The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 52 – Back in the saddle

"Following last week’s in-person shenanigans on the Pixelitis Podcast, it’s back to the old setup, with long-time host Andrew Martins leading the show. It only took 50 episodes for someone else to host the damn thing, after all.

Along for the ride are Patrick Kulikowski and Karen Rivera, who have both formed ACNLA - Animal Crossing: New Leaf Anonymous. It’s got a 12-step program that naturally begins with having to admit your addiction to cute townspeople and catchy sea songs sung by a frog.

They’ve both got a long way to go toward recovery.

As for the show itself, we’ve got a very special treat for you guys, as Video Game Orchestra leader Shota Nakama recently took some time to sit down with Patrick for an interview. In it, he talks about his work on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and what his favorite RPG battle theme is.

So sit back and be sure to hit the play button below and/or subscribe to us on iTunes. We’re on Stitcher Radio, too."

- Pixelitis Staff

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