Sony: Gamescom will be PS4 focused

According to the description of the Sony contest to win a Gamescom trip, the convention will be focused on PS4 and its lineup.

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Sizzon1482d ago

Maybe a Vita pricedrop or something would be nice too.

Hatsune-Miku1482d ago ShowReplies(15)
SolidStoner1482d ago

I know Vita is great and all, but who really cares about those little handheld devices.... all we want is a PS4 at home... outside you can talk, drive, work or do other interactive things.. or just chill out from all those technological devices and jobs.. :) I know I will get disagrees, since any gamer should think like "more games the better" or like "more devices to play on the better"... anyways.. the main thing for me is PS4 and games on it at my home.. cant wait..

bjmartynhak1482d ago

I can't really disagree. I have a Vita, but I'm not one of those that complain that Vita has no games. It has more games than I have time to play on the go. And considering the other stuff you can do outside, the time for gaming reduces even more.

infamousinfolite1482d ago

I like my mobile gaming as it allows me to game on the move and with big titles such as Uncharted, Sly and many others I can enjoy great gaming on a handheld.

Craigatorian1482d ago

You're right, I was going to say that. The More games the better.

gaelic_laoch1482d ago

VITA - PS4 remote play is why I bought a VITA, now my wife need not nag me about being in another room playing, now she has me all evening while she watches her shows, my mind and attention shall be elsewhere though!

Drekken1482d ago

In reality anything Ps4 is for Vita too. I don't see the benefit of making Vita exclusives. Just make all games for the Ps4 and they will have remote play.

LoveOfTheGame1482d ago

What about those who have a Vita but aren't getting a PS4?

insomnium21482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )


Anyone not getting a PS4 should have their heads checked. It seems to me that the fungus is spreading into their brains. LOL!

justastranger101482d ago

I just think the Vita deserves better treatment than what it is given by Sony.

Tru_Ray1482d ago

I would have to disagree. I have to ride the train everyday to work. So for me the Vita is a nice guilty pleasure when I am not reading my kindle.

Person 4: Golden on Vita = Gaming Bliss


swansong1481d ago

I enjoy my vita right at home.I have a ps3 and 360. Sometimes its nice at night to sit up in bed and play my vita while my wife watches her shows on t.v. I put on headphones and play a game or watch netflix on it. I rarely take it on the go. Plus my kids enjoy it too.Consoles are nice but I enjoy my handhelds just as much.

TheFamous11481d ago

@bjmartynhak agreed. I like the Vita, but I can't find the need for me to spend the money on one. Maybe if I traveled a lot or rode a train/subway/bus to work etc. but when I'm out of the house I usually do not have time to play a video game.

crazyeightz1481d ago

I've never heard of such a thing. There are only two ways you will get disagrees on these boards, talk bad about Sony's console, or talk good things about Microsoft's console.

cedaridge1481d ago

I won't disagree with you but I do see the need for a "Vita" when I'm on a plane or maybe when I have some down time at work. So that is my reasoning for wanting a PS Vita, I just hope Sony announce a price drop and my PS4 is on the way, as well!

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devwan1482d ago

Price drop on the memory cards would make me just as happy - support the existing users, especially the ps+ fans who can't justify those expensive cards just to play the games they already have queued up.

iPad1482d ago

Hopefully Sony have an in depth presentation about the PS4's UI.

With just a couple months left until these consoles are out, we have no idea how they work, per say.

LAZL0-Panaflex1482d ago

Damn it enough with vita! You got duped just admit it and move on. Who plays handheld in 2013 honestly?!?.......ps4!ps4!ps4! ps4! That's the only news I wanna hear about!.....that and Obama being impeached!!

dcj05241482d ago

Um, no. Lots of people buy handhelds. In the US not as much but in asain countries its a big deal. And if sony just freaking 'dropped' one of their consoles I would never buy from them again. The PSP wasnt on fire this time in its life but a year or two later it was a must own. You dont just 'drop' things. It damages your reputation. Seriously thats ridiculous.

solidt121482d ago

All of these games have been added to the PS4 Launch game list. All MMO's

Planetside 2
DC Universe Online
Blacklight retribution
War Thunder

T21482d ago

@justastranger - At first I wasn't sure if your comment was from a vita user who is getting impatient, or a troll. then i saw your username. Troll, check.

justastranger last 10 posts summed up - Sony failed with ps3, ps3 lags behind xbox in sales, never buying a ps4, xbox clouudz rule, ps4 only has 4.5 g ram.

... just a small summary, downvoted for trolling.

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MazzingerZ1482d ago

And ironically this article became PSV focused :S

Back to topic, that sounds to me more launch games as I been expecting all this time, TGS will be the same, don't think MSFT has much more to show

Ausbo1481d ago

gamescom should be like the second E3 this year.

Both sony and microsoft will reveal more exclusives. Is spike airing any of these conferences??

FlunkinMonkey1481d ago

For a lot of these Xbox trolls to be calling out Sony fans on jumping in their articles, you guys are doing a fine job.

Nice new accounts SOBOTZ and JUSTASTRANGER10, you guys are so transparent..

MS have announced 13/15 out of their exclusives- spunked their load up the wall.. Sony have announced about 4 or 5 out of 20, you guys think this is going to be much different than this gen?? Multiple game of the year awards, with more coming out this late into the cycle while the 360 sits on its hands and plays stranger...

Blinded.. Stranded by a company who doesn't care at all about games.. The first couple of years for MS and the One will be the only years worth remember, such as they have proved with BOTH previous consoles.

iBlackyi1481d ago

Agree, but its 7 games out of 20 :)

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GribbleGrunger1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Sony can't really win this one unfortunately. If they concentrate on the PS4, there will be articles about the lack of Vita titles and if they concentrate on Vita, there will be articles about how Sony are stupid and they should have concentrated on the PS4. A 50/50 compromise will only lead to a feeling of dilution.

I'm with Sizzon here. A price drop for the Vita would probably be enough to tide people over and make them more forgiving of a PS4 heavy conference. A Vita revision with 32gb of internal memory would also help ...

MariaHelFutura1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Sony should focus on the PS4 more, it's the Trojan War Horse of Playstation. Also, I would expect a Vita price drop pre PS4 considering how closely their connected. A $499 PS4/Vita bundle would rock the house.

sobotz1482d ago

3 Big IP already good enough to win the Gamescom. I prefer The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4, and Agent. Sony can show some Vita games afterwards, it's a win-win situation

joefrost001482d ago

Thats the first thing you said that makes sense all week lol
But I do agree they should drop the vita price considering they work hand in hand

Campy da Camper1482d ago

Can you imagine if the did a ps4/vita bundle for 499? I'd be all over that!

MysticStrummer1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

@Campy - PS4 + Vita for $499 would really destroy the One.

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Root1482d ago

Well you can only go for what you like personally

I'd rather them focus more of the PS4 then the PSV...I'm not saying the PSV dosn't deserve support because it does but Sony is releasing the PS4 this year, I think it's time to focus on that for now. They had their chance with the PSV.

LAZL0-Panaflex1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Thank you! I'm so damn tired of hearing about the damn vita.i that is the one damn thing I hate about Sony besides the 4 hour trophy syncs taking franchises....(good ones) like god of war killzone resistance and making a shitty handheld version instead of a proper high definition sequel on a console that I can play on my 60" TV ...not a 4" screen on a park bench somewheres. Who plays handheld anyways?...... people with no lives that's who.

T21482d ago

In a way doesn't the ps4 support mirror PSV? If you can play all your ps4 games on vita, isn