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Submitted by dirigiblebill 930d ago | screenshot

12 new GTA 5 screenshots released

"Rockstar's released another salvo of Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots, showing new vehicles, outfits and locations. I like that helicopter, Rockstar. That is a nice helicopter. Does it come in pink?" (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Stuart5756  +   930d ago
Day 1 and booking 2 days off work. No joke!!
Khajiit86  +   930d ago
Same thing here. GTA is the only game that I do take time off for.
SolidStoner  +   930d ago
same here.. how can I eat, sleep or work when I have GTA5 at home.. impossible.. I better be not working or I will make lots of mistakes, lol :D
alien626  +   929d ago
Love fist is back! YAY! lol
Phene  +   930d ago
me and my friend debated midnight launch pickup lol ...but yeh this looks sick, the most disappointing thing about 5 is its what 4 should've been, and 5 should've been on the new consoles
InTheZoneAC  +   929d ago
and H-Hour is what Confrontation should've been...

and Madden NFL 25 is what Madden 06 on 360 should've been...

and Gran Turismo 6 is what GT5 should've been...

That's just the way things are...
CharlesWeiler   930d ago | Spam
DARK WITNESS  +   929d ago
2 days... pifff...

I got a whole week and a half off..I am stocking up right now on all the JD and coke that I can.

I am packing the Mrs off to Africa for a 3 week holiday.

notice has been served !
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Stuart5756  +   928d ago
Good god I'm jealous, I'd add a gaming chair to that equation and all the takeaway menus known to man. You're gonna have a hell of a week and a half, hope you enjoy!!
sinclaircrown  +   929d ago
One of the few games I set at least one whole day aside for. Can't wait.

Anyone else get the reference with 'DIGNITY' on the boat? I love the subtle Scottish links that remain in the GTA franchise. Ever since the 1st game. Helps being Scottish to notice though..
badvlad  +   929d ago
work???? muahahha
LyndaWGood   929d ago | Spam
medman  +   929d ago what? I'm quitting my job, leaving my wife, and putting my kids up for adoption. I am willing to sacrifice.
hiptanaka  +   930d ago
Looks slick.
CrusRuss  +   930d ago
This looks amazing. Do we know if these screens are from current gen console or pc or next gen console?
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   930d ago
The game is being released on ps3 and Xbox 360, no pc or next gen version's have been announced so far.
CrusRuss  +   930d ago
Well that sucks cause I'd rather play it on my PC at higher fidelity. Having said that it looks amazing for current gen consoles.
Allsystemgamer  +   929d ago
Didn't they confirm the PC version??
deadfrag  +   929d ago
RioKing  +   929d ago
They are indeed "edited"
LiarasBoobs  +   930d ago
Is it just me or does the site not work?
It isn't working for me either.
Wni0  +   930d ago
pre rendered and cutscenes.
Wni0  +   929d ago
yeah screw you for telling the truth! thats total gameplay! nothing is pre-rendered!
AiirJordann23  +   930d ago
The graphics has gotten better. this game is going to be the be the best gta EVER!!!!!
thelaughingwiseman  +   929d ago
Vice City and San Andres say "Hi"
Midgus  +   930d ago
i've got a week off for this bad boy lol :D
SIRHC13  +   930d ago
jjb1981  +   930d ago
With hellfire missiles?!?
ape007  +   930d ago
im 100% sure these gfx are running on maxed out options on R* pc's

no way ps3 and 360 can do this, this look NextGen

Game Of The YEAR, wait..., Game of the decade
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CrusRuss  +   929d ago
This is what I fear as well. I am worried that these gfx might not resemble current gen in game gfx.
YodaCracker  +   929d ago
Go watch the gameplay trailer to see the game in-motion on current gen consoles. It may not look as polished as some of the screenshots, but the game looks beautiful in motion with all the detail and the wonderful animations.
RioKing  +   929d ago
^Yeah the trailer looked good on a computer moniter. I downloaded it in HD, connected my laptop to the tv via HDMI, and it looks like (maybe slighttty better) RDR.
esemce  +   929d ago
That's what I think too, the difference in quality from red dead and GTA4 to this just seems too great.

If these are PS3 shots and it runs at a solid 30fps then that's excellent.

I would still rather play this on PC/PS4 though.
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modesign  +   929d ago
is it bad that i already scheduled to call in sick at work for the
ATLRoAcH  +   929d ago
Yes it is because it comes out on the 17th. lol
skydragoonity  +   929d ago
Great game
Rhezin  +   929d ago
By the gods, I hope they make some progress on Agent after GTA 5.

Can't wait til the 17th though...think that'll be my last ps3 game.
Pintheshadows  +   929d ago
Trevor in a Love Fist sleeveless. Brilliant.
EazyC  +   929d ago
The picture of Michael wielding a pistol in front of that skyscraper in particular looks phenomenal.
Felonycarclub8  +   929d ago
It's going to take me months to complete the story, probably a year because I always start doing other things. It took me like 5 months to finish gta4 because I was doing stunts with cars etc anything but the story lol, plus I don't have much time to play cause I have a family so I mostly play at night when they are all asleep.
PablitoPaperito  +   929d ago
640x360 res screenshots really??

Plagasx  +   929d ago
I hope those mountains and forests are full of life and not just barren wastelands like in San Andreas..
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cunnilumpkin  +   929d ago
screens are HEAVILY post processed using pc code, it will look even better than these screens on pc, but...

it will look NOTHING like this on ps3/360, expect TONS of jaggies, low res textures, the usual, or.....

wait for pc version or ps4/xbox1 version

I may rent it for ps3 just to play for a few hours
#19 (Edited 929d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
JohnCartenper  +   929d ago
That's what I've been saying all along.
But hey, I get banned for it (24 hour suspension actually).

For the naysayers: why don't you pop ur gta4 copy in after months/years and check how that looks?

Terrible jaggies, pop in, blurry as hell, low framerate (feels like 15 fps), horrible distant objects.

Just to name a few.

This is PC footage+doctored screens.

Simple as that.

But I bet some of you are so delusional you'll still say the final game looks just like the promo material, after you see it in person too.
drsfinest72  +   929d ago
Should I wait fort he next gen version? Or get it for this gen ?
NextGenGamer85   929d ago | Spam
NextGenGamer85   929d ago | Spam
teezy  +   929d ago
This game just looks amazing, nothing else needs to be said.
josephayal  +   929d ago
i want

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