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Submitted by ITFGaming 927d ago | rumor

Rumour: Xbox One pricing to hit your wallet hard [South Africa Only]

It seems as though the Xbox One will be hitting wallets a lot harder than one would think. (Xbox One)

Update Xbox's South African PR Manager, Graeme Selvan, has officially stated that the South African price point and release date for the Xbox One has not been confirmed as of yet. Furthermore, the price point featured on AWX has been confirmed as a placeholder for the product.

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JBSleek  +   927d ago
Outrage at what likely is a placeholder price. Also only for South Africa conversions?

Also I hate when people do straight conversions with USD but don't take into consideration anything else such as average cost of living, average wage rates, taxes, etc.
Need4Game  +   927d ago
Xbox One will get cheaper years later.
justastranger10  +   927d ago
Doesn't seem that expensive to me considering all the stuff you get with the system. I plan to purchase the Xbox One. I am quite excited by the Xbox One because of the awesome exclusives that will be available to me I can't wait to experience Dead Rising 3, KI and all the wonderful exclusives that Xbox one has. The PS4 lineup doesn't excite me at all.
pedrof93   927d ago | Off topic | show
abzdine  +   927d ago
wow this a killer info you're giving here!

@pedrof93: i agree! i'm having a blast with KZ3 and i know that SF will only be better and bigger. Then comes inFamous: Second Son a few months later.
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inStereo   927d ago | Not a reply | show
Dude Dutch  +   927d ago

For me just swap the words Xbone and PS3 and we are good to go.....
Cable2kx  +   927d ago

I understand giving your opinion, but come on take the high road if you are getting the Xbox be confident in your choice and no need to turn the post into a troll.

It's easy I'm getting the PS4 cause it's the console i prefer and it appeals to me the most.
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   927d ago
If you already think MS is at a price disadvantage in many markets (100 USD, 100 Euros, 80 Pounds or 50 AUD higher priced than a PS4), you gotta see how ridiculous it will be in Brazil... Here in Brazil (it's one of the launch territories too) MS priced Xbox One at... Take a deep breath... 2199 reais (that's around 970 USD or 730 Euros, more than importing one from Amazon with mailing and importation taxes).

Just for comparison, Sony is yet to reveal price here (although the console is supposed to release in Brazil same day as US), but Jack Tretton himself said they were trying to get US price here, while E3 interviews after Latin America conference mentioned trying to push for under 1000 reais ( that's around 440 USD or 330 Euro, still much better than what we're used to here).
H3ADWOUND81  +   927d ago
@justastranger10 The ps4 games lineup doesn't excite you due to the fact of being an xbot pure and simple.. Each to their own, greatness awaits.....
boing1  +   927d ago
Doesn't seem too bad. In my country it'll cost... nothing. It won't be officially released. Maybe next year.
RDF  +   927d ago

Wow...I mean WoW! Its like you have a PR guidebook right in front of you and you are checking off the boxes. I never really believed in plants on forums but you just changed my mind.
ramtah  +   927d ago
so will hte ps4..
justastranger10  +   927d ago
Holy jebus. The paranoia is crazy. Not everyone is going to want a PS4 like myself. US is Xbox territory. 360 outnumber PS3 2 to 1 here. Just facts.
CerebralAssassin  +   927d ago
Im with justastranger on this one. Killzone has never interested me on any of the playstations. Im looking forward to forza 5, DR3, and later titan fall. Infamous looks sweet as hell but its not a launch title. Ps4 doesnt offer me anything to make me buy it yet. His post sounds scripted but thats exactly how I feel about the xbone vs ps4 debate.
justastranger10  +   927d ago
Yep. Xbox One exclusive lineup is just awesome to me.

Dead Rising 3
Sunset Overdrive
Killer Instinct
Quantum Break
Project Spark
Halo 5
Soon to be announced
Crackdown 3
Fable 4
Fable MMO
RumbleFish  +   927d ago
after reading justastranger10's post I knew: this place will be like 2006/7 again in a few months. People just refuse to learn...
ZHZ90  +   927d ago
@juststranger, Project Spark & Titanfall are also on PC especially there's a rumor about Titanfall to be on PS4. All you saw were just KZ:SF, Knack, Drive Clube, Infamous SS & just a trailer w/o gameplay of Order 1886. There'll be more announcements of Sony PS4 line-up.
Aghashie  +   927d ago
@ boing1

really!? no next gen system on ur country!? well, if u feel like importing one (regardless of the system) get in touch via inbox. No promises, here... But got a few friends who can get me a legit pre-order even w pre-order window already closed.

if u r willing to pay for an american system, american price and shipping I can help u out.

happy gaming folks!
Gekko36  +   927d ago
I hate to pop any nay sayers to this article but prices have never been fair.

I live in the UK so when you look at the following it paints a totally different picture;

XBOX One = $499 or £429 (Direct conversion = £324)
PS4 $399 or £399 (Direct conversion - £259)

In reverse;

XBOX One £429 = $659
PS4 £399 = $613

So to be honest both Sony and Microsoft are setting price points that seem unusually high compare to US prices.

Come on guys this is a non issue, mathematical bollocks. NOTHING MORE
pixelsword  +   927d ago
No use getting excited over price and rumors; just wait until the companies say something, then act or react.
RedHawkX  +   926d ago
its best to get the ps4 first. no reason to break the bank when you have bills and suff to pay. get the ps4 so you save a 100 bucks and then you also get mmo f2p games to play on there for free and party chat etc and such. then if you decided to get ps+ then you get even more free games and discounts. its best to start with a ps4 just from all the money you will be saving. i mean with tax and xbl cost the xbox one will be 600+ dollars day one.
SniperControl  +   926d ago

Not sure where you are getting your PS4 price from, but I will be picking up my PS4 for £350.

The reason the coversion rate is out of whack is due to Sony & MS having to pay import taxes for bringing the hardware into the UK.
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Edito  +   926d ago
The PS4 is cheaper now...
GT67  +   926d ago
@ JUSTAstranger10

below you said: in America everyone buying XBOX1
really????? i know at lease 100's americans WILL buy ps4 including myself. where do you nutcases think 360,x1 reign in America that is totally bullballs.
none of my friends in Seattle,wa own any MS consoles all ps2,ps3's
HardcoreGamer  +   927d ago
i heard to get the tv part you need a digi box or sky or cable box aswell.
PSVita  +   927d ago
Yeah you need your own cable still. All it does is let you plug your cable box into the Xbox and use the voice commands to kinda change the channels.
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BattleTorn  +   927d ago
Who still has cable these days?

Ever since I moved out (6years ago) I have never had a need for cable. I simply stream everything (commercial-free) online.
(not entirely true, I had it for a few years, cause I negotiated my high-speed internet + cable for less than just internet. -- but I still never used it. Lol only time I did was during the Olympics, and even then I quickly realized I could watch it easier from online)
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Ron_Danger  +   927d ago
You need a cable box already and you can't use the XBox One as a DVR
Death  +   927d ago
I think you may be confusing two features here. You can use the HDMI in for your cable box or you can download the app from Timewarner that streams the content to your XboxOne. For the latter it takes the place of a cablebox, but it currently limits the channels you have access to. The same basic programming can be streamed to a tablet or PC.
BG11579  +   927d ago
Truth, the Xbox 180 is just an interface between the TV, the user and the cable box.
The cable box receives its orders trough the hdmi cable. People didn't know this? I'm astonished!!!
TalonJH  +   927d ago
You do need a cable box. Not sure if they have Time Warner Cable over seas but there is a Time Warner app for the XboxOne and 360 that lets you stream to the consol but you do have to have one Time Warner cable box in your house or at lest on your account.
bumnut  +   927d ago
The only cable provider in the UK is Virgin Media, not sure if an app will eventually be made
Lior  +   927d ago
I dont see what the big deal is, I spent over 1000 pounds for 2 GTX 780s and one costs like 450 so for a whole console the price is good.
CharlesWeiler   927d ago | Spam
3-4-5  +   927d ago
XB1 - $500 console

- Xbox live 1 year = $50

- 2 games = $120

- extra controller ( may not apply to all people)-$ 50

= $720

PS4 - $ 400 + PS+ @ $50

- 2 games $ 120

- Extra Controller - $50

= $ 620

PS+ - you also get free games with this right from the start.

Wii U - $350-300

2 games - $100-120

Extra Controller ( Pro) - $50

Online = Free

= $520

XB1 - $720

PS4 - $620

Wii U - $520
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   927d ago
U should add another $50 to the PS4 since u gotta pay for PlayStation Plus to play online.
MRMagoo123  +   926d ago
no you dont need psn plus to play online there will be plenty of online games that dont need it so adding it doesnt make sense, the only reason to add it is to make the xbone look closer price wise.
Sevir  +   926d ago
Mr.Magoo... PS+ is needed for Online Play... There are Free to play Games however that fall outside the PateL, since you are being charged for content on a micro-transaction business model, So no need to nickle and dime you when you after paying 50 a year to game online...
greenlantern2814  +   926d ago
Reread the post he does add ps+ 620$ is his total price.
Ps4 400$
Ps+ 50$
Controller 50$
2 games 120$
3-4-5  +   926d ago
Thought I added the $50
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LoveSpuds  +   927d ago
I sure hope you aren't suggesting the average cost of living in South Africa is more that that of the US?

Fact is, many regions get the shaft from most companies when compared the the US consumer.
Thisisjuju  +   927d ago
I agree this is likely a placeholder price. Just like amazon did previously. I don't think MS would price themselves out of emerging markets like this.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   927d ago
Think again!

That's around 970 USD for the console alone.

EDIT: And just to make it clear, this is no placeholder, that's the price in Brazil as officially announced by MS after E3.
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Thisisjuju  +   926d ago
I stand corrected. What an awful price.
_FantasmA_  +   927d ago
justastranger10 sounds like he works for M$ or maybe he think they will hire him that ad he just posted.
ala_767  +   927d ago
We dont need any article for that... M$ is always about making money!
PS3n360  +   926d ago
just because Sony isn't very good at making money doesn't mean they aren't trying.
kryteris  +   927d ago
in Venezuela most cannot afford nextgen consoles. What they do there is install the consoles into an arcade box, and charge the public for time played. Inf fact your ability to access a nextgen console may actually be easier over there, just wont actually own it.
IanVanCheese  +   927d ago
Gecko: The US price doesn't include tax though right as it's managed differently per state, so in reality the difference isn't that high.

It still sucks that we get boned for living in the UK but it could be worse, I feel for you Brazilian bro.
LyndaWGood   926d ago | Spam
Anon1974  +   926d ago
Confused as to what's going on here. This started as rumors regarding the South African prices. The article was correctly submitted as a rumor.

But then Microsoft updated the US store and prices were confirmed, but US prices confirmed from Microsoft are still listed as rumor, and anyone trying to submit this news, as news, is having their articles failed. I just don't understand what the mods are doing here.

Anyway, this is just god awful if you ask me. $75 for a controller with the play and charge kit? Are you kidding me? $75 to simply get a rechargeable just makes me shake my head. The only reason to not build in a battery pack is because you're nickle and diming.

It's nothing but a shameful cash grab. So an Xbox One, Extra controller, 2 play and charge kits, headset and year of XBL is now confirmed to run gamers $685 US not counting software of taxes. Seriously, what is their value proposition to the average consumer versus the PS4, because I'm at a loss as to what Microsoft is trying to do here.
#1.13 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
WitWolfy  +   926d ago
JBSleek as a South African citizen myself I'd say this price is plausible. The PS3 also costed this much for us at launch.

So its not unrealistic AT ALL!
showtimefolks  +   926d ago
i can only speak for myself personally, with job/family, I just don't have as much time for gaming as i use to. I bought a xbox360 and ps3 at launch but later sold xbox360 because of limited time and because most 3rd party games were coming out on both and MS didn't have many exclusives i cared about

now this time i am not gonna waste buying 2 consoles, ps4 for me and that's only because of games i know i want and sony can deliver

many are liking xbox one and its games and nothing wrong with that, as gamers we all like different type of games, price isn't as big of a matter as the time to actually use both systems

more power to you if you still have time for 2 console enjoy it while it lasts
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   926d ago
Xbox One price in South Africa... wow.. this is the top news on N4Sony.

I'm not even surprised.
nick309  +   927d ago
Out side the us consoles are usually expensive, a ps4 would retail where i live for around 700$-1000 same with X1.
Blacksand1  +   927d ago
Do worry about the console. I see people paying $80-$100 a month for XBL & cable on X1. That's why MS went to the money system Because they fin to get paid from people watching t.v & XBL.
ANIALATOR136  +   927d ago
stuff like a rechargeable battery pack, xbox live subscription. It all adds up
MariaHelFutura  +   927d ago
AutoCad  +   927d ago
thats what kinect is for
MariaHelFutura  +   927d ago

Press agree if you'd prefer to use a headset over Kinect.
Press disagree if you'd prefer to use Kinect over a headset.

Try to ignore the username.
Exiled_Samurai   927d ago | Spam
MysticStrummer  +   927d ago
@AutoCad - Kinect can be used for that, but I don't think many people would say hearing in game comms through the same speakers all other sound is coming from is better than having them directly in your ear. Most people that play online would buy a headset eventually.
Ron_Danger  +   927d ago

So if you have your tv speakers or surround sound turned up or you have music playing or people are talking around you, Kinnect 2.0 can cancel out all the sounds in the room and only detect your voice 10 feet away on the couch??
DoctorJones  +   927d ago
Don't you need to buy a headset for a ps4 as well, it doesn't come with the console does it?
BattleTorn  +   927d ago
Honestly, for either you need to buy (or own) a decent headset.

IMO, both Kinect (for voice chat) and the 1ear piece headset are trash.
#3.1.7 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report
Exiled_Samurai   927d ago | Spam
MariaHelFutura  +   927d ago

Yes it does.

It also supports all headset supported by the PS3.

The Xbox One needs an adaptor.
thecoronor   927d ago | Spam
resi5  +   927d ago
Headsets come with the system Microsoft confirmed it
JeffGUNZ  +   927d ago
@Mariahelfutura. So the PS3 gets a pass for no headset this current gen? It wasn't a big deal for the PS3, but now it's a huge deal for the Xbox One? Give me a break.
MysticStrummer  +   927d ago
@coronor - What do Kinect 2.0's voice features have to do with where sound comes from?

It's just preferable to have in game comms in your ear as opposed to having those comms out of the same speakers all other sound is coming from. Both options are available with a headset so yes people could have tried it.

As for those voice features, voice recognition software has been around a long time. It's nothing exotic, and it's not exclusive to Kinect.

@resi5 - I don't see anything that says a headset is included... but it would be good news for One fans if it was.

@Jeff - I have two PS3 headsets. Both came with a game. I'm not sure what your point is though. It was great when 360 came with a headset, and bad that PS3 didn't, but One gets a pass for not having a headset while PS4 gets no points for having a headset? With Kinect, One is coming with a cam/mic. Most online gamers will buy a headset.
#3.1.13 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report
Thomper  +   927d ago "troll" to vote for Maria
DoctorJones  +   927d ago

Ah excellent, didn't realise.
BG11579  +   927d ago
How can Maria be trolling if she backs up all she has written by posting link of news and other informations about the two systems?
Can you blame someone to prefer a system over another?

Hence saying that, you go girl!!!
gobluesamg  +   927d ago
How do you know that Maria only posts pro sony comments. You joined like two days ago. Oh thats right your an Xbox troll who lost all his bubbles and had to make a new account to troll yourself. Get a life you POS!
MRMagoo123  +   926d ago
I always laugh when ppl just label maria as a troll when all they do is make comments about things and back them up with facts, the only reason they are called a troll is because the stupid xbone fanturds cant handle the truth, look at the split ram article for instance, nothing but facts by maria but hundreds of disagrees and ppl calling them a troll.

If maria is a troll that lies, try debunking the linked facts or stfu.
ovnipc  +   927d ago
The announce that they will include a headset.
LackaJaKane  +   927d ago
@Ron_Danger. it may be possible

#3.3 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
RDF  +   927d ago
I think that was just PR wishful thinking on MS part. It would be hard to do that. How would the Kinnect choose your voice in a room full of voices and cancel them out? Is that even possible?
MRMagoo123  +   926d ago
no its not possible just more MS pr spin.
Spoons  +   927d ago

Again, biased wording. Makes it sound as though having an adapter is a bad thing. The real story is that we have a new headset. Yes it costs 25 dollars, but if you would take time to look up what you are bashing you would understand it is a very high quality headset with a high quality connection.


Unfortunately it is much better the the PS4's old headset. Once again PS4 fails to add anything new. The PS3.5

Another testament as to why the PS4 is just and upgrade. And not even a new headset. Why pay 400 dollars for an upgraded PS3, just stay with the weaker but ultimately similar PS3.

Sony is lacking vision. Something that Microsoft has plenty of and has used to stay the world most innovative and successful technological giant. That's why MS makes billions of dollars in profit when Sony makes just over 500 million.

Refute or admit defeat.
#3.5 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
ABeastNamedTariq  +   926d ago
I don't pay attention to stocks and what not that much, so I'm not responding to that. What I will respond to is:

1.) Xbox headset > PS4 headset

How do you know that it is? Conversely, how do I know that it isn't? Did Sony release anything about it besides saying it's a chat headset? I don't believe so, and I don't think we can make that assumption that it is just yet.

2.) Sony lacking vision

Are you kidding me? Sony's the one lacking vision here? Last time I checked, no 180s were made by them when revealing their console. MS, on the other hand, changed their restrictive and draconian DRM and used games policies (because most of us thought they sucked, and in my opinion, I thought they did too), changed their indie game policy, and seem to be having a catastrophe in the PR department and in the gaming division in general (Mattrick, restructuring, etc.).

MS wanted to cater to themselves first (DRM), then changed it to "consumers" (Chill! Chill guys! We dropped our DRM! Come on back. It's all good) - which was based on pre-orders more than anything, and now they're back trying to cater to gamers. I'll admit, they showed a lot of games. Forza, Titanfall, and (maybe) Dead Rising look great in my opinion. But based on the last few years this gen, that's not going to last (can't tell the future though, so who knows?).

Sony's been clear-cut, and had their vision from the outset: They're putting gamers first and letting all that social stuff take a backseat. I care about my games, and that's why they've got my preorder (paid off, at that).
awesomeperson  +   926d ago
"Microsoft has plenty of" vision.

Are you kidding me? Basically all of their so-called "vision" for this generation has lead to widespread critisims, and many 180s.

The source you listed about the headset says nothing about its quality.

Seeing as your account was created just over a day ago, I'll assume your attempting to just troll, in which case, at least have a bit more wit and/or personality about you.

If you seriously believe what you say, please, grow up.
MiasmaDodo  +   927d ago
prices for everything are insane now a'days...

$435 for a console
$65 for 1 game
$60 for a second controller
AutoCad  +   927d ago
still cheaper than an ipad
MiasmaDodo  +   927d ago
Im talking about things I like lol

you can take my phone and ipad
dont touch my video games
Panther07  +   927d ago
SNES in 1990: $210
with inflation in 2013: $375.18

SNES games: $50-$70, $80 (Chrono Trigger)
with inflation in 2013: $89.33-$125.06, $142.93

Hasn't changed much really, especially if you look at how much games used to cost when they were in cartridge form.
#4.2 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
T2  +   927d ago
I agree, I can remember paying about 300+ for every console save the ps3, 649!!! but I jumped on it because it was going to be my blu ray, web browser, photo gallery, games, etc..... it pretty much functioned as my pc.
dredgewalker  +   927d ago
Don't forget the $200 Neo-Geo cartridges.
Nocando  +   927d ago
Another day,another negative Xbox One article.
2v1  +   927d ago
well the truth is the truth men is 100 more at launch so
clonerz  +   927d ago
I know I know wait for it wait for it DEAL WITH IT ......LoL!!!
BG11579  +   927d ago
You shouldn't could with the weekends, well atleast don't count sundays...
TalonJH  +   927d ago
It's not really Negative. Its simply a price in a particular region.
slimeybrainboy  +   927d ago
Do US prices include tax? Basically will the Xbox One cost $500 or $500 plus tax?
BlackTar187  +   927d ago
$500 plus tax ps4 $400 plus tax.
MizTv  +   927d ago
$499 + tax!!
I think my ps4 was $424 with tax
DrakenSilverwing  +   927d ago
if you live in Delaware then there is no sales tax! i think there is another state as well.
MizTv  +   927d ago
I'm in Massachusetts that sucks with tax
And New Hampshire has no sales tax
#6.2.2 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
akaFullMetal  +   926d ago
New Hampshire doesn't have sales tax as well on certain things like electronics.
MiasmaDodo  +   927d ago
xbox one $499 = $535
PS4 = $399 = $435

USA pricing after taxes.
Paid off my PS4, and my friend paid off his X1
Panther07  +   927d ago
That's only for your state, not the entire US.
Dno  +   927d ago
and there is no way tax is the same for both since tax is a % so your lying.
mi_titan27  +   927d ago
in MI it will be PS4 - 423.99
xbox1 - 529.99
thechosenone  +   927d ago
In NY it totals out to $433. :/
clonerz  +   927d ago
Oh really I thought sates with sales tax was a percentage pa is 6 percent with that being said how are they both 35 in tax when the one is 100 dollars more hmm...
darx  +   927d ago
Depends where you live.
WeAreLegion  +   927d ago
I live in Illinois, so with tax I'd be looking at around $440 or so.

Luckily, I pre-ordered on Amazon. ;) No tax.
punisher99  +   927d ago

That is such a big difference. If you order a console, a game, and a 2nd controller from amazon. You probably would save about 70$
WeAreLegion  +   927d ago
I know! I love Amazon! I'll be sad when the government puts a tax on internet purchases. I know it helps brick and mortar stores, but none of them treat me as well as Amazon's customer service. So, I'm sticking with them. :)
M-M  +   927d ago
Wow, when I try to pre-order with Amazon it brings my price up to about $430 in Cali =/.
WeAreLegion  +   927d ago
Seriously?!? That's horrible! Do they have different laws there?
BattleTorn  +   927d ago
Do the prices include tax... hahhaha

When are products advertised to include tax?

@slimeybrainboy (below)

UK is craay craay! :P (I personally like tax-included pricing, but I've only ever seen it done at like mom&pop ice-cream shops/ candy stores as a kid)
#6.6 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
slimeybrainboy  +   927d ago
When you live in England.

They do this CRRRAZY thing here. What they do is, when they say something is £300 you go to a shop and pay £300, you then leave the shop and now you own the item.
shinrock  +   927d ago
SpideySpeakz  +   927d ago
Yes, in-state tax is like 5.0% where I am. So the total of one console will be around $525.
Manic2014  +   927d ago
That's £40 above the uk price.
devwan  +   927d ago
Yes, about £43 more. Weirdly, the xbox one is going to be cheaper in Australia than in the UK ($600AUD), something that hardly ever happens.
Tctczach  +   927d ago
I think anyone who was going to buy a new console has prepared to spend an exuberant amount. If not you would be an idiot.
T2  +   927d ago
a launch ps4 will run me 446.88 canadian. that is not exorbitant in my books.
Excalibur  +   927d ago
No it won't, I don't plan on buying it. ;)
Exiled_Samurai   927d ago | Spam
gamewizard99  +   927d ago
Here in the UK the Xbox One is the equivalent of $658, $500 with tax (about $550 with tax?) seems quite appealing. At this price I would have already bought both but now I'm going to be getting only one of the consoles. Hopefully Gamescom will bring some new exclusives to aid me in my decision.
BattleTorn  +   927d ago
Black Tusk could rear it's head to help aid you in that decision :P
redcar121  +   927d ago
this post is a joke
GraveLord  +   927d ago
-$499 for Console
-$59.99 for Xbox Live

Entry price is $559.99 before taxes. With taxes it ends up being $600+. That's PS3 2006 territory. I'm being generous by not including the price of a game here as there is at least 1 free to play game coming at launch with Killer Instinct.
T2  +   927d ago
Actually you are being generous. I think everyone should have a decent headset, but ps4 comes with one (probably not great but I bet a ton of people use them just like the trash 360 ones).... also ps4 can support any bluetooth headset you own.

I'd throw in another 30 dollars min. for a headset for xbone. Using kinect is beyond dumb. if you are doing that you obviously have zero in the way of a sound system. Noone wants to hear speech through their surround sound.
Grown Folks Talk  +   927d ago
I'd bet a good portion of those buying Xbox One already have Live.
thehitman  +   927d ago
thats how I priced my ps3 at launch. The 360 was $399 it didnt have wifi which was like an 80 dollar attachment basically no hard drive which was like another 80-100 dollar attachement. Then you had to pay for live another 60 dollars. Not to mention the controllers were battery operated so you had to buy batteries constantly unless you had the recharge pack. After you add all that up it went way beyond what the ps3 costed out the box and to add you didnt even have a blu-ray player which was obviously the new standard HD media.

When buying products people have to be a smart consumer and look at all the additional costs for the things you will want companies may stamp an initial low cost price but usually they come with conditions. Now MS is shipping a more expensive console out the box with no extra benefits besides the thing that most people dont care for Kinect.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   927d ago
Both consoles will hit your wallet hard.
shibster88  +   927d ago
I wish that the consoles were a little cheaper having a family costs money, ms/sony think all gamers live at home with there parents but we dont, ps4 is 349 hear which aint bad, wish it came with a free game and 6 months free online would be sweet.
kingdip90  +   927d ago
No, microsoft think you live alone. Why else would they try to own the living room pretending your family wants to watch you game in the living room? Well untio the wife says xbox off and the fighting starts....
impet25  +   927d ago
I payed $407 thanx 2 amazon
skydragoonity  +   927d ago
Ps4 is more powerful & yet 100$ cheaper than xboxone...
shinrock  +   927d ago
Oooooooooooooook.this we know already.
cunnilumpkin  +   927d ago
next gen console-$400-$500
crappy online service-$400 over 8 years
extra controller-$60
Games AT LEAST AN extra $15 over pc price
100 games over years-$1500
of course it will die on you at least once-$300-$400
(with price drop)

price of next gen console-ALMOST $3000 after tax

an still not even close to pc quality from 3 years ago, no mods, crappy online with shitty connection that I have to PAY thanks

I'll be waiting 2 years minimum till they work out all the bugs, and there are more than crappy launch games and ports of pc titles that won't even look CLOSE to as good as the pc counterpart
4logpc  +   927d ago
PC parts die as well. So that really doesn't matter.
cunnilumpkin  +   927d ago
I have fully working pc's from 2000

I went through 4 xbox360's
and am on my third ps3

the only parts from a pc that ever died on me in over 14 years of pc gaming is a few ram sticks, once a motherboard, a psu (they replaced it with a refurb for $50 shipping and labor as it was outside of warranty of 3 years)
and one time a gpu

with the gpu and mobo both were replaced for absolutely FREE from the manufacturer, I may have paid like $10 for shipping
#18.1.1 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report
Themba76  +   927d ago
I tell you whats really funny that i still have my original n64 from 1996 and it works perfectly yet i went through 4 xbox 360's.
4logpc  +   927d ago

Even if you have PCs from 2000, I would have to guess they arent modern and couldnt play modern games.

Look I am a PC gamer mainly, but the PC gaming is better mentality is just wrong.

Consoles have their own place in gaming, and their own benefits. Same goes for PC. You will spend the money somewhere.
#18.1.3 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
punisher99  +   927d ago

"I'll be waiting 2 years minimum till they work out all the bugs,"

You and I both know you are gonna be waiting a lot longer than that because you are just another PC elitist.
XboxFun  +   927d ago
I thought rumor articles weren't allowed on N4G? I mean a crap ton of the RAM for PS4 rumors were blacklisted on this site until just recently but yet we get an article with RUMOR in the title for Xbox One and it's all good.

I guess...
evilhasitsway  +   927d ago
xbone is 100 bucks too much if not more
Eyesoftheraven  +   927d ago
At first I thought that wallet photo was of Clark Kent revealing his Superman outfit.
drsfinest72  +   927d ago
for me its affordable. so im getting the one. also get maria with one bubble so we dont hear they bullshit coming outta her
Dlacy13g  +   927d ago
I read this and think there are two responses but only one really would come from me: a)Oh man that sucks. b) oh man that sucks for YOU.

I don't see any issue with the pricing of the next gen consoles. I expected a range of $400-$500...I got that range.
contradictory  +   927d ago
the biggest thing that pisses me off about X1 is that the kinect will add to the cost.... i don't....caaare....about.. .kinect....motion
vigilante_man  +   927d ago
Its called import tax! We in the UK pay a lot more than our US cousins for most things because of tax!
ma1asiah  +   927d ago
In NZ I paid $749.00 for the X1

2 games (Dead Rising 3 and Ryse) @ $109.00 NZ ($218.00)
1 controller recharge combo $109.00 NZ
1 Recharge kit $35.00 NZ

TOTAL = $1,111.00 NZ

Then I am adding Titanfall ($109.00) and Killer Instinct (price not confirmed)

All up I budgeted to spend $1,500.00 NZ and that was when I thought the X1 would release at around the $900.00 NZ mark so I was stoked when I found it was going to be $749.00 as it meant I had more money to spend on more games etc.

At the beginning of this generation when I got the Xbox 360 with the 20GB HDD I paid $719.00 NZ by comparison I think the X1 is awesome value.

Did I regret paying so much for the X360 to have it day one = Not for a second

Will I live to regret paying so much to have the X1 day one = Same deal not for a second.
Rivitur  +   926d ago
You need to get a PC....
ma1asiah  +   926d ago
In NZ if I took the cost of the games off and just look at the hardware I would be lucky to get a low specd PC even if custom built.

A mid range PC in NZ would set you back approximately $1,500 NZ so no in my country console is the best way to go if you just want to play games

Plus I have four kids that I game with when not playing online MP or kicking back playing some SP. I love hanging with my kids and just playing some local MP on splitscreen. Can't do that with PC
#26.1.1 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Monkeyonfire13  +   927d ago
it won't hit my wallet hard, i getting a Ps4!
Dee_Cazo  +   927d ago
People in India have to pay for game consoles with a payment plan as if they were purchasing a car. Playstation and Xbox included.

I know all of you are pretty stupid on this site, but there is a difference between being stupid and pretending that you understand global economics.

...but then again as you are all as stupid as I think, you are probably unable to grasp your own stupidity.
WeMilk   926d ago | Spam
Valenka  +   927d ago
$721.75? Um, last I checked, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be $499.99, and with the South African exchange rate, that would come to R4892, which the author mentions: "Truth be told, I was honestly expecting the console to come in at around R5000." So clearly, the R7100 is an incorrect and unnecessary placeholder, as the actual price has already been announced.
strickers  +   927d ago
The idea that only one system line up interests you at all is lunacy. Call yourself a gamer.
I'll only get PS4 because I am time limited( kids/ business)and because last Gen the 360 only had a few exclusives( some of which I loved). Post ps3, I only used it for L4D though. I just can't justify expense for time. I prefer PS exclusives but can't say no XB1 games are interesting.
I'm a gamer.
BLAKHOODe  +   927d ago
Yea, and you have to consider that those launch titles are just that.. launch titles. What kind of games will the available on PS4 and Xbox One a year from now? 2 years from now? 4 years from now? Sony has a good track record on having some of the biggest exclusives around, so I feel good about investing in the PS4 based on that trend continuing. Microsoft dropped the ball on exclusives in the 360's later years.
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