe is me), but it certainly keeps me playing a game longer. Especially when I'm above 70% of trophies for a game, and I can envision hearing that beautiful sound, and seeing the sheen of that platinum trophy, haha.
DialgaMarine  +   927d ago
Nah, the system in place is, for the most part, just fine. Certain full AAA games, like Resident Evil 4 for example that don't have a platinum trophy, really should.
MysticStrummer  +   927d ago
I guess they could come up with a Plat worthy task to complete for any game, but it doesn't bother me if there's no Plat. Trophies in general aren't something I focus on.
GenericNameHere  +   927d ago
Tell you this: Make a crappy game that takes less than 5 minutes to make. Sell it for $3.99. Include 6 trophies. One gold for starting the game. Another gold for pressing X. Another gold for pressing O. Another gold for pressing Square. Another gold for pressing Triangle. Then PLINK!! Platinum! All for less than 2 minutes.

What are the outcomes?
Developer: Sold his soul to the Platinum whores for a quick and easy cash grab -> gets at least $50K for doing nothing
Trophy whores: Used hard-earned money to buy a crappy game just for teh trophiys -> gets 5 Gold trophies, and 1 platinum in less than 2 minutes in exchange for pocket change
Both parties win
coolasj  +   927d ago
Solution : Game doesn't get put on the store.
GenericNameHere  +   927d ago
IGN had a trophy video about this pet sim game that didn't really look that great. You could 100% the trophy list for less than 5 minutes, and was worth $5 (I don't remember the price. I just remember it being cheap). I know they have rules so that millions of crappy games are being released on the Playstation Store, but if you do manage to get a game there, and you're just a starting no-name developer, and you want your game to get a bit more sales, go overboard with the trophies to attract the trophy whores... That is unless there's a rule on how many and what kind of trophies you can put in a downloadable game.
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PSnation4  +   927d ago
collecting trophies on psn is addicting!! im kinda glad im over that phase, i got to the point where i check the trophies first before even playing and enjoying a game.
worldwidegaming  +   926d ago
I hear you! I refused to play a game because it did not have trophies!
After awhile i realized that this is an addiction and cut it off quick.
Games are meant to be played. Trophies are for fun AFTER you beat the game.
Collect if you want but do not let it determine a purchase.
jjb1981  +   927d ago
You get a platinum for getting all other trophies so yeah
Skate-AK  +   927d ago
No. Some games that don't have them should though. RE4, RE;Code Veronica, RE:Umbrella Chronicles and RE:Darkside Chronicles all should have one but don't.
Grindlefly  +   927d ago
I would like them to patch ff7 and ff8 to provide trophy support. Also the resident evil series. That would be sweet although I don't think it will ever happen
DarkBlood  +   926d ago

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