Anna Prosser Robinson's lifetime of video gaming leads to eSports career

eSports personality Anna Prosser Robinson grew up gaming. Check out her backstory and advice to others wanting to make it in the world of video game broadcasting.

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Snarkasaur1784d ago

The lesson here is that winning beauty pageants will get you a career as a pro gamer!

NarooN1784d ago

Winning a beauty pageant? What a joke. Go look up Kornelia Takacs, a former pro gamer... She was famous back in the late 90's/early-to-mid 00's as being a female pro at Quake. She rose to her fame by being good and pwning people. Nowadays it seems people just do it based off trivial stuff like this. Lol, oh well.

OriginalPSP1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

99 percent of the piece focused on her gaming background and career. Is the inclusion of a few words that mention something else she did really that changing to the story? Why not also note the graduating honors?

A lot more women gamers, including some who would seem to meet your qualifications, also featured on the site. Just one extra click for ya.

MiasmaDodo1784d ago

this chick is Hot!

oh and her lifetime of video gaming lead her to esports...