Final Fantasy XIV Collector's Edition Digital Version available from Amazon

The launch of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn is finally almost here, for fans that have been waiting years for the game to launch, pre-ordering the game is just a downright necessity. Since the game is a little cheaper than most titles ($39 for PS3 and $30 for PC) many people have wanted to jump to the Collector’s Edition.

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6DEAD6END61757d ago

Is this coming to the PS4?

Myst1757d ago

It'll be sometime later next year so won't be a launch just to let you know.

6DEAD6END61757d ago

That's too bad wished it was at launch but bubbles for you guys for the help.

JAMurida1757d ago

Dam, thought this was PS3-digital. I really hope they make a PSN digital version of the game.