Gameplay Trailer Released for Real Boxing, Coming This August to PS Vita

Real Boxing, the iOS and Android boxing game most notable for its surprisingly realistic graphics, has been confirmed for PS Vita for August 28th.

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YoungPlex1600d ago

What the heck, all they're doing is throwing hooks! What's up with the hip-hop theme!? I guess I'll wait and see how this turns out before picking this up.

minimur121600d ago

before you stray away from it, it's an indie game and it is on iOS and Android :p

1600d ago
R3DRAIN891600d ago

Not to many sport games on the PSVITA ,so this is cool to see,wished more came like NBA 2K14 for instance.

PunisherRevenge1600d ago much as I really like the Vita, I can't help but to look at this game and call it another flop unfortunately. I think EA needs too bring Fight Night to the Vita instead.