Planetside 2 Adds Player Studio, Enables Ability to Make Real Money

The Player Studio allows creative and talented gamers the ability to make custom in-game items that can then be sold to other PS2 players for real cash.

In PS2 the studio will allow players to create decals, hood ornaments, camo patterns, vehicle canopy overlays, and helmets (examples below.) If a design is picked up by SOE for use in its online store, the creator will get 40% of the net profits via an actual check for their work.

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pedrof931730d ago

I have a question is this game owned by SCE ?

This game has a lot of potential. I just hope that there will be a retail version for Ps4 that gives premium membership and points.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1730d ago

It's Sonly Online, and will be available for PS4. Not sure on what types of plans that version will offer though.

MysticStrummer1730d ago

They're selling a retail version for PC that includes some things that would otherwise be bought. They haven't said anything like that for the PS4 version but I expect them to do the same thing there, at least eventually.

Reefskye1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Nah its owned by SoE, SCE and SoE are not connected and never have been up un till the release of free realms the only thing they ever had in common is the name "Sony"

PC is their primary market

Reefskye1730d ago

No SoE have been making PC games for many many years and have never had a connection to the playstation brand. They are separate entities

GribbleGrunger1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

SOE was brought under the Sony umbrella years ago. All the creative studios now work closely together. Thank Kaz for that.

'PC is their primary target.' We'll see.

aliengmr1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

SoE has had titles on the PS2 and 3 but their primary market is PC MMOs.

Not really fair to say they have 'no connection' with Sony consoles, but its a very minor one.

Though that is all likely to change with the PS4.

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Fireseed1730d ago

Well that's great! Definitely gonna do a couple objects in my down time.

I have only one gripe about this game... CAN WE PLEASE STOP REFERRING TO IT AS PS2? Ever time I read about it I keep thinking "Wait it's on the Playstation 2?!?"

Omegasyde1730d ago

Yes, creating in-game items for real cash is huge (based off details given).

I don't understand why this isn't reported as big news!If I make a vehicle skins or character clothes for everquest for 1 usd and 50 people buy it...

Now if this system is similar to Forza decal market place(ie not cash but in game money), not as exciting. However it could help someone exchange it for booster packs...

GentlemenRUs1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

"Enables Ability to Make Real Money..."

Uh oh... Expect to see A LOT of bots spamming out decals and such!

FantasyStar1730d ago

40% of the profits is actually a better deal than what Valve offers, which is only 25%.

dcj05241730d ago

So basically like TF2 except you get more money.

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