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Stuart57561725d ago

Day 1 and booking 2 days off work. No joke!!

Khajiit861725d ago

Same thing here. GTA is the only game that I do take time off for.

SolidStoner1725d ago

same here.. how can I eat, sleep or work when I have GTA5 at home.. impossible.. I better be not working or I will make lots of mistakes, lol :D

alien6261725d ago

Love fist is back! YAY! lol

Phene1725d ago

me and my friend debated midnight launch pickup lol ...but yeh this looks sick, the most disappointing thing about 5 is its what 4 should've been, and 5 should've been on the new consoles

InTheZoneAC1725d ago

and H-Hour is what Confrontation should've been...

and Madden NFL 25 is what Madden 06 on 360 should've been...

and Gran Turismo 6 is what GT5 should've been...

That's just the way things are...

1725d ago
DARK WITNESS1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

2 days... pifff...

I got a whole week and a half off..I am stocking up right now on all the JD and coke that I can.

I am packing the Mrs off to Africa for a 3 week holiday.

notice has been served !

Stuart57561723d ago

Good god I'm jealous, I'd add a gaming chair to that equation and all the takeaway menus known to man. You're gonna have a hell of a week and a half, hope you enjoy!!

sinclaircrown1725d ago

One of the few games I set at least one whole day aside for. Can't wait.

Anyone else get the reference with 'DIGNITY' on the boat? I love the subtle Scottish links that remain in the GTA franchise. Ever since the 1st game. Helps being Scottish to notice though..

1725d ago
medman1724d ago what? I'm quitting my job, leaving my wife, and putting my kids up for adoption. I am willing to sacrifice.

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CrusRuss1725d ago

This looks amazing. Do we know if these screens are from current gen console or pc or next gen console?

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1725d ago

The game is being released on ps3 and Xbox 360, no pc or next gen version's have been announced so far.

CrusRuss1725d ago

Well that sucks cause I'd rather play it on my PC at higher fidelity. Having said that it looks amazing for current gen consoles.

Allsystemgamer1725d ago

Didn't they confirm the PC version??

LiarasBoobs1725d ago

Is it just me or does the site not work?

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1725d ago

It isn't working for me either.

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The story is too old to be commented.