Rumour: Xbox One pricing to hit your wallet hard [South Africa Only]

It seems as though the Xbox One will be hitting wallets a lot harder than one would think.


Xbox's South African PR Manager, Graeme Selvan, has officially stated that the South African price point and release date for the Xbox One has not been confirmed as of yet. Furthermore, the price point featured on AWX has been confirmed as a placeholder for the product.

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JBSleek1483d ago

Outrage at what likely is a placeholder price. Also only for South Africa conversions?

Also I hate when people do straight conversions with USD but don't take into consideration anything else such as average cost of living, average wage rates, taxes, etc.

Need4Game1483d ago

Xbox One will get cheaper years later.

justastranger101483d ago

Doesn't seem that expensive to me considering all the stuff you get with the system. I plan to purchase the Xbox One. I am quite excited by the Xbox One because of the awesome exclusives that will be available to me I can't wait to experience Dead Rising 3, KI and all the wonderful exclusives that Xbox one has. The PS4 lineup doesn't excite me at all.

pedrof931483d ago Show
abzdine1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

wow this a killer info you're giving here!

@pedrof93: i agree! i'm having a blast with KZ3 and i know that SF will only be better and bigger. Then comes inFamous: Second Son a few months later.

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Dude Dutch1483d ago


For me just swap the words Xbone and PS3 and we are good to go.....

Cable2kx1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )


I understand giving your opinion, but come on take the high road if you are getting the Xbox be confident in your choice and no need to turn the post into a troll.

It's easy I'm getting the PS4 cause it's the console i prefer and it appeals to me the most.


If you already think MS is at a price disadvantage in many markets (100 USD, 100 Euros, 80 Pounds or 50 AUD higher priced than a PS4), you gotta see how ridiculous it will be in Brazil... Here in Brazil (it's one of the launch territories too) MS priced Xbox One at... Take a deep breath... 2199 reais (that's around 970 USD or 730 Euros, more than importing one from Amazon with mailing and importation taxes).

Just for comparison, Sony is yet to reveal price here (although the console is supposed to release in Brazil same day as US), but Jack Tretton himself said they were trying to get US price here, while E3 interviews after Latin America conference mentioned trying to push for under 1000 reais ( that's around 440 USD or 330 Euro, still much better than what we're used to here).

H3ADWOUND811483d ago

@justastranger10 The ps4 games lineup doesn't excite you due to the fact of being an xbot pure and simple.. Each to their own, greatness awaits.....

boing11483d ago

Doesn't seem too bad. In my country it'll cost... nothing. It won't be officially released. Maybe next year.

RDF1483d ago


Wow...I mean WoW! Its like you have a PR guidebook right in front of you and you are checking off the boxes. I never really believed in plants on forums but you just changed my mind.

justastranger101483d ago

Holy jebus. The paranoia is crazy. Not everyone is going to want a PS4 like myself. US is Xbox territory. 360 outnumber PS3 2 to 1 here. Just facts.

CerebralAssassin1483d ago

Im with justastranger on this one. Killzone has never interested me on any of the playstations. Im looking forward to forza 5, DR3, and later titan fall. Infamous looks sweet as hell but its not a launch title. Ps4 doesnt offer me anything to make me buy it yet. His post sounds scripted but thats exactly how I feel about the xbone vs ps4 debate.

justastranger101483d ago

Yep. Xbox One exclusive lineup is just awesome to me.

Dead Rising 3
Sunset Overdrive
Killer Instinct
Quantum Break
Project Spark
Halo 5
Soon to be announced
Crackdown 3
Fable 4
Fable MMO

RumbleFish1482d ago

after reading justastranger10's post I knew: this place will be like 2006/7 again in a few months. People just refuse to learn...

ZHZ901482d ago

@juststranger, Project Spark & Titanfall are also on PC especially there's a rumor about Titanfall to be on PS4. All you saw were just KZ:SF, Knack, Drive Clube, Infamous SS & just a trailer w/o gameplay of Order 1886. There'll be more announcements of Sony PS4 line-up.

Aghashie1482d ago

@ boing1

really!? no next gen system on ur country!? well, if u feel like importing one (regardless of the system) get in touch via inbox. No promises, here... But got a few friends who can get me a legit pre-order even w pre-order window already closed.

if u r willing to pay for an american system, american price and shipping I can help u out.

happy gaming folks!

Gekko361482d ago

I hate to pop any nay sayers to this article but prices have never been fair.

I live in the UK so when you look at the following it paints a totally different picture;

XBOX One = $499 or £429 (Direct conversion = £324)
PS4 $399 or £399 (Direct conversion - £259)

In reverse;

XBOX One £429 = $659
PS4 £399 = $613

So to be honest both Sony and Microsoft are setting price points that seem unusually high compare to US prices.

Come on guys this is a non issue, mathematical bollocks. NOTHING MORE

pixelsword1482d ago

No use getting excited over price and rumors; just wait until the companies say something, then act or react.

RedHawkX1482d ago

its best to get the ps4 first. no reason to break the bank when you have bills and suff to pay. get the ps4 so you save a 100 bucks and then you also get mmo f2p games to play on there for free and party chat etc and such. then if you decided to get ps+ then you get even more free games and discounts. its best to start with a ps4 just from all the money you will be saving. i mean with tax and xbl cost the xbox one will be 600+ dollars day one.

SniperControl1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )


Not sure where you are getting your PS4 price from, but I will be picking up my PS4 for £350.

The reason the coversion rate is out of whack is due to Sony & MS having to pay import taxes for bringing the hardware into the UK.

Edito1482d ago

The PS4 is cheaper now...

GT671482d ago

@ JUSTAstranger10

below you said: in America everyone buying XBOX1
really????? i know at lease 100's americans WILL buy ps4 including myself. where do you nutcases think 360,x1 reign in America that is totally bullballs.
none of my friends in Seattle,wa own any MS consoles all ps2,ps3's

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HardcoreGamer1483d ago

i heard to get the tv part you need a digi box or sky or cable box aswell.

PSVita1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Yeah you need your own cable still. All it does is let you plug your cable box into the Xbox and use the voice commands to kinda change the channels.

BattleTorn1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Who still has cable these days?

Ever since I moved out (6years ago) I have never had a need for cable. I simply stream everything (commercial-free) online.
(not entirely true, I had it for a few years, cause I negotiated my high-speed internet + cable for less than just internet. -- but I still never used it. Lol only time I did was during the Olympics, and even then I quickly realized I could watch it easier from online)

Ron_Danger1483d ago

You need a cable box already and you can't use the XBox One as a DVR

Death1483d ago

I think you may be confusing two features here. You can use the HDMI in for your cable box or you can download the app from Timewarner that streams the content to your XboxOne. For the latter it takes the place of a cablebox, but it currently limits the channels you have access to. The same basic programming can be streamed to a tablet or PC.

BG115791483d ago

Truth, the Xbox 180 is just an interface between the TV, the user and the cable box.
The cable box receives its orders trough the hdmi cable. People didn't know this? I'm astonished!!!

TalonJH1483d ago

You do need a cable box. Not sure if they have Time Warner Cable over seas but there is a Time Warner app for the XboxOne and 360 that lets you stream to the consol but you do have to have one Time Warner cable box in your house or at lest on your account.

bumnut1483d ago

The only cable provider in the UK is Virgin Media, not sure if an app will eventually be made

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Lior1483d ago

I dont see what the big deal is, I spent over 1000 pounds for 2 GTX 780s and one costs like 450 so for a whole console the price is good.

1483d ago
3-4-51483d ago

XB1 - $500 console

- Xbox live 1 year = $50

- 2 games = $120

- extra controller ( may not apply to all people)-$ 50

= $720

PS4 - $ 400 + PS+ @ $50

- 2 games $ 120

- Extra Controller - $50

= $ 620

PS+ - you also get free games with this right from the start.

Wii U - $350-300

2 games - $100-120

Extra Controller ( Pro) - $50

Online = Free

= $520

XB1 - $720

PS4 - $620

Wii U - $520

HalfNerdHalfAmazing1482d ago

U should add another $50 to the PS4 since u gotta pay for PlayStation Plus to play online.