5 Best and Worst Star Wars Games Ever recently made a list of what they believed to be the 5 best and worst Star Wars videogames of all time.

Their picks were as follows:

Five Best
1) Knight of the Old Republic
2) The X Wing Series
3) The Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series
4) The Super series
5) The Rogue Squadron series

Five Worst
1) Masters of Teras Kasi
2) Any game directly based on episodes I-III
3) Star Wars: Galaxies
4) Rebel Assault I and II
5) Star Wars: Obi Wan

For great videos of all of these games as well as detailed analysis visit the site through the included link.


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wow4u3905d ago

KotOR from BioWare. Best. Video. Game. Company. Ever. :)

I can't wait for Mass Effect 2.