Shiny Legendaries Available At GameStop Leading Up To Pokemon X & Y's October Release

"If you want to score extremely rare Shiny Legendary Pokémon Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina before Pokémon X & Y arrives on October 12th, you should take your copy of Black & White or Black & White 2 to GameStop during the following dates." - GR

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dbjj120881757d ago

I think I have an illness. I sold my copy of Black years ago, but now I'm thinking of picking it back up just to have these to transfer to X & Y.

1756d ago
ftwrthtx1757d ago

People still play Pokemon?

ftwrthtx1757d ago

I really figured people would have caught them all by now.

exfatal1756d ago

To catch them is my real test!

exfatal1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Lol people love pokemon, it shall never die

Wedge191757d ago

Days like these make me wish I was a Nintendo guy again...

GenericNameHere1756d ago

You don't have to be a Nintendo guy. You can just like Pokémon if you want. I'm more of a Playstation guy, but if there's one game that I'll never get enough of, it's the main Pokémon games. Side games though, like Pokémon Ranger and such, I don't care. I used to like Mystery Dungeon too, but i heard the one on the 3DS didn't have all 649 Pokémons, so I skipped that. If the sequel has all 649, then I'll get it.

GenericNameHere1757d ago

Please please PLEASE have events for X and Y like the Johto beasts did!!

Darkfist1756d ago

anyone knows if i can transfer my pokemons from black to x/y? or it will only work for black2?

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