Hooked Gamers: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review

Crisis Core is fan service through and through and these fans will flock to this game like seagulls to funnel cake. But it isn't a perfect game. The story and its protagonist take some time to get into. The leveling system is counter-intuitive to everything gamers have ever done and ultimately falls short of its goals. The difficulty ramps up considerably in the last two levels and if you haven't been quite that lucky with the DMW you may not be prepared for the last few battles.

These can be quite tough, resulting in watching some cutscenes multiple times. However the good outweighs the bad and it does offer up a fairly lengthy adventure; 10-12 hours for the main story and 15-20 if you include all the bonus missions. Crisis Core is not going to shake the foundations of gaming like its predecessor did but it is a great game nonetheless. A fitting cap on the 'Compilation of Final Fantasy VII'.

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