Mafia II Breakdown from PlayStation: Official Magazine of May 2008

The latest issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine contains an extensive preview of the upcoming Mafia II.

Key Features:

- 3 families
- Cops only call reinforcements if you commited a large enough crime.
- 2 hours of cutscenes
- references to original game/easter eggs
- 3 acts
- all of the 2.5 square mile city open at the start
- can use taxi's to get around
- cars get damaged, dirty, and explode if shot in the gas tank
- can customize cars with your own license plates
- 2 types of context sensitive environment interactions: Standard and Violent
- Can buy food from vendors like hotdogs
- While buying stuff you can't be attacked
- NPC's will smoke, read newspapers, wait for buses, look through trash cans
- several points in the story you can make choices that affect the game
- multiple endings
- police go after other criminals instead of just you
- can buy houses where you store gear
- can take missions for and against competing families
- lots of interactive objects like chairs, bottles, sinks
- map waypoints including sidequests
- checkpoints improved from original game
- no on screen interface
- go to gyms to learn new hand to hand combos
- shooting through doors will possibly be added

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BlackIceJoe3901d ago

I for one really am looking forward to this game. The first really was great on the PC. It may not have been that good on the PS2 and Xbox. But this time I hope it will be also good on the consoles too.

Scott_Steinberg3901d ago

Trust me this game is going to be good.

Whoooop3901d ago

This one looks more promising.

BeaArthur3900d ago

The first one was very good and with all these new additions this shoudl be a great game.

Hydrollex3901d ago

Gameplay: GTA IV

Graphics: Mafia 2

get your result and get your ass hit, that's it

Dark General3901d ago

I actually played the original on the Ps2 and it was a great game. Specially the bit with the hooker and the hotel and the escape afterwards. I was up till 4 in the morning trying to beat that part before school in the morn. Can't wait for this to finally come out, i'm a little skeptical about taking odd jobs for competing families but i have faith that 2k won't mess this game up.

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