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BF4 Will Run Better On Windows 8 Than Windows 7

Gameranx: "Battlefield 4 will be fully optimized for Windows 8, DX11.1" (Battlefield 4, PC)

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MontyQ  +   849d ago
soooo the 2 ppl that installed windows 8 on a gaming rig well get an extra 2-3 fps dang that's awesome news :/
justastranger10  +   849d ago
It must be taxing that Microsoft has two platforms to work with Windows and Xbox.
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Many-hat5  +   849d ago
Hey, MontyQ. I'm one of the two people you speak of. I installed Win 8 on my spare SSD in my PC gaming rig when Windows 8 first launched, you know, just to try it out.I run Win7 on my main SSD, but Win8 is still there on my second drive,because,well,I'll be damned if I can find the button to remove it! :)

Really though, more BS from MS to bump up poor sales of a tablet designed OS, I think.
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NimblePlay  +   849d ago
I hope this is not the same thing with crysis 1, where people with high end rigs back in 2007 where force to jump from xp to vista so they could play at the highest setting possible. This is pure BS from MS.
JsonHenry  +   849d ago
We were not "forced" exactly. There was a work around the same week it launched to allow for DX10 on XP.
Stsonic  +   849d ago
That is funny as the original crysis does not even work on windows 8 now. So people jumped hoops for crytek but they are not willing to make a simple patch for windows 8.

I bought this game a few weeks ago, it did not work and had to pirate it just so I could play. You may judge me for pirating the game but if I buy a game without warning it may not work then screw them.
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LAWSON72  +   849d ago
I played crysis on windows 8 so you sure it dont work without changing any settings
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Stsonic  +   849d ago
It works for some people. I try'd all the fixes and none worked for me.
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LAWSON72  +   849d ago
I am confused a pirated copy worked but the steam version(?) didnt?
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Stsonic  +   849d ago
Yes you are correct almost apart from I bought the game from origin.
Erudito87  +   849d ago
im still not getting w8 lol
MizTv  +   849d ago
I agree
From what I hear w8 SucksAss
aliengmr  +   849d ago
As far as running games, it does that really well, aside from the minor "new OS" problems.

That being said, it just feels wrong and cheap as desktop OS. It actually annoyed me so much that I went back to 7.

If you really don't care about the OS and just want to run games well, Win8 is a good OS.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   849d ago
Don't. My girl just got a new laptop, with windows 8-- most retarded OS I have ever used,.. I[m putting 7 on it.
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Erudito87  +   849d ago
my dad got a laptop with it too it was hilarious watching him try to work everything out lmao
Thehyph  +   849d ago
Yup. I bought my mom a new laptop for Christmas and she couldn't figure it out. This might seem normal to some people except that my mom had been using personal computers since before I existed, and I am 27 years of age.
Gotta love how metro was supposed to be the Microsoft version of iOS.... not even close
sAVAge_bEaST  +   849d ago

Yes, they were trying to copy iOS, and failed, miserably.

The thing is iOS is on iphones and ipads, Macbooks use OSx. -Micro$oft went full retard , using it on both tablets, and laptops -with no touch screen.
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Erudito87  +   849d ago
well it seems to be the curse of ms one good os then a cataclysmically bad one and then a good one and so on
kydrice  +   849d ago
My dad's computer has windows 8 and whenever I have to fix some problem (very minor problems) I rage hardcore because it's so damn difficult to find anything. Took me forever to figure out how to get to the desktop which didn't help at all once I got there because there was no start menu. I don't know what monkey thought it was a good, edgy idea to get rid of it but Microsoft needs to get rid of HIM. Microsoft has a track record of releasing a good windows OS then a completely CRAPTASTIC one, then a good one again.
LiarasBoobs  +   849d ago
Sure, but Windows runs better on Windows 7 than Windows 8.
impet25  +   849d ago
One game does not justify an upgrade definately not getting w8 when I'm sure it will run just fine on my w7 rig.
Thehyph  +   849d ago
I'm not going to play battlefield 4, but if I did, I would rather take the hit than upgrade to Windows 8.
Such a shame really. Windows 7 was the best Windows since 2000 sp4. Then they had to go and ruin it.
Roccetarius  +   849d ago
I haven't been interested in Battlefield since the 2142 days, so this doesn't affect me at all.

Anyways, i doubt people will jump from a Desktop OS to a Tablet OS. :)
progaor2013  +   849d ago
well i know which version im buying its not pc version i tell u that its ps4 time to preorder for ps4
andrewer  +   849d ago
whatever makes you sleep at night EA, still going to use Windows 7.
Erudito87  +   849d ago
as a game dev they need to support as much stuff as possible. Im sure it will run and look just as good windows 7.
Kennytaur  +   849d ago
Full tile-icon support confirmed, YEAH!
ScepticTankAvenger  +   849d ago
Personally, I think Windows 8 is OK. The design is annoying to get used to, but the performance is really good. With that being said, I'm still going to run my games on Windows 7 :) just easier that way.
Smashbro29  +   849d ago
I've had both. Currently running Windows 8. It is literally the exact same thing with a slightly fancier start menu.
Drummerdude41  +   849d ago
I'm assuming most of these "computer gamers" don't really know what there talking about. Any gamer who takes 10 min to get used to an os or look for workarounds knows that windows 8 can look, feel and operate exactly like windows 7. Considering i have been running it for months know and my friends can't tell the difference, performance wise it excels in some areas and is on par in others. I don't get why people wouldn't upgrade if given the chance.You don't even need to do a clean install to upgrade so any hassle of re installing is a void argument too. The problems windows 8 HAD are ironed out by updates or 3rd party software. Meh, i'll probably get hate for this but im not going to agree with ignorance just because everyone is doing it!
andrewer  +   849d ago
I heard some Windows 8 notebooks came with a chip that didn't allow the user to install another OS in the notebook (like Linux OS). That's ignorance.
Drummerdude41  +   849d ago
I'm not sure what your trying to prove but that would be a manufacture problem not an os...
andrewer  +   849d ago
He said he was going to get hate because of ignorance, I wanted to tell that MS is ignorant. And yes, it was Microsoft's decision to put those chips.
MontyQ  +   849d ago
was on win8 for 6 months are so....went back to 7 lol. That's being said tho maybe the win 8.1 update well fix a lot of the issues ppl have with win 8
famoussasjohn  +   849d ago
Agreed. I kept finding myself going to the area on where the start menu should be. I don't get why they took it out of the beta for the final release.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   849d ago
you can download a 3rd party app, for the start button, but still, 8 does wanky stuff, by accidental touch pad, or key strokes.
famoussasjohn  +   849d ago
Cool, but Windows 7 is still going to be my preferred OS. I haven't had as much time to get to understand Windows 8, but it wasn't natural for me lol.
cyguration  +   849d ago
Hmm, so why was it running on Windows 7 along with the other XB1 titles at E3?

I'll believe it when they show it on a real Windows 8 machine.
PurpHerbison  +   849d ago
At the end of the day, I am a PC guy, but I will convert to a console guy before I get Windows 8, that is for damn sure.
BattleTorn  +   849d ago
Well, Xbox One does have DX11.1 support ;)
LAWSON72  +   849d ago
I dont understand the hate for windows 8. The start screen does kind of suck but I prefer the bottom corner right click over the old start screen and all my apps that would used to be in the start are now pinned to the taskbar. There is no reason to not get it. I finally switched back to windows 8 from windows 7 because I missed built in features like the fast boot, built in mounting for isos, and some of the apps like netflix and slacker. It is worse the upgrade. If the pointless start menu is needed just download a fix to add it back. It is very quick and simple to do
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fossilfern  +   849d ago
Its the cool thing to do now! I dont like the "home Screen" but the rest of the OS is nice, clean and stable.
jmc8888  +   849d ago
Actually it isn't about 'being cool', as most have valid reasons for why it sucks.

Desktops aren't touch screen phones. I don't want a touch screen desktop OS, I have wireless peripherals and a 40" HDTV. Small, expensive touchscreen doesn't go with using a recliner.

3-5x the clicks to do the same thing isn't better, it's horrible.

Aero = ability to precisely switch between a dozen firefox windows and hundreds of tabs in a couple of seconds...if that.
Metro = impossible to do that (BY FAR)

Win 7 functionality lacks many features of Win 7... even with 3rd party add ons.

Besides why buy an OS if all someone is going to do is use the legacy part of that OS? It's like paying twice for Win 7, and the newer one a far inferior version of it.

When someone runs around saying people only hate it because 'its cool thing to do' are missing the entire point.

There is no reason anyone with Win 7 needs to buy Win 8. Only manufactured reasons, which MS seems to be king of. Make up some fake barrier and force people. Like Kinect2 camera needing to be connected. No reason for that whatsoever.

If MS's only way of doing business is not innovating but forcing customers needlessly to adopt their moron products or else, then they are setting themselves up for a major ride down.

Remember their new slogan "your privacy is our priority" and forget they've been doing the opposite for at least 18 years since Windows 95 OSR2 (hint: that's before 9/11).
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   849d ago

Exactly on point.
LAWSON72  +   849d ago
The desktop has not changed at all and neither has things such as file browser, control panel, and anything that has been on the desktop in the past so I dont understand this whole touchscreen only bullshit.

I have yet to try and access anything that takes anymopre clicks then Windows 7.

Aero- if you are referring to task switching it is also in windows 8 with alt+tab

I will give you third party add ons because windows 8 is not as customizable as windows 7 by far and that is pretty much the only advantage over Windows 8 everything else is better.

It is fine to not want to upgrade to Windows 8 from 7, but it is stupid to recommend 7 over 8 when everything except customization is better in W8.( I am not saying you are I just see it all the time)

I have used Windows 8 for around 6 months and Windows 7 for around 3 years. The only thing to hate about Windows 8 is it is different and it takes time to become accustomed to it and the Windows 8 apps are pretty lackluster. Other than that it is a great OS and is better than it predecessor.
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Str8Chaos74  +   849d ago
Totally agree Lawson72. I have had zero problems, games do run better and I like the storage pool and file history features that were not available in 7. I don't get all the hate for Windows 8. If you don't like metro, DON"T USE IT. Otherwise it's better than Windows 7 in pretty much every way. Not to mention it was super cheap when released, got a boxed pro upgrade copy for $40, and yes you can do a clean install from the upgrade disc. I will never go back to 7.
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LAWSON72  +   849d ago
It is like people think the only way to use the OS is through Metro yet the only time I use it is to click on an appwhich is optional considering most of the good apps have websites anyways. Everything can be done on the desktop, except settings that are related to Metro.
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Plagasx  +   849d ago
Nope, still not upgrading to Windows 8 Microsoft..
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josephayal  +   848d ago
Windows 8 is way betta

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