Should All PSN Games Include a Platinum Trophy?

Push Square: "'Does it have a Platinum Trophy?' is probably the most asked question on the PlayStation Blog. Studios taking to the official publication to promote their wares are frequently forced to field the asinine query, which perhaps detracts from the content in question. We’re sure that developers would rather discuss the mechanics behind their titles rather than platform-wide meta-games, but the popular achievements system is an imperative part of the PlayStation experience, so it’s hardly surprising that the topic keeps cropping up. But should it?"

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despair1696d ago

lmao you beat me to it.

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GameSpawn1696d ago


There are PSN games that are not big enough in scale to justify putting a Platinum in there. There are a few PSN games that are as big as retail games in terms of game-play length, re-playability and overall longevity and PSN titles like these are more than worthy of having their own Platinum, but a vast majority of PSN titles just don't deserve it.

ziggurcat1696d ago

and i believe those that are long enough do actually have platinum trophies.

case in point:

dead nation

if the game warrants it, certainly, but not *all* PSN games need to have the platinum.

Vitalogy1695d ago

"and i believe those that are long enough do actually have platinum trophies."

Trine 2 is short and have platinum. If you play with a friend that have already platinuned and knows the game well you can plat the game in about 45min.

TheEvilWithin1696d ago

I would like it if they did but would not be upset if it never happens.

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